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lfc84 28th Sep 2012 07:47

Ryanair - 9
my ambition is fulfilled to start such a thread !

peppo_8787 28th Sep 2012 11:31

Ryanair introduces new plan for Italy: lower taxes and new bases
Ryanair introduces new plan, +13 million passengers in 4 years

ROME (Dow Jones) - Ryanair expects to reach 37 million passengers by the end of 2016. This was announced by the deputy chief executive of the company, Michael Cawley, during a press conference, explaining the new business plan for growth.

The low cost airline expects to close 2012 with 24 million passengers, which will create 24 000 jobs, and provides an increase of 13 million new travelers in four years.

The new plan calls for five new bases and 3 new airports in two years. By the end of 2016, Ryanair will contribute 'to create 37 000 jobs.

The rescue plan Ryanair would increase the numbers of traffic and tourism Italians:
1. Opening up to 5 new Italian bases
2. Opening new routes Ryanair in Campania and Sicily airports
3. Increasing the total traffic of Italian Ryanair from 24 million (2012) to 37 million (2016) pa
The proposal Ryanair to the Italian Government will encourage all airlines to rise above the levels of existing traffic.

Ryanair Festeggia 30 Milioni Di Passeggeri A Roma

irish lad 28th Sep 2012 11:53

How does ryanair expect to expand so much without any more aircrafts coming?

peppo_8787 28th Sep 2012 18:29

Ryanair leaves from October 12 the airport of Verona, Italy!
Deleted then the routes to London-Stansted and Edinburgh

eu01 28th Sep 2012 18:39

Ryanair leaves Verona. All flights will stop from October 12
Source: Corriere del Veneto

11 routes, 39 flights per week, annually 500 million pax less (500 jobs, blah, blah)...

In a way, nothing new.
We are already accustomed to such practices. However, please pay attention to the short notice of this announcement. If I was one of the passengers involved, I would be very furious now. Indeed, FR can keep doing this way, but shouldn't be surprised if their appreciation weakens even more.

TSR2 28th Sep 2012 19:07

...11 routes, 39 flights per week, annually 500 million pax less (500 jobs, blah, blah)...
Bit of an exaggeration there I think !

eu01 28th Sep 2012 19:15

Oops, my fault. 500 thousand meant to be :ouch:

mickyman 28th Sep 2012 19:41


Perhaps the people of Verona (and also some contributors to this thread)
do not appreciate what Ryanair can bring to a region enough.
If they can get a better deal from elsewhere off they go !!!

jabird 28th Sep 2012 20:27

Perhaps the people of Verona (and also some contributors to this thread)
do not appreciate what Ryanair can bring to a region enough.
The people don't always have that much of a say in the matter. Either the airport / politicos / tourist boards bite or they don't. Verona is one of those cities that probably has bigwigs thinking it is famous enough not to need the extra visitors, but I think a lot of people would just pass through.

It does surprise me sometimes when you get cities with 2 airports who might fight for that business, but neither of them get it. I watch BFS rumours with interest.

EI-EIDW 28th Sep 2012 21:41

Manchester-Nice only bookable for two days in March and has being taken off the route map. Looks like some sort of special or gap filler.

jabird 28th Sep 2012 22:29

There was comment on previous thread about 9 fares needing booking a month in advance. Not sure that's always the case - I have booked an "insurance" flight BGY-EMA as I'm not 100% sure about local transport getting me up through Croatia to TRS. That was still just 9, booked tonight for 9th Oct.

However, these flights only seem available into the regionals - I didn't look for the outbound leg as I've got that sorted, they might not be so keen to give you a flight for 9 with APD at 12.

jdcg 29th Sep 2012 08:45

jabird - there are some coach services that run up to Trieste from Croatia - I think Zagreb, Rijeka, Porec, Pula and Split are all served. There's also a small coastal ferry that runs from Rovinj and Porec up to Trieste - a fun way to travel - but it might be summer only. Frequencies are fairly limited on the coaches though so you may have to overnight in Trieste - a great city to spend time in though!

jabird 29th Sep 2012 12:30

jdcg - thanks, I know there are some, but the point is there aren't many, and the leg I plan to do by train (Split-Rijeka) is also extremely slow.

However - that's my problem. I booked the super cheap flight anticipating that I had more than enough time to make it. Some of the Ryanair haters would be trying to blame O'Leary for that, or for the fact it would cost me more to change it than to buy the "insurance" flight, which I did.

Now, back to Ryanair.....

j636 29th Sep 2012 20:02

Was there a problem with a FR flight at DUB this morning, there was an FR aircraft around DUB area for around 1h30m before it returned to DUB.

Jamie2k9 30th Sep 2012 00:13

There was a slight problem with a flight this morning but nothing major.

airsmiles 30th Sep 2012 05:40

How does ryanair expect to expand so much without any more aircrafts coming?
They've just taken 4 new aircraft in September with the remaining outstanding orders for another 9 due shortly. I suspect they'll conclude a new order for 2013 and beyond in the not too distant future.

FRatSTN 1st Oct 2012 21:06

Talking of Ryanair expansion, does anybody know what's happening where the East Midlands base is concerned?? Of course the loss of BmiBaby is a big blow for the airport and Ryanair have yet to deliver any significant boost as a result. Having said that, they don't have their summer 2013 schedule yet and the winter is hardly the time for big traffic boost however Ryanair's winter schedule at EMA seems slightly up on last year.

Has anybody heard anything, any rumours at all about Ryanair adding more capacity to East Midlands from next summer? Despite numerous airlines stepping in to fill the gap left by BmiBaby, its certain that not all capacity has been restored!

BOH 2nd Oct 2012 15:25

Does anyine know when the BOH routes will be released for next year?

SecondDog 2nd Oct 2012 15:58

Whats the latest on the FR BFS rumors? Any news on the discussions?

Narrow Runway 2nd Oct 2012 17:01

Reserved seating?
I think I am going nuts!

I'm looking to book GNB flights, but I thought you could pay to reserve seats on FR now? On this service, it seems only priority boarding is available.

Any ideas?

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