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Flybe - 7

Old 16th Apr 2014, 22:16
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Flybe - 7

The Flybe - 6 thread was closed. Lets get back on track !
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Old 17th Apr 2014, 08:51
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OK , The E175 is a great Pilot's Aircraft and the pax love them! I hope we get the new winglets on the new deliveries as it will help secure the future of the jet with it's advertised 6.5 % fuel burn saving.
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 07:45
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Yes it is a 'great pilots aircraft' and of course the passengers love them, night and day to a dirty, smelly, cramped and noisy Dash, but it will not be flybe pilots flying em!
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 08:42
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The Ejets are great pilots aircraft and the passengers do love them, the Dash Q400 is appalling from both the pilots and passengers perspective - problem is the Dash is a brilliant 'accountants aircraft', and it's accountants that run airlines.
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 09:25
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There will always, I guess, be people who disagree with what anyone says; &, I certainly do with what you say about the Dash 8.
I have flown on them many times incl. EGJJ to EGPH (pretty long distance for a Dash 8) & have never found them to be "dirty,smelly,cramped & noisy".
Well, maybe a little cramped - as a 6 footer.
So, there you go !
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 12:22
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Leg, could you enlighten us as to when the ex Easy A319's will be arriving?

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Old 19th Apr 2014, 18:28
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I'm well impressed with their 60:60 promise. An hour and 20 minute delay yesterday. Went online a couple of hours later, put in the details and got an instant voucher. Now meant I only had to pay 23 for next return flight to sou
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Old 19th Apr 2014, 18:32
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I honestly don't see a problem with the Dash. I found them clean and comfy, not too loud, onboard prices were cheap and the Newcastle based crew friendly and were so helpful and as an airline they provided me with fantastic value for money.

Long live the Dash, even in that nauseating purple paint job. If it wasn't for the Dash, many routes would not be possible so credit where it's due.

I admit I wouldn't want to cross Europe on one but for a quick hop within England I honestly can't see the problem. Legroom wasn't great, but where is it great these days?
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Old 19th Apr 2014, 18:58
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I think the new scheme is very good and striking, so as long as the service remains striking people will remember them

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Old 19th Apr 2014, 19:14
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Well the new service has: boarding music, purple lighting and free chocolates. How bad could it be?

Seriously though, I wish them the best of luck on their journey. I hope it works out for them.
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 00:28
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No such thing as 'Newcastle based crew', the new idiot in charge threw them out onto the scrap heap. The comments re the Dash just goes to show what a bunch of spotters know about flying, naff all
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 00:46
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Leg, don't you think some of the opinions expressed about the Dash 8 were by paying customers? You know, the folks who pay your wages?

A Flybe passenger, ex ground crew and enthusiast!
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 00:50
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With the greatest of respect to you Leg, fa2fi did not specify when the flight took place - indeed the experiences being relayed could have included NCL based crew before the base was closed down.

I suggest that you digest the information and consider a composed reply before simply losing your rag over something.

Fact: whether you like the Dash or not, it is personal opinion. This makes your views Leg no more valid then anyone elses. End of story

For those that remain at the airline, a lot of work is going in to improving the offering and passenger experience. I believe there is still some way to go but already Flybe have demonstrated enormous improvement. Long may that continue and further develop.
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 01:55
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Having read this I would just like to make a quick point...

I am extremely surprised at how against spotters some of the other so called enthusiasts on this site are, why??? We're all into the same hobby and the way Leg's frankly derogatory comments are out of order... What justification can be given for that comment? I'm sorry but...

Anyway, I was always sceptical about Flybe but when I flew on them, my one and only time from LGW-NCL, I was extremely impressed with the dash, the flight wasn't the most comfortable at all because the hand luggage we had was way too big, and we had too much of it (not our fault) so we had to put it under the seat in front, but it was comfortable, smooth enough, quiet enough and the service was wonderful. The airline on the other hand, I'm glad they seem to have changed their public relations because it was appalling the way we were treat... But I hold no grudges and understand booking the flight at the desk an hour beforehand is going to be expensive... Even if it was almost 1100 for 5 people one way. I cant wait to try the new Flybe under better circumstances...
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 08:27
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Son, you obviously are not terribly observant, this is a PILOTS forum, not for 'enthusiasts' or spotters, can you not read the blooming website NAME?? Some, very, VERY few spotters have valid points, but those should be by invitation from the professional flight crew this forum is intended for.

And Mr Cloud, I ALWAYS consider my replies very carefully, thank you very much
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 09:12
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That's it, shout at the fifteen year old who dares to question. Loved the condescending use of "son", well done.

Now, back on point, who's going to be flying the Embraers if not flybe pilots? They're not exactly easy to make money with !!!! I am not a pilot, I am a mere analyst, which is not a bean counter or accountant as some lazy thinking might suggest. But if you think flying ER7s with happy passengers and pilots is enough to make money in this market, forget it. Unless you're BA at LCY charging a margin over LHR they're the A318s of the Embraer range. They're not toys for posers they're assets for making money and the bottom line is, they don't make enough in this market.
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 09:33
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Leg, to kind of follow-up on what S1E said:

I've met and had discussions with many commecial pilots over the years, who are also obviously fervent "enthusiasts" some who take pictures and even log numbers from the Flight Deck.

Many, many Air Traffickers are also "enthusiasts".

I've also met other pilots who know nothing of the indutry outside their own employer, and appear to have no interest in doing so. Fair enough.

We are all different. Yoir narrow-minded view of the World does you no favours.

Incidentally, I quite like flying on the Dash
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 09:42
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Just to pick up on what Leg said-yes, the name of the forum includes the word Pilot. It also states professional.

Professional is measured in different ways and not just by an ability to carry out the task in hand IE fly an aircraft. I would suggest that Leg does not fit within the category of professional because if he or she did, like a professional pilot, they would listen to other viewpoint and not force feed their opinion. That in the flight deck is a CRM nightmare.

Now let's move on shall we before we go off on a complete tangent. This is about the airline and not opinion on service or product. There are plenty of review sites for that kind of stuff
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 10:12
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I now fly for another airline that could in some ways be seen as a rival to Flybe, but I fully support Flybe and every other airline as they create jobs and support lively hoods across the UK, which is the most important thing. Leg is just showing a great level of immaturity that should be ignored, as said lets move on.

But on the note of the dash 8, from my experience they are great to fly on as a passenger

I certainly like Flybe with their new look and approach, hope it turns them around!
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Old 20th Apr 2014, 10:41
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Quotes by Leg:

night and day to a dirty, smelly, cramped and noisy Dash
The comments re the Dash just goes to show what a bunch of spotters know about flying, naff all
So Leg, as I understand it you're entitled to an opinion but no one else is? What an arrogant bully you are!
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