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egnxema 31st Dec 2011 11:35

Ski Destinations
.. seem very limited from EMA this year.:sad:


INKJET 31st Dec 2011 15:45

Ski limited?
I don't think CMF GVA TLS & MUC is to bad?

egnxema 31st Dec 2011 17:09


Sorry - I should have been a little clearer - I was mainly thinking about TourOp programmes.

I am looking for France in early Feb and can only find weekly TOM flights EMA CMF which actually only serves a limited number of French ski resports.

If you want a TourOp holiday via GVA, TRN etc then you have to head to LON, BHX or MAN - and that kinda hurts my EMA supporting ego :uhoh:

The problem with self aranged ski holidays combining LoCo/Accom is the transfer from airport to resort - with many resorts being a good few hours from the airport the transfer costs are massive!

I think this year will be a self-drive (again);)

ematom1 1st Jan 2012 13:10

tcx & jet2 s12
anymore info on extra routes for thomas cook? and anyone know what aircraft jet 2 baseing in the summer i heard 2 757s and a 737-800? plus how many rotations a week will there be for jet2? thanks for the help

LBIA 2nd Jan 2012 11:59

Jet2 will have 2x Boeing 757-200's and 1x Boeing 737-300 based at EMA this summer 2012 season.

dwlpl 2nd Jan 2012 12:07

What was it for S11?

LBIA 2nd Jan 2012 12:24

Last summer jet2 just had the 2x Boeing 757-200's based at EMA. New for this summer will be the Boeing 737-300.

jaytay13 16th Jan 2012 11:27

Anyone know what the aircraft flying loops above ema ish around midday today was doing to settle a few office arguments Thx

Simtech 16th Jan 2012 13:27

A couple of E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft have been reported in the area. Be careful with your use of the term "loops" - it has a specific meaning in an aeronautical sense. A Sentry performing a loop would cause considerable consternation to those in the cabin! :eek:

andyy 16th Jan 2012 14:15

Ryan Air seem to have been doing a fair bit of "circuits & bumps" in recent weeks.

OliWW 16th Jan 2012 20:22

seems to be the only FRs there are flying around at the moment

N707ZS 18th Jan 2012 21:12

Bmi base and maintenance
Just wondered what is going to happen to the Bmi base and maintenance facility now Bmi has been swallowed up by BA / IAG.

LGS6753 19th Jan 2012 17:40

Someone (DLH/IAG) will try to sell it, or it will close.

sunday8pm 26th Jan 2012 15:27

As an outsider looking in I wonder if its possible EZY could return to EMA and pick up the routes should bmi baby close down?

Excuse the simple question but how is EMA performing as an airport at the moment in terms of passenger numbers, and what do the short and medium prospects for its future look likely to be?

j636 26th Jan 2012 16:16

Reported that a Ryanair aircraft made an emergency landing at EMA, problem with landing gear

ematom1 11th Feb 2012 08:21

Bmibaby sale
anyone know who bmibaby is to be sold to or in the line of bmibaby, many rumours thought to be easyjet or flybe?

Cazza_fly 11th Feb 2012 08:27

anyone know who bmibaby is to be sold to or in the line of bmibaby, many rumours thought to be easyjet or flybe?
Check the bmibaby thread... Basically no-one knows although there are a thousand and one guesses!

ematom1 12th Feb 2012 08:12

thomas cook
new route Catania begins 27th may 2012

Cazza_fly 12th Feb 2012 08:35

new route Catania begins 27th may 2012
Flight using bmibaby's new route.

Unijet 12th Feb 2012 14:14

bmibaby are doing EMA - Reus twice a week in the summer for Thomas Cook Holidays also. A growing partnership which could work well for both companies.

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