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taxining time to and from t2 is around 15mins so how ryanair r going 2 get a 25min turn around is going 2 be the problem
As ''The96er'' stated, turnaround times are calculated chocks on time to chock off time.

Though from experience the only time taxiin at MAN has taken this long is during departures in the early morning summer runway queues/slots times etc. The average time it usually takes us after a roll-out on runway 23R to arriving on stand is 5-6 minutes max. Again ATC restrictions and aircraft in the way can slow it down but this can happen at any airport. If you have captain quick you could probably do it even faster!
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Ah memories.

Remember once having Cathay B744 on a tight slot for AMS. He called up abeam what was the red top, and I offered him Link Charlie for departure, which he duly accepted.

Spectacular departure taken on the roll, but was called down to the 4th floor before the end of shift. Apparently, whilst all who saw it were impressed, the poor guy driving a set of steps round Pier Alpha was less than happy.

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Nothing beats the memory of BA vc10's airborne before the old pier

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A good deal for all concerned...

Roverman - spot on!

MO'L said a few months ago that FR needed to change their business model and start flying from some 'main' airports as well as the 'alternatives'.

Despite the impact of the recession, airports such as MAN don't handle 18-19M pax without a reason. And ask yourself - why did FR retain the DUB schedule if they were so set against MAN?

Likewise, MAG would be daft not to try to fill its quietest slots with some traffic, but not at costs that might prejudice its core business.

In addition, competition on some of the 'sun' routes might lead some based carriers like LS, ZB, EZY etc to 'sharpen' their pencils somewhat. In my view, on some routes these Lo-Cos are Lo-Cos in name only. I mean, 250+ to Rome with LS?

So yes, welcome back FR. A mutually beneficial arrangement at the present time.

But even if the rumours of based aircraft are true, I think that the business at MAN is diverse enough (which is one of the biggest strong points) to resist the siren calls of lots of FR based aircraft operating with sod-all margins for the airport.

The question is, what reaction / response will be forthcoming from LS, ZB and EZY?

We live in interesting times...
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Following the liquid ban in 2006, Manchester Airport invited catering companies to tender for a permanent presence on the airfield to try and address the issues that airside workers had getting food and liquid through security. Willow Catering won the contract and have been on the Tower Road for over two years. Sadly they have now decided that their presence at the airport is no longer commercially viable and they will be removing their catering van this week.
Perhaps if they were not so expensive, and were open at a time when airside staff could actually USE the service, they would still be here. Not trying to be funny, but they didn't pitch up til about 0900 and shut up shop at around 1500. I remember the old staff-caf in T1 was open very early (around 0400 as I recall), and stayed open until a reasonable hour. Point being, if you were an early shift worker, you could fill your belly before your shift, or if you were on a late, you could actually eat your tea at... TEA time!

Why would I want to go to these lot, pay over the odds for crap food and drink, when I can bring my own food in, or go to Greggs and stop at Boots and get a drink (or drinks) at high street prices?

I reckon Willow catering was looking for a reason to pull the plug. All the staff travelled in from Liverpool as well as the stock. Could not have been making any money!
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LCC's or not, on a route such as Rome where there is no direct competition on that city pair, not to mention competition to Rome from anywhere within a 100 mile radius means they can charge higher fares. Simple supply and demand. Even LCC's play by this theory.
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Ryanair fly to Rome from Liverpool although it was suspended last October until March.
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Thumbs down MAN-MAD

Good to see at long last the restoration of the MAN-MAD route, however 'RYR', this route surely would be better suited to flybe or IB on double daily rotations for business, leisure and transit via MAD? E175 size a/c?
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Yes, I can't help feeling MAG management may have shot themselves in the foot on this one: with the BA/Iberia merger, the prospect of a MAN-MAD at 'proper' business schedules operates by Iberia or Air Nostrum under IB flight numbers (or even, perhaps, BA Cityflyer?) has got to be much closer than ever. Sure, it may take another 6-18 months for BA and Iberia to get their act in gear in this respect...but will the presence of Ryanair firmly close the door on this one?

Methinks this smacks a bit of MAG trying to bring in capacity at almost any cost (although I appreciate that, commercially, there will inevitably be a great deal more to it than that)...but for the sake of waiting a bit longer (when you're probably going to earn next to nothing from the FR operation anyway)...what would any of us really rather see: a once daily loco flight turning up at odd times or a decent nightstopper or double daily Iberia-marketed service with a raft of online connections possible?

