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Skipness One Echo 31st Jul 2013 15:05

Can't help but think STN would be a fine airport for DY to locate long haul services while maintaining European operation at LGW.
Why? What's the upside? Long haul yields traditionally follow the London Airport order of order LHR/LGW/ non existant. Why add the additional costs of a split London operation if there's no uplift in revenue?

The only reasons for any of QR/EK/EY to serve STN would be to attract passengers who they have not yet tied up via LHR/LGW. Now given QR/EY walked away from LGW I see little chance of an Essex outpost which leaves EK. Now they serve some regional airports covering the country well at the minute, it's not as if STN is a large untapped gap in the market. We're not seeing Stansted locals connect over AMS with KLM or FRA with LH even. That leaves pinching more pax off BA or cannibalising er....Emirates at LHR/LGW ! I could see a two class B77W though, if it works for NCL it could work for STN, the key issue for me would be the effect it would have on diluting loads or yields elsewhere at LHR/LGW.

EI-BUD 31st Jul 2013 15:28

Why? What's the upside? Long haul yields traditionally follow the London Airport order of order LHR/LGW/ non existant. Why add the additional costs of a split London operation if there's no uplift in revenue?
Hi Skipness One Echo,

Upsides with STN I see being good availability of slots for DY, no large entry costs for obtaining slots, likely much lower cost operation to enable DY to be more competitive on price. Difficult for loco airline to significantly differentiate on long haul given aircraft utilisation at par with incumbent ( usually legacy airlines ). STN may be offer the lower cost airport that can give them a head start here. Though I accept LGW may offer opportunity to give higher utilisation with say 787 as it could do sun spot route during lay over.

AirAsia may have withdrawn but we are lead to believe this was due to impact on parent company.

I wouldn't call the cost of split operation a major issue. Many split their operations across airports at big cities. CDG/ORY, LHR/LGW, MXP/LIN. I would suggest if DY has intensions for long haul at LGW of any scale if will be costly to develop either through procuring new slots of swapping slots from existing operations that are we are lead to believe performing well. Whereas STN has significant capacity.

I certainly believe that STN does have possibilities in terms of transatlantic or inter continental flights. It does require the right airline, with the right approach , differentiated in some way e.g price, service, convenience, that previous carriers have not achieved eg American ex STN on the Atlantic.


Ps I don't have a preference for STN on the contrary quite prefer LGW, and despite the fantastic progress that it has made I still see STN as having lots of potential.

sat1 2nd Aug 2013 11:00

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swissport loading-1_rgbSwissport and the French Derichebourg SA have announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Swissport will acquire Servisair from the French Derichebourg SA. Swissport says it has already secured appropriate financing for the acquisition. Swissport adds that by combining the two companies, the new group will enable it to: “continue improving its worldwide service offering to customers.” A company statement says the acquisition has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies and is subject to merger clearance by the competent merger control authorities.
Swissport provides ground services for around 118 million passengers and handles 3.5 million tonnes of cargo a year on behalf of some 650 client-companies in the aviation sector. With a workforce of around 40,000 personnel it is active at 180 stations in 37 countries across five continents, and says it generates annual consolidated operating revenue of CHF 1.9 billion (US$2.02bn).

Servisair currently provides ground handling, cargo, fuelling, load control and airport services at 118 stations in 20 countries. Total revenue of Servisair in FY2012 was €688 million (US$909m) earned with a workforce of about 15,000 staff.
“Servisair is a great company with very high quality standards and with its impressive reputation it is a perfect fit for Swissport´s global and sustainable growth strategy”, said Per H Utnegaard, Group President & CEO of Swissport. ”We are very pleased with the acquisition and we are looking forward to working with staff, airport operators, and customers to ensure a seamless transfer.”

sat1 2nd Aug 2013 11:02

I guess we can kiss goodbye to any wage rise then??

FRatSTN 2nd Aug 2013 18:50

Lets hope this isn't just a glitch or a wind up!

Looks almost too good to be true for me but some major Thomas Cook growth next summer!

Looks like TWO A321 aircraft to be based at Stansted from June 2014.

New routes include:


Increased frequency on:

Palma de Mallorca

Probably still more to come as there's still a few gaps left!!!

Still not visible for Thomas Cook holidays but new flights can be seen on the flythomascook website:

Fly Thomas Cook | Cheap Flights - Offers & Deals Online

daz211 2nd Aug 2013 20:07

I would like to see Thomas cook try long haul out of Stansted.

mikkie4 2nd Aug 2013 21:24

with thomson and ryan air flying to kefalonia will there be enough pax for three carriers?

rocket_dog 3rd Aug 2013 00:04

Air India
MAG currently is talks with Air India. Also offering a route to Toronto!!

goldeneye 3rd Aug 2013 08:27

TCX Long Haul out of STN

They have dropped MCO from LGW next Summer so I would think its unlikely unless they have struck a deal with MAG.

