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Old 20th Feb 2014, 16:20
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One dreads to think what would have happened had someone started smoking in the toilets and thankfully the Portuguese people are by and large very polite and well mannered in my experience
.........just curious as to when Stansted became part of Portugal.

I read "PEOPLE" as POLICE hence comment..........sorry

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but ultimately it is Ryanair's responsibility FULL STOP the handling agent is contracted by Ryanair
If there is NOBODY and I mean NOBODY from the ground handlers taking calls, available or anywhere around then what do you do ?
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In my company we always have agents or employee's on site you never know when an aircraft may have to return to stand due tech problem, perhaps even disruptive passenger.
Doesn't mean at 1am when rain is peeing down in a a major storm at Gatwick they will answer the phone.....does it ?
What then ?
Do you abandon aircraft and go seeking them ? or stay with the aircraft and keep ringing.

Me at a guess you would keep trying as I figure the FR crew were doing but when no access to terminal, handling agents won't pick up the phone and limited options what then ?
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Problem is many airports have been trained by MOL to leave his planes and customers high and dry

You provide ooh service and submit the extra invoice for staffing and equipment
And he REFUSES to pay even when the Capt and local manager said they would pay, or he gets the invoice and pays a small fraction of it, a small fraction determined by him. , so

FR are 100% at fault here

No handler or airport will work for free , MOL has trained airports etc to be like that , even cabin crew are not happy working for nothing

Every airport, airport handler in Europe knows FR , you won't get paid for OOH service even when promised.
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What would have happened if at 2 am, one of the passengers had decided they'd had enough, gone to an unattended aircraft door, blown one of the chutes, gone down the slide and walked towards the terminal ?

Would MAG likely have prosecuted for trespass or would the passenger have had reasonable excuse ? Would Ryanair have likely sued for damages ?
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With DJ6 on this, I'd defend my right to leave a parked aircraft and leave the airport if need be. Obviously allowing a reasonable time for staff to escort me.

With or without police help.

Wonder what constitutes false imprisonment? (And yes, a serious question).
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The next iteration of EU passenger rights legislation will include clauses on tarmac delays. Details are still to be thrashed out between the EU's legislative organs but I would guess most likely is food and refreshments after one hour, return to the gate after 2 hours unless safety/security reasons why not.
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The precedent? All Finnish civil airports are maintained by Finavia, the former Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, but in the future it could change. Early next month the Finnish Government will decide whether to give Lappeenranta airport the permission to cut loose from Finavia's network and start on its own. The aim is to reduce airport fees, and thus open up new connections to Europe. So far Ryanair planes are flying full from this airport on the Russian border, but the amount of flights is very low. The local authorities claim that this potential could be utilized to much greater extent.
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From a Swissprt statement on DM

A Swissport spokesman said: 'The weather on February 14 has been recognised as one of the worst to hit the UK for decades with high winds causing travel chaos across the country.
'Stansted Airport was one of the few airports around the country that was able to accept some diverted flights despite some reservations regarding the availability of turn-around facilities.
'Due to extreme weather the inbound flight from Porto was initially diverted to East Midlands and arrived some three hours later at Stansted to collect the passengers for the flight to Porto.
'Swissport and the airport were under considerable pressure with 30 additional diverted flights in addition to scheduled aircraft.
'The flight was loaded, but fueling was not available. This caused the delay.

'Swissport staff were under extreme pressure dealing with an unprecedented level of flights and whilst we accept we should have unloaded the passengers sooner we simply had no one available to unload when contacted by the Captain.
'Swissport regret any delay to passengers and to Ryanair. However, in extreme circumstances, our staff worked tirelessly to ensure that diverted flights were dealt with as soon as possible.