Who is to say - it could all turn out very differently, of course, but there could be a fair amount of egg on face on the day that Iberia/BA announce 'feeder' services from EDI and/or BHX to MAD and Manchester is left out..
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Very much doubt that would happen as it is a very different market aimed at connecting
up with LH flights and business men

Ian B
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Iberia have dipped their toe in & out of MAN-MAD & couldn't make it work even with a CRJ. I don't think BA / IB have any interest in connecting any of the regions with MAD. They could have done that before, the tie up with BA does not make it any more likely.
A solitary RYR flight that does not arrive into MAD until 2225 would not impact in that kind of market.
I won't be using any RYR service, but good luck to those who do want this kind of operation.
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I think EZY/IB would be best suited to the MAN-MAD route
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the prospect of a MAN-MAD at 'proper' business schedules operates by Iberia or Air Nostrum under IB flight numbers
The market hasn't supported MAN-MAD in sufficient numbers in the past at the prices required to make this viable. Are you really turning your nose up at a new direct city to city at available a decent price on a new B737-800 in favour of a more expenisve option on a smaller aircraft? Now I know the second one is more business friendly but it hasn't panned out in the past. Any port in a storm?
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I note that the most commonly held misconception regarding the definition of "low-cost carrier" has resurfaced again on this thread (reference apparently expensive fares to Rome etc.).

The term "Low Cost" [airline] actually refers to the corporate cost base of the company. Think in terms of an investor or an accountant examining the company balance sheet. Ideally, a LCC can maintain profits in markets where margins are thin based on keeping its cost base (outgoings) to a minimum. In this case, the term "low cost" does NOT refer to what the passengers pay in terms of their fares. The "low cost" term has over time come to be misunderstood and misrepresented by the media, and for obvious reasons the airlines affected are in no hurry to set the record straight. If the punters mistakenly *assume* that Airline X is going to give them the cheapest possible deal, why would the company disabuse them of that notion?

What the customers actually experience is a "No Frills Carrier"; ie. a very basic level of service throughout their interaction with the company. The "no frills" experience is the key mechanism by which airline companies can reign in their costs and (hopefully) return a profit as a result. Note that LCC's use yield management techniques to maximize income from fares just like any other airline. When booking with one of these companies, you may indeed find a bargain deal. But conversely, you may also pay a surprisingly high fare if you book late on a popular route with limited capacity.

Please note that I am not criticizing this business model in any way; it works and has a legitimate niche in the market. However, I do think that it is beneficial for customers to realize that there is no automatic link between a 'low cost airline' and a 'low fare'. Try to dissociate the two concepts in your own mind when booking a journey. Low costs are what the airline enjoys; no frills is what the customers experience. The fare is another matter entirely!

Good bargain hunting and happy travels to all! SHED.
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However, I do think that it is beneficial for customers to realize that there is no automatic link between a 'low cost airline' and a 'low fare'.
Specifically with Ryanair and not easyJet though, if you look at the mean, median and mode fares, I bet there is.....
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Skipness - Ryanair may indeed offer more 'bargain' fare deals than other carriers. But there is still no *automatic* link to a low fare in a specific transaction. It is not safe for a customer to assume that a bargain tariff is assured with RYR or any other LCC. Regards. SHED.
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No that's true, they do have a powerfully low cost base though. I too have been on the end of a heftilly priced last minute need for an FR seat....
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However, I do think that it is beneficial for customers to realize that there is no automatic link between a 'low cost airline' and a 'low fare'.
Air Berlin is a great preacher of this.
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Pick almost any date for MAN-LIS and you will get a much better deal with TAP Air Portugal than the " low cost" airline BMI Baby (esp if you have bags to check in !)
Like any other transaction shop around, & like Shed says never assume a LCC is always the best option.
Having mentioned TAP, I wonder if they are going to give the route any publicity ? Seen very little info about the route apart from the MA web site.
With TAPs South American network it also weakens the case for a BA/IB Madrid service, more so than the RYR flight.(IMHO)
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you clearly haven't been seen the Manchester Evening News. TP have been advertising most nights I have seen it recently, and I understand they have some space on buses in the Manchester area. TP, I have been told, are also pronoting the route to Manchester in Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and Morocco. The connections to Sao Paulo are particularly good, so I expect it to be a winner for Brazil traffic too.
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