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FR?. Promising? Hmmm.....'promises' with FR tend to be of the broken variety. MAN would do well to avoid. Harps which appear on the tails of aeroplanes are not played by angels.
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FR - Maybe the time and the place

Ok, FR isn't everyone's cup of tea.

But what I hear arrivals will be late am / early pm from FR Euro bases when things are quiet.

Better some traffic at these times, even though the actual fees maybe be close to zip.

Better also pax in the terminals during quiet periods with the chance that they'll spend some dosh than no pax at all and no chance of any spend.

And unlike many other UK airports, MAN will never be beholden to the Lo-co's like FR, ABB and EZY. Its strength is its diversity of customers.

Also, the re-emergence of FR at MAN might make others such as ZB and LS sharpen their pencils a little of the Med routes.
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Ryanaor will continue growing, the rumours of ordering up to 300 aircraft being a prime example.

I think people will have to get used to seeing FR more at the likes of LGW and MAN. I also feel that MOL knows already that there is only so much expansion one can make from smaller airports and they will have to cough up the higher fees.

FR can be good for MAN. As long as they abide by the rules and it's likely as the airline matures, in more than one sense of the word, it will.
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FR are dropping 4 of the routes they only started in November at the end of March and are reducing other ones.

FR are not happy at MAN. Part of the reduction is DUB flights was because of airport charges in DUB but airport charges in MAN played a part to. The reduced flights will continue until end of October 2011.

It would be stupid for MAN to let FR in as they would put pressure on easyjet, jet2 and bmibaby. MAN has enough low cost carriers.
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On what grounds would it be 'stupid?'

A very valid point is made above about them moving into quieter time slots which will be of benefit to the airport for reasons laid out.

The reason DUB stayed on the boards was because it was extremely lucrative for the airline. Short flight, high demand, higher than average fares as well good on board sales. The reason they have dropped on frequency, as well as at a number of other UK airports is to do with charges at airports and both governments. Ryanair aren't a charity. They find profitable routes and maximise them.

You could argue that they could increase their fares but remember their business model. They've got to remain cheap - their business model and reputation demands it.

FR would be healthy competition for MAN passengers. We live in a democracy with a western capitalist ideology - we're not Beijing.
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I totally agree with Jamie, when Ryanair operate a route they do not want competition
they therefore lower the rates till the other airline pulls out and then the slightest hint
of the airport/Government putting charges up they are off leaving nobody on route
often never to operated again. Manchester/BHX etc only need airlines that are willing to play on a level playing field.

Ian B
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Lots of this FR chat is irrelevant. Airports are licenced and have to accept airlines unless they are capacity constrained. What deters FR is the fact that they cannot any longer pay peanuts and will be granted no exemption from published charges. If they are willing to pay the going rate they will be back should they wish.
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whats this ryanair thing about...are they coming back?
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Hope not!!!

Ian B
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Cool CX summer 2011 schedules

CX summer 2011 schedules have been published, neither MAN or ZRH on it, guess you'll have to wait another 6 months for the winter 2011/12 schedules.
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It has never been suggested for this summer all I have heard was for late October
therefore winter season

Ian B
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According to a post by seljuk22 on the BMI thread.
BMI will replace Swiss on the MAN-BSL x 5 weekly with A319.

This is in addition to the reported replacement of LH on the MAN-FRA.
& the down sizing of the MAN-LHR route.

Seen no official BMI announcements on any of the above yet.

Wonder what's next? Wolfgang has been busy.
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also on bmi thread that london/manchester to basel has now been officially confirmed???????????????????
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"also on bmi thread that london/manchester to basel has now been officially confirmed??????????????????? "

Edited for stupidity:

You mean MAN-BSL as an A319?

Yes. I though not originally.

But from Summer Season 2011 it becomes a Mon-Fri BMI aircraft LX4430 and Saturday a Swiss Jumbolino LX378.

More infos here

"SWISS to substantially expand services from Basel together with bmi"
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A change in Ryanair diversion alternate policy?

3 LPL diverts to MAN rather than the usual LBA/EMA.
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is this RyanAirs other way of trying to get back into Manchester?? moving their diverts from EMA/LBA to MAN....
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An EZY flight bound for MAN today had to divert to BFS.
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3 LPL diverts to MAN rather than the usual LBA/EMA.
2 Ryanair a/c have diverted from EMA, don't know where to though.
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The main reason for the MAN diverts with FR today were because most FR diverts from Liverpool are normally in the evening or night when the aircrafts are returning to Liverpool but as FR are operateing a number of flights from MAN today it is quicker to bus passengers to MAN rather than Leeds etc.
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This is lifted from the Birmingham thread.

Perish the thought that somebody comes up with some joined up thinking where there is a formula that puts the planes where the demand exists.............. ie Manchester

19 January 2011
Bosses at Birmingham Airport have backed calls from London Mayor, Boris Johnson, to realise the potential of existing airports to ease the burden of constrained capacity at Heathrow.
Mr Johnson, speaking on Tuesday (18th January), cited the growing problem of limited capacity in and around the capital and called for boldness in addressing the issue. One of the proposed solutions is tapping into the vast potential of Birmingham as an alternative to airports in the south-east, which would be even more logical when Birmingham Airport is linked to High Speed Rail.
Birmingham Airport (amongst other major regional Airports) is a Strategic National Asset which, with emerging Government thinking, can easily form part of the solution to the over-heated south-east. There is spare capacity at Birmingham - enough capacity to take another nine million passengers immediately – and more than another 21 million passengers in future years, as it improves its capability with a modest runway extension, for which Planning Consent has already been given.

This spare capacity, allied with High-Speed 2, which will bring Birmingham within 38 minutes of the capital – or position Birmingham in ‘Zone 4’ of the Underground map - negate the need for further expansion elsewhere. Even now Euston is only 70 minutes from Birmingham Airport and many in the south-east can probably get to Birmingham as quickly as they could reach Heathrow's check-in desks. Significantly, the Mayor singled out the future connectivity of the Midlands as a key factor in meeting the growing demand for aviation.
Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport’s Chief Executive, said, “The government has already decided against airport expansion elsewhere and has indicated that existing spare capacity should be utilised. A more efficient use of regional airports, linked to High-Speed Rail, will ensure that opportunities and created across the UK, rather than draw jobs out of the regions and deliver them to the south-east.
“In these difficult times it makes sense to use and sensibly improve the assets that you have, rather than building whole new runways and demolishing whole villages. Those days are over.
“Aviation has its part to play in an integrated transport system, and rail must play a part in distributing the demand for International Gateways, to airports that have capacity. Birmingham is a prime example as it is just over an hour from London.
“Birmingham Airport is a vital yet underused piece of National strategic infrastructure. It is already the Midlands' premier international gateway.”

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