'We are disappointed that even under these extreme conditions we fell short of our usual high standards.'
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Ryanair issue joint statement with Swissport

Ryanair's statement on FR 8347 - 14th February 2014 Due to?
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They had at least 12 hours notice that this storm was coming, what intensity it would be and the effect the winds would have one 29L/R at LHR and 26 at Gatwick. I think it reflects extremely badly on Swissport that they had insufficient overtime cover in place on the night and on FR for not ensuring this was the case. If I have it right, there wasn't anybody to escort the passengers from the aircraft to the terminal and then supervise them in the terminal. The police hade to break in to the airport ffs

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Could also be construed as a monumental failure of systems / procedures and in senior management for failing to ensure adequate planning for when normal systems are put under strain to ensure there are no catastrophic failures.

It'll never be disclosed publicly, but somebody at a high level deserves a bit of a kicking for not thinking about resilience in an organisation. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity as management concepts have been around for decades
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The biggest issue that I see here is the passengers. If they had called the police 'several' times and nobody had arrived at the aircraft, what was to stop any of the passengers simply walking off the aircraft?

From what we see in the video, the door was open. Can we assume the air stairs were down? If so, what stopped passengers forcing their way off the aircraft. There may not have been any access into the terminal but one would assume that police would turn up fairly sharpish if there was members of the public walking around the ramp unescorted?

Also, was there not one single member of swissport or ryanair that had airside ID to access the terminal?
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You would be subject to serious legal prosecution if you did it, I'm not saying you would be prosecuted due mitigating circumstances, but the laws for deliberately trespassing on the ramp are quite severe
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If STN is 24 hour then the lack of fire cover excuse I read elsewhere is bull****
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The airfield is 24h however the terminal is another matter
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Let's clear a few things up;

1) The passenger terminal is never closed bar Christmas day itself - Flights regularly depart STN pre 6am and arrive upwards of 2am.

2) The reason the flight was not re-fuelled was because (see #3)

3) 30+ flights diverted to Stansted that night from LGW, LHR due to to those crazy winds we experienced. Swissport had nobody available and hence there apology to Ryanair

4) Unfortunately for the passengers had there flight been operated by Stansted crew they would have been offloaded by the crew themselves because they would have used there passes to gain access and supervise the passengers once inside.

5) Nobody from Swissport available to re-fuel or de-board and supervise the passengers or even to open re-open the gate plus the crew were Porto based and had no access even though they ended up overnighting along with the pax.
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Just a few humble observations and questions. I would have thought that the handling agent would look after the scheduled arrivals and departures and put the diversions to the back of the queue. Surely your regular customers come first. I would have thought the Captain could have come into the cabin and tried to explain the situation and not leaving the local constabulary to sort the problem out. As for the cabin crew who allegedly said he/she was off shift I don´t think they would be with the company for long if I had anything to do with it. As for the Swissport duty manager same scenario.
Nobody comes out of this very well except for the mostly Portuguese passengers who kept mainly cool - heaven forbid if it was a bunch of Brits returning from a boozy weekend somewhere!
Any answers to the above would be appreciated.
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Route / schedule planning

I don't fly RYR- but swayed by the new charm offensive, extra leg room & pre bookable seats- I booked BCN-MAN for May.
Now this route is new & only became bookable about 5 weeks ago.
I now find the schedule has changed by 12 hours !!
Which is no good to me- so I'm hoping for a full refund.
The question is, why do they rush out a new route & then turn the schedule on its head within a few weeks ?
Please Mr RYR some planning before you put out a route schedule !
Schedule changes happen, but by 12 hours ??? No no no- sorry but you're back on my avoid list
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I guess after the event it would seem wise to have tankard

Whenever there is an unscheduled out of sequence event it is best to have to ask for the least help necessary, because you will be the bottom of the pilem - end of the queue. Have enough fuel and catering to be independent of the handling agency. All they have to do is provide the pax and the baggage. They will thank you and you will be on your way in the most expeditious manner.
It's called command-manship. You are on site and make your best judgement. I'm sure RYR does not have tanker tables EMA-STN. All this is assuming fuel was available at EMA. I assume after landing at EMA they would have to refuel for the STN sector anyway, so why not do it all in one go?

I haven't read all the details about the reason for the delay. I've only picked up that someone posted it was due to lack of fuel. Can that really be true? Such a long time?
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