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Also daily Berlin

Something tells me Easyjet won't be pleased with this and Hamburg.
Hamburg is showing as a 06.40 departure with a MAN based a/c, while Berlin is non-based with a 11.35 departure from MAN.
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Airport twitter feed quick off the draw:

Manchester Airport ‏@manairport 32m 32 minutes ago
Delighted to announce 3 new routes with Ryanair to Berlin, Hamburg & Nuremberg! On sale now
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Unfortunately I can see Eurowings blinking first on one or both of their flights.
To sustain 4 flights to Hamburg on some days is asking a lot. Mind you, Hamburg is well worth a visit. The wife and I spent a long weekend there about 3 years ago and really enjoyed the park, lake, harbour and old city. Particularly impressive was Miniatur Wunderland with the variety of model railways and their superb scenery set in different parts of the world, and of course the model airport with planes landing and taking off.

The LH flights were busy but not full (but it was a few years back) so it will be interesting to see what happens with Ryanair joining the fray.
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Great to have a Nuremburg link. That and the Dresden/Leipzig areas have always been the biggest gaps in the German network.

I do wonder about some routes though.

Will Bremen survive with a daily Hamburg nearby, and I have doubts that Hamburg can sustain up to 4 daily (same as FRA now!) and Berlin up to 3 daily all on A320/B737.

I think Stuttgart should be safe, as it serves a separate area to the announced 3 new routes, it would be like dropping Paris because you've opened up a route to Limoges to serve that area!

But all in all, shaping up to be a very strong German network now.
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Can anyone confirm that Hamburg would be 4x daily? Are RYR really jumping in with a daily offering on an established market like that?

By the way LAXLHR, saying that 4x daily to HAM is the same as Frankfurt overlooks the fact that Hamburg is actually a much bigger and more interesting city than Frankfurt. You could say that the 4x daily to FRA is really a 4x daily to Lufthansaland....also a reason why there is no-one else on that route and why previous attempts have failed.

Also - I agree that Stuttgart should be safe...Nurmberg is a loooong way away. Stuttgart's main competitor is from those who prefer to fly to FRA and get the train from there direct to Stuttgart city centre....and it's survived so far despite that.
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Hamburg in its current form will be:

Daily Ryanair (this is confirmed on the Ryanair site)
6 weekly Easyjet
12 weekly Eurowings.

Thus, 4 daily most days.

For the record, Berlin will be 8/9 weekly Easyjet and daily Ryanair.
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Originally Posted by LAX_LHR View Post
I have doubts that Hamburg can sustain up to 4 daily (same as FRA now!)
I bet the fares won't be as eye watering as FRA - the lack of competition on that route is very obvious, even when staying a Saturday night. LH must make a fortune on it.
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Flew LH MAN-FRA-MAN there and back same day for a meeting last July. 360 return Economy. Certainly eye-watering, for my company at least. Previous year I flew MAN-IAD-FRA-MAN over a week with UA/LH for 550. Shows what the mark-up is when they know you need to get back same day.
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Use to regularly pax STN LEJ, was full of Germans who had been visiting London, a few German business men, a few English business men and the odd DHL flight deck and engineer, Leipzig is a place, whilst being moderately interesting, that is far from being a great tourist/city break destination.
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Not sure of the value of attending such events but the first Routes Conference of 2016 is Routes Americas

No show from Manchester BUT Birmingham will be in attendance !

Routes Americas 2016 Company List :: Routesonline
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BHX attend every Routes event all over the World, they have had a lot of success at recent events in securing new airlines.
For example CSA Czech Airlines spoke to BHX at a show last year and five weeks later flights to Prague were on sale.
Hopefully the show next week will lead to even more new airlines / services.
Maybe a few more announced at the show !
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Yes hats off to the BHX route development team. From a standing start they have put BHX on the map.

Manchester is of course doing exceptionally well. The last 18 months have been meteoric BUT the gains shown at BHX and indeed EDI ( I would even add Dublin with IAG) confirms MAN is not necessarily the go to destination of choice outside London.

Manchester needs to keep a stranglehold on momentum
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Yes, BHX and EDI have done well, as has MAN, but, to suggest MAN is not the 'go to' airport and grimace at that is unrealistic.

