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Tranceaddict 23rd Jul 2013 20:47

what makes you 100% sure that it wont happen??
I did not say it won't happen, it could well happen one day when the contract is up for renewal, however that time is not now, or in the immediate future.

My correction's were to the 2 inaccurate pieces of information below

by GroundControl1

As most of you are aware the easyJet contract at STN is up for renewal with Menzies.
and sat1

Easyjet contract up for renewal
Neither of these statements are true

sat1 24th Jul 2013 12:01

we will see

FRatSTN 24th Jul 2013 15:39

New Thomson route.
Thomson has added a new route to Kos from May 6th 2014.

However there will no longer be a second flight to Palma de Mallorca on Tuesdays except from between July 15th and September 9th 2014 when it will depart at the much later time of 23:40.

But overall another welcomed increase. With this alongside Thomas Cook expected to be using an A321 all summer next year at Stansted as well, it looks a bit better than this year in terms of charter traffic and package holiday availability.

rocket_dog 24th Jul 2013 22:52

Neither of these statements are true
The futures bright, the futures red!!!

mikkie4 25th Jul 2013 16:39

ther was some talk that Jetairfly were doing palma mallorca on behalf of thomson from Southend next year flying on a tuesday

Tranceaddict 25th Jul 2013 19:07

The futures bright, the futures red!!!
That may well be true as well, what most of you don't seem to be grasping is the concept of what I am saying, you all think the contract renewal is imminent, I can assure you it is not, unless EZY want to pay to get out of the current contract early (as I am sure there are penalty clauses both ways if either side wants to jack it in early) then there is still a considerable amount of time left on the current one and therefore no change of GHA.

sat1 25th Jul 2013 20:22

any contract is only good for 90 days,we all know that,apart from trance.Maybe he chose his name well( in a trance)!!!!

rocket_dog 25th Jul 2013 21:46

I think TranceAddict will look great in a RED uniform in the back of an easyJet hold!!!

Tranceaddict 26th Jul 2013 17:30

any contract is only good for 90 days
I agree but as I said

unless EZY want to pay to get out of the current contract early
Time will tell

I think TranceAddict will look great in a RED uniform in the back of an easyJet hold!!!
Being red doesn't bother me, I've been every other colour, another one to add to the list won't make any difference :ok:

TOWTEAMBASE 29th Jul 2013 16:23

How come no mention of the A380 arriving in STN today, is that not a big event anymore ?

LTNman 29th Jul 2013 17:13

Was it lost:}

Stanstedeye 29th Jul 2013 18:05

380 at STN
The 380 was scheduled for STN on the BA site last week, and was due to stay overnight. It was said that it was to confirm that there are no problems in accommodating it if required.

TOWTEAMBASE 29th Jul 2013 21:59

Yeah it was planned for a while, as was the 748 parked next to it for a photo shoot, just no mention on here, and nothing on local news either. They would normally report on Dogs taking a dump, but today nothing, strange. Had a thunderbolt in this week too for the 70th anniversary of STN

TOWTEAMBASE 29th Jul 2013 21:59

And LTNman.......i think your lost too :-)

papabravowhiskey 30th Jul 2013 14:23

"Meet and Greet"
Be careful who you leave your car with!
According to the BBC, Essex Trading Standards have been receiving calls regarding unscrupulous "Meet and Greet" services, where the car is returned with rather more miles on it that you might expect ... memories of the crowd at Heathrow that hired out cars that had been left with them for long-term parking ...


pabely 30th Jul 2013 17:26

70 years.....
Shame there are no B-26s flying

FRatSTN 31st Jul 2013 09:06

More interesting stuff? Good luck to them...
Stansted Owner Aims to Draw Airlines With $122 Million Overhaul - Bloomberg

sxflyer 31st Jul 2013 11:42

It is looking more credible with actions such as this that some long haul services can be initiated at a sensible scale perhaps sooner rather than later. I think forget the USA and Far East, while I'm sure NYC would work not even Gatwick has such a service and STN lacks the connections full-service Far Eastern carriers would need to succeed. Daily Emirates though is certainly feasible, to strengthen their London position and scoop up more pax from this side of London, less so Etihad or Qatar but I wouldn't completely rule either out.

They must also have a couple of other full service carriers in mind they realistically believe can poached or enticed - I would guess getting Turkish back from LGW and El Al from LTN as the most likely. There were rumours of bmi regional a while ago also though I'm not sure they would quite bring the massive influx of new pax that justifies the expenditure!

EI-BUD 31st Jul 2013 12:01

Can't help but think STN would be a fine airport for DY to locate long haul services while maintaining European operation at LGW. MAG certainly would have an appetite to incentivise such business while getting slots at LGW is pricey as we have seen recently with BE sale of theirs.

davidjohnson6 31st Jul 2013 12:25

sxflyer - Luton would have to be extraordinarily awkward or Stansted exteaordinarily cheap to persuade El Al to move from Luton back to Stansted. The main Jewish community in the UK lives along the M1 corridor between Hendon and St Albans - which happens to be very near Luton. Easyjet coincidentally have a strong Tel Aviv route from Luton as well.

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