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Old 29th Nov 2012, 08:52
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Yet another money printing manoeuvre. Rather than include the OFT rules in the said admin fee, as it should be, they add yet another charge and will blame it on the government as it is outside their control. Economical with the truth PR. If it is so easy to add bits here and there to increase profit why can €0.50c not be added to give crews their first (decent) pay rise in 5 years? That would cost 10% of an annual profit, but could easily be funded by such a charge. Think how much the €2 volcano charge has made since inception a few years ago; with nothing paid out. €150m per year pumped into profit, but crew T's & C's reduce. Disgrace. With 75m pax each year they can just print money at will to fill their own pockets. Staggering.
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Old 29th Nov 2012, 09:56
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Despite widespread belief, the old 6 euro charge for credit card was nowhere near the largest one that is going around many airlines for a single flight for instance. With the average Ryanair fare around 50 euro, it only increases to 7 euro. for most people and if you pay with Maestro or Visa Debit it's still 6 euro.

Wizz have been charging 8 euro for a good while now per flight for a credit card fee. This means that all Ryanair fares that are under 100 euro per person per flight will continue to be cheaper than Wizz for a card charge. Debit card will remain identical to Ryanair. They're also now charging for standard cabin bags. True they include the card charge in the price, but they simply upped all fares by 8 euro to compensate.

Also last time I flew with Easyjet for a one way ticket for myself, I remember that I ended up paying something crazy such as 10 euro charge just for using a credit card, plus another 2.5% on top of the cost of the flight. A 50 euro single fare ended up paying over 11 euro surcharge just for one flight for one person.

I'm not trying to justify the increase as I think we'd all like to pay less for our flights, but my point is that this is being blown out of proportion by the media. But what is going to be an increase of roughly a euro or two at most on a flight is something I can live with. Having to join a club to get the lowest fares, or paying for a cabin bag is not something I'd prefer.

Competition Comparison
Fees and charges
list of service fees

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Another 5 aircraft freed up by reducing services at Madrid and Barcelona from March 30th next year. Ah yes, AENA's "unjustified" fee increases. Nothing like our own fees that we charge - just open a German bank account to avoid the added increase, well just until March 2013. After that we'll put up the fee for direct debit too.I wonder where they'll base the 5 aircraft? Better make sure they don't fly to back Spain again.
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But with Wizz Air you can avoid card fee althogether by depositing 300 eur or more to your Wizz Account (you then have to spend that in one year).
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I wonder where they'll base the 5 aircraft?
Good question. Actually they pretend to be disappointed in every move their partners do, no matter what country in question.

By the way, didn't Germany intend to lower its aviation tax? Elsewhere... Spain as mentioned above, Hungary boo, Finland no way, France out of question, Greece: too poor to pay, Ireland: fighting with DAA, UK - murmuring, Belgium... silence right now, Poland: promising something with no further implementation, Denmark: still too expensive - and so on. They do like Norway, but the market is limited there, do expand in Portugal, but far from Lisbon. So indeed, where to base these planes?
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But with Wizz Air you can avoid card fee althogether by depositing 300 eur or more to your Wizz Account (you then have to spend that in one year).
300 Euro? You are kidding? I wouldn't really call that avoiding the charge, seeing as you have to pay them 300 euro upfront, which I would not consider doing no matter who the airline is, and the majority of people who would use low cost airlines generally would balk at that.

I don't use Wizz so much these days, I used to use them quite a bit, but charging for standard size cabin luggage just to take a bag to last me long enough for a trip costs me 10 euro extra than Ryanair before you even take into account the fares. I used to use Wizz a lot more but some of the changes they've made in the last year have put me off.

Ryanair also tends to be a little cheaper for most fares, as they don't restrict them to people who have paid a membership fee like Wizz who want 30 euro for their discount club and frequently make low fares only possible to be purchased by such members and Ryanair tends to be more punctual and better in times of disruption.