LadyL2013 3rd Aug 2013 11:43

It would be good to see more TCX operations out of STN to break up the monotony of harps and orange.

I could see some more long haul carriers from developing countries starting up there as well as it must be cheaper than LGW?

LTNman 3rd Aug 2013 12:33

MAG currently is talks with Air India. Also offering a route to Toronto!!
I wonder how much MAG are willing to pay

nt639 3rd Aug 2013 14:00

Air Blue
Hopefully get the Air Blue flights as well that are supposed to be starting from the airfield on the hill! :}, maybe they will do a deal as they already operate from MAN

HOODED 3rd Aug 2013 21:13

Nt639 I don't know if you are getting confused but Air Blue have anounced flights to ISB and LHE from BHX in competition witth PIA using A340s. As far as I'm aware BHX is not on a hill LBA is but they only have 2 ISB flights a week using A310s so there is little market there worth chasing for Air Blue and they already operate ex MAN so why bother. PIA are pulling out of LBA anyway when the A310s retire so I hear. MAN will only increase its Pakistan market in the next few years once that happens.

nt639 3rd Aug 2013 21:19

No, I was referring to LTN, on the LTN thread there is references to them starting at LTN

HOODED 3rd Aug 2013 21:37

Apologies I forgot LTN is also on the hill.:O

FRatSTN 5th Aug 2013 10:11

Thomas Cook Summer 2014 @ Stansted
For a brief spell this morning, Thomas Cook had uploaded all the new destinations from Stansted for Summer 2014 available for package holiday reservations.

For some reason they have been taken off sale again! :{

However I remember Thomson strangely did something like this in April when they put all their Summer 2014 flights on sale, so I expect they will be available again fairly soon.

Luckily I managed to view them all just in time and can now say that the new destinations for Summer 2014 are/were...


Increased frequency on...

Palma de Mallorca

Plus the continuation of the service to Bodrum which originally appeared to cease in October 2013.

Providing these new services do finally materialise (like they were displayed earlier this morning), the FULL schedule for charter flights at Stansted in August 2014 as it currently stands is as follows...

TCX 11:30 Minorca
TOM 12:25 Minorca
TCX 13:25 Corfu
TOM 16:25 Dalaman
BGH 19:00 Bourgas
TCX 22:05 Dalaman
TOM 23:30 Gran Canaria
TCX 23:50 Bodrum
TOM 23:55 Ibiza

TCX 05:30 Minorca
TCX 06:00 Corfu
TOM 06:35 Minorca
TOM 07:15 Dalaman
TCX 12:45 Dalaman
TOM 13:55 Gran Canaria
TCX 14:40 Bodrum
TOM 17:55 Ibiza
BGH 20:00 Bourgas

TOM 11:55 Palma de Mallorca
TCX 12:35 Palma de Mallorca
TOM 15:50 Zakynthos
TCX 16:55 Tenerife-South
TCX 19:30 Palma de Mallorca
TOM 22:20 Kos
TOM 02:50 Antlaya +1
TCX 03:10 Heraklion +1
TOM 05:35 Palma de Mallorca +1
TCX 06:40 Antalya +1

TOM 06:00 Palma de Mallorca
TCX 06:05 Palma de Mallorca
TCX 07:15 Tenerife-South
TOM 08:00 Zakynthos
TOM 13:25 Kos
TCX 13:35 Palma de Mallorca
TOM 17:15 Antalya
TCX 18:10 Heraklion
TCX 21:00 Antalya
TOM 23:40 Palma de Mallorca

TCX 13:25 Enfidha
TCX 15:30 Ibiza
TOM 17:30 Fuerteventura
TOM 18:30 Paphos
TCX 23:45 Fuerteventura
TCX 01:55 Rhodes +1
TOM 02:55 Enfidha +1
TOM 03:55 Rhodes +1

TCX 06:15 Enfidha
TOM 08:00 Fuerteventura
TOM 08:15 Paphos
TCX 09:20 Ibiza
TCX 14:40 Fuerteventura
TCX 16:45 Rhodes
TOM 18:50 Rhodes
TOM 19:55 Enfidha

TCX 15:50 Zakynthos
TOM 16:25 Heraklion
TCX 16:35 Lanzarote
TOM 18:25 Lanzarote
TCX 02:00 Kos +1
TOM 02:20 Agadir +1
TCX 02:55 Dalaman +1
TOM 04:55 Dalaman +1