Firstly, no, MAN is not the 'go to' airport outside of London, that is a role shared across the UK. Each airline will have its needs, and as much as you may dislike it, MAN is not going to fulfill the need of every airline.

Secondly, BHX and EDI may have shouted louder and got the headlines, but, it doesn't mean MAN has done less, or not as well as BHX/EDI.

Let's not forget, of all the new airlines BHX gained in the last year, only 3 remain absent from MAN (wizz, Blue Air and CSA), and of all the destinations BHX gained, as far as I'm aware, only Poznan, Katowice and Bucharest are not already served on MAN).

In terms of EDI, it's a similar story but I confess I haven't kept up to date with all of their new routes.

This may seem a downer on BHX as they truly have done a fantastic job, but, while BHX has been filling the 'obvious' gaps like Budapest, Madrid, JFK, Lisbon and Prague, MAN has had them in the bag for a while and been busy getting the 'niche' routes like Nuremburg, Brindisi, Tivat, Marseille, Porto and long haul like Boston, Los Angeles, Beijing and Phuket.

That's not to be sniffed at. It's harder to build a business case for the smaller routes than the 'obvious' ones, as not only are you proving the market, but likely dent the transfer routes too.

Just my 2 cents of course.
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Concern for the future of Southport's rail links to Manchester - Southport Visiter

Yet another example of a town almost pleading for directs links to Manchester Airport!

Windermere, Cleethorpes, I'm sure we had Blackpool and now Southport.

I sure MAG could capitalise on this outpouring of regional grief!
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Bagso, Noticed this in the article about Southport.

"Victoria is ten minutes walk from Piccadilly."

Now I know I'm getting on a bit but I feel "sprint" may be a more accurate word than "walk"!

Actually, I thought it had been established that Southport was losing its direct Airport link but could well be mistaken. Hasn't Cleethorpes been reprieved though?

Regarding the comments by LAX_LHR and yourself, I think it was expected that an airport like BHX would pick up short haul routes from the locos that it had been missing - but credit to their development team for securing those.
However, I do take your point that MAN is no longer always the natural first choice when it comes to expansion of long haul flights. Whether it was inevitable that some airlines would look to other UK airports such as BHX and NCL rather than focus on more expansion at MAN is a moot point and there is perhaps some disappointment that MAN still awaits a 4th EK flight for example or that United spread their wings to NCL rather than start a rumoured service to ORD from MAN.

What I would argue is that it's good to see airports like MAN, BHX and BRS and the two main Scottish airports expanding rather than aviation growth just being concentrated in the S.E.

MAN has come a long way in the last few years with the growth of easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2 and TCX, not to mention those hard won long hauls to Hong Kong, China and Jeddah. Long may it continue.
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United doing EWR to NCL hasn`t been quite the success they had hoped for but they need to use a B763 for ORD to MAN and I think at the present
they are fitted out with a different seating layout which favours LHR
or CDG as American has shown the B757 is not suitable to use on
ORD because of range so perhaps the B788 is more the likely

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A 752 can operate it, AA is more demand that anything, 752 did MAN perfectly fine for a long time.
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If the wind is right it`s OK but quite often they are on their margins
or have to divert to Bangor on west bound if there is a strong jetstream
or leave cargo behind.
Their time keeping was attrocious and I know quite a few people
who will not fly if they are using B757 because of that
( not that the B767 is much better but that is because they are knackered)

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UA seating and fleet

United is in the middle of upgrading all its 763 fleet interiors, including adding winglets etc. First Class is being removed and replaced with 30 Business First / 46 Economy Plus / 138 Economy (total 214 seats) which is considered a better fit for most of their transatlantic routes. Plan is to use the 763s on some transatlantic routes, freeing up 777s and 757s for US domestic and South American runs. So far the 763s seem to have replaced 752s on longer routes like EWR-Hamburg and EWR-Barcelona, but maybe MAN will start to see them as they get more of the fleet done.

According to an internal UA survey the 763 is still the second most popular aircraft type with UA's customers, mainly because of the 2x3x2 abreast seating in economy - as opposed to the 3x3x3 or 3x4x3 sardine configurations which many newer wide body types seem to feature these days.
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Excludes UK (outside LHR) and Ireland routes.....
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