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It is still the case that on some comparable routes the legacy carriers can be cheaper (bottom line) than LoCo's. I'm assuming you take a hold bag and a cabin bag. If you take sports equipment, often free or cheaper with legacy carriers, it will make a huge difference. A legacy carrier might mean a few shekels more, but the value can be much greater. I wonder how many pax do a thorough search or just assume that a comparison between the available LoCo's is enough.
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Ryanair Cuts Madrid By 35% Barcelona By 23% In Response To?
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I only check in a bag if I'm going to be away for 6-7 days or longer, if it's 5 days or less I will just take a cabin bag. This is not possible with Wizz anymore as I have to pay 10 euro to get any decent size of cabin bag on there, hence why I tend to use Ryanair more these days. I never take sports equipment and therefore legacy carriers are normally a good amount more expensive to me.

I'd say in my last 20 flights I've taken, they tend to average around 35-45 euro including all charges, some a bit more, some a bit less with the legacy carriers normally double that, my kind of flight usage means that Low cost airlines, in particularly Ryanair, always work out cheaper as I normally book the magic 4-6 weeks ahead when the lowest fares are available.

I used to use Aer Lingus when I went to Warsaw, which cost me just under 85 euro at the very cheapest including the handling fee, which was simply due to the fact that until July this year they had no competition. Thanks to Ryanair now flying to Modlin, it's possible to get flights with EI from around 60 euro. However I've paid for 4 flights with Ryanair since then and the most expensive has been 38 euro and have a range of different times, rather than the same time 7 days a week.
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Third new Ryanair route for Stansted already. Looking good for 2013 so far and hopefully many more new ones to come. I think if I remember correctly, there were 11 new ones for 2012 and only 3 were axed at Stansted.
Indeed, don't forget Lublin and Maastricht however which commence in December.

Is this due to an increase in capacity (either through a increase in STN / OPO based aircraft or via aircraft based elsewhere) or is it simply because other underperforming routes served by STN based aircraft have been culled / reduced instead ?

Went to Strasbourg (by train) several years ago - lovely place in the summer.
Last summer three B738's sat idle until Midday at Stansted so there is scope for new routes or increases to existing ones. Considering they had 41 based aircraft at Stansted last summer there's room for increasing the utilization of aircraft there.

London Stansted - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Porto - Tues, Thurs, Sat
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Regarding the Madrid and Barcelona cuts, remember that East Midlands, Liverpool and Manchester are all expanding next year where East Midlands and Manchester will certainly get an extra aircraft, not so sure about Liverpool so there's two. Budapest has some aircraft lost as well so there's even more "freed aircraft" but they may add a few more here and there in due course and would certainly expect another base or two (or three) by the time we get to April.

Talking about the UK airports. What is going to happen with the East Midlands and Leeds/Bradford routes to Barcelona? They have already been suspended for the winter however the list of route cancelations on the Ryanair website is listing routes that were axed during the winter season as well as those that will go at the end of March (eg. Gatwick-Madrid is listed as a summer route loss however it stopped flying a few months ago). Therefore I would guess that the numbers they are saying for routes losses etc. are compared to the summer 2012, not the winter 2012/2013 season we are now in. If that is the case, because East Midlands and Leeds are now not showing in that list, does that mean we can expect them to continue flying from March onwards?
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New destination:

Clermont-Ferrand. Two weekly flights both to Porto and Charleroi.

Source: Ryanair lança rota Porto – Clermont-Ferrand em abril 2013 | Low Cost Portugal
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Another new French destination:

Maastricht - Brive-la-Gaillarde (from April 2013): Twice weekly, Wednesday and Sunday

Already on the routemap and bookings are open.
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In a way impressive, a very... courageous solution. But how many pax will find a reason to travel from Maastricht to Brive-la-Gaillarde eagerly enough to make this twice weekly connection viable?
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Ryanair Cuts Madrid By 35% Barcelona By 23%
Ryanair terminated MAD-EIN already in May of this year, so old news in this Press Release. In fact, Transavia is going to continue this route as of February next year (4 times per week).

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I wonder where they'll base the 5 aircraft?
Someone on a Belgian forum "on the inside" believes some of those aircraft are on their way to Charleroi:
Luchtzak Aviation • View topic - Ryanair in 2012
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Treviso new base?

As per rumors inside the company (to be honest are several years of rumors...) it seems that TSF will became a base from spring.
Anyone has confirmation/updates?
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Rumour that expansion from EDI will be announced tomorrow and some news for PIK to.

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Believe 'expanction' should be 'expansion'
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It wasn't that long ago that MO'L was bitching about increased charges in EDI was it? What are the odds that any expansion at EDI is to step on EZY's toes?
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