TCX 07:15 Lanzarote
TOM 07:25 Heraklion
TCX 07:50 Zakynthos
TOM 09:20 Lanzarote
TCX 17:05 Kos
TCX 17:50 Dalaman
TOM 17:55 Agadir
TOM 19:45 Dalaman

TCX 10:50 Minorca
TOM 14:10 Minorca
TOM 16:25 Corfu
TCX 16:30 Skiathos
TCX 21:45 Tenerife-South
TOM 01:25 Tenerife-South +1
TOM 03:30 Antalya+1
TCX 03:35 Antalya +1
TCX 07:55 Dalaman +1

TCX 05:00 Minorca
TCX 07:00 Skiathos
TOM 08:20 Minorca
TOM 09:15 Corfu
TCX 12:05 Tenerife-South
TOM 15:50 Tenerife-South
TCX 17:45 Antalya
TOM 17:55 Antalya
TCX 22:55 Dalaman

TCX 12:25 Palma de Mallorca
TOM 13:10 Ibiza
TOM 14:10 Palma de Mallorca
TCX 19:05 Antalya
TCX 22:55 Izmir
TOM 01:20 Rhodes +1
TOM 02:00 Rhodes +1
TCX 03:30 Enfidha +1

TCX 06:10 Palma de Mallorca
TOM 06:55 Ibiza
TOM 08:05 Palma de Mallorca
TCX 09:15 Antalya
TCX 13:55 Izmir
TOM 15:05 Paphos
TOM 16:55 Rhodes
TCX 20:20 Enfidha

TOM 12:35 Faro
TCX 13:50 Kefalonia
TCX 15:30 Zakynthos
TOM 15:55 Kefalonia
TCX 00:25 Lanzarote +1
TOM 01:25 Sharm El Sheikh +1
TCX 02:30 Antalya +1
TOM 02:45 Heraklion +1

TCX 06:00 Kefalonia
TOM 06:00 Faro
TCX 07:35 Zakynthos
TOM 08:10 Kefalonia
TOM 13:45 Sharm El Sheikh
TCX 15:05 Lanzarote
TCX 16:45 Antalya
TOM 17:55 Heraklion

Looks pretty impressive for Stansted yet it's a shame there's still nothing to Cyprus with TCX. Larnaca still remains fully unserved!

Lets just hope that package holidays bookings become available again very soon!!!:confused:

FRatSTN 6th Aug 2013 08:32

New Thomas Cook destinations now on sale again!:D

Hopefully they will stay on sale this time!

I made a slight mistake with the schedule above which I have now corrected. There is an extra flight to Enfidha on Wednesday mornings before the Fuerteventura rotation therefore the schedule is fully completed.

All going to plan, Thomas Cook will serve 18 routes from Stansted in Summer 2014:
- Antalya
- Bodrum
- Corfu
- Dalaman
- Enfidha
- Fuerteventura
- Heraklion
- Ibiza
- Izmir
- Kefalonia
- Kos
- Lanzarote
- Minorca
- Palma de Mallorca
- Rhodes
- Skiathos
- Tenerife-South
- Zakynthos

LGS6753 11th Aug 2013 13:10

Hold on to your wallet!
In a recent report, published in the Daily Mail, the country's top ten crime spots are:

Meridian Sq., Stratford, London 3,440
Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush, London 2,524
Newgate St., Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1.898
Aire Street, Leeds, Yorkshire 1,629
Seymour St., Maylebone, London 1,613
Stansted Airport, Essex 1,530
Piccadilly Station, Manchester 1,508
Victoria Rail & Coach Station, London 1,483
Kings Cross & St Pancras stations, London 1,322
Euston Station, London 1,283

(Crimes reported to Police, Jan 2012 to June 2013)

For comparison:

Luton Airport, Luton, Beds 255

Note: "Thiefrow" not on the list.

nt639 11th Aug 2013 13:30

LGS looks like you are always trawling the net looking for negative things regarding STN?. For comparison STN is a much larger airport with more passengers than the airfield on the hill:} so no comparison really.

LTNman 11th Aug 2013 15:10

Potential Al-Qaeda sympathizers living within 3 miles of Stansted Airport = Probably 0
Potential Al-Qaeda sympathizers living within 3 miles of Luton Airport = Probably 35,000

For comparison STN is a much larger airport with more passengers than the airfield on the hill so no comparison really.
Yes but not by a factor of 5. Isn't Essex overrun with Caravan Utilising Nomadic Traveller types???

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