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Iceland requires a pre-authorisation form & two negative covid tests on arrival. All tourist places closed so I would assume to do business rather than leisure.
As for crowd enforcement, the same as LHR I suspect.
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From Tuesday, if you’ve had covid (with certificate to prove it) or are fully vaccinated you can enter Iceland without restrictions. But yes, this myth that everyone is still going on holiday isn’t correct. Most states have strict entry requirements at the moment so even if you do get out of the UK, you also have to meet those requirements.
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Airlines flying the Kent Plague around Europe is self defeating. Zero chance of corridors being established whilst the EU blunders with is vaccination debacle and it gets fresh imports of the highly transmissible Kent mutation from the UK.
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Not sure what that specifically has to do with Luton but look at Palma Airports arrivals board for tomorrow, who in the EU is fueling things!
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Construction update

The Dart is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022

The framework of a new walkway connects the existing passenger footbridge to the first floor entrance of the Dart station (when it is built) via the new footbridge that also passes over the railway tracks.

As can be seen the foundations of the Railtrack funded concourse are now in place.

The framework of a concrete support column can be seen to the left while to the right is a possible lift shaft.

The frontage of the Dart station has been cleared. In the background can be seen the tracks which enters the station on the first floor. The walkway can be seen through the glass wall.

Careful examination shows the new walkway connected to the existing footbridge while the Dart track entrance is to the right of the station.

At Central Station progress seems to have slowed down.

With the station in the foreground, in the background can be seen multi story car park 2 which remains closed. With a few cars still parked on various floors there are no signs of any work being carried out yet. In the past there has been repairs carried out to the fire escapes which showed light flaking and cracking to some of their precast walls

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Last year SEMLEP (The South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership), which was set up by the government, withdrew its offer to part fund the access road to Century Park due to continuing delays. The true purpose of this 124m access road was not for a business park but for a road to a second terminal although this was never mentioned by the Council to SEMLEP, which some would view as an act of deception.

SEMLEP now wants to redefine the LLAL Enterprise Zones by taking the site for Century Park and thus Terminal 2 out of a zone meaning the road would not be needed after stating the project was undeliverable and unrealistic. The Council is holding out as they know what the road is really meant to serve but they can’t admit it.

As the road already has planning permission it could be funded by a new concessionaire in the years to come but it would add to the total bill they would be expected to pick up in addition to a Dart extension to a second terminal that would also be needed.


The access road was going to be funded directly by the Council with SEMLEP support and paid for with cuts to council budgets of 4m per year. This fact has never been disclosed by the Council who held Council meetings in secret but this fact has appeared in other SEMLEP minutes.

As stated before, cuts close to 50m have already taken place at the Council due to Covid leading to the exposure of financial mismanagement of its airport by the Council owned LLAL who also never publish minutes of their meetings. This has left LLAL with debts close to half a billion pounds with no income to pay off its loans to the Council for the Dart or other airport projects. Not bad for a zero risk company that still has no staff and was set up just to just collect concession fees and rents.

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Local MP`s Daisy Cooper,Richard Fuller & Bim are asking the aviation minister & Government to "call in" LTN`s application for an increase to 19m pax pa & compel the airport to keep to original promises made over noise.
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There was a debate in the House of Commons last week about Luton Airport which I am surprised everyone here missed. The above mentioned MP’s were lining up to put across their concerns about the airport while the 2 Luton MP’s didn’t bother to attend so there was no counter argument. There was some support for the airport put forward by the Aviation Minister though who came across as being a little weak.

The planning application should be heard next month where the airport owner as the planning authority will approve the application. The Labour members and one Tory will vote in favour of the application while the Lib Dem’s will vote against it. This application also included breaking agreed noise limits.

Democracy at its worst where the Council has a vested financial interest in seeing that the application is passed. In fact I have heard that the Council asked the concessionaire to put the application in so that the Council can approve it.

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Heraklion starts tomorrow, another early Greek route.
With Tel Aviv they do seem to be steeling a March on Wizzair for now.
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The airport authority have stated they have high expectations for Tel Aviv this summer due to the vaccination programs in each country so are expecting no 10 day quarantines.
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Israel is an expensive country to visit as a tourist - costs considerably more than the UK. I would be wary of getting too excited about large numbers of UK residents flying between Luton and TLV. If the route can achieve the same level of demand in summer 2021 as it managed in summer 2019, it will have done very well

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I think David nearly all passengers t/from Israel with El Al are VFR (visiting friends and relatives) plus pilgrims going to religious places in the Holy Land.
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Alberto Martin, the head of London Luton Airport, predicts a surge of people booking trips from London to Tel Aviv in exclusive JN interview
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I dont think you've added any words to the Stop Luton Airport Expansion website yet but the link to Hansard is below for those interested to read the concerns raised and the fairly rational and detailed prepared response for this type of session:
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Is the ex Gulfstream hangar in use by Signature customers again?
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I think Daisy Cooper needs to make a correction to her input because she quotes that in a particular ten year period passenger number doubled and flight movements increased by 50%. That 50% figure in increase of flights is not factual. It should be 44%. In addition I have read other comments on other forums in which it states all departing and arrivals to and from Luton fly between Harpenden and St Albans. That too is false! I am deeply concerned that the integrity of those persons who are attempting to put a stop to Luton Airports planned expansion should be reviewed as there are far too many questionable figures and statements being submitted that raise eyebrows for those in the know!
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MP Daisy is democratically elected so your solution...... is?
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Wouldn’t have thought many in this forum would vote for an anti-Brexit MP anyway!
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You can write to an MP. Make it clear that you are, or are not, in her bailiwick but offer a polite correction of fact. Hopefully a good outcome. You can also write to her constituency office, which can doubtless be located on line.
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Cannot be many UK airport developments causing a highly sharpened scythe to local council budgets? DART is frankly an outrageous expenditure! More than 1m debt for every single borough resident! Never mind, salivation is on hand when the new airport concessionaire assumes ALL the debt! I may well be wrong, but 2032 is long wait, as interest mounts! Bring on Terminal 2 and terminal for the council!
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