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Sorry for being a complete idiot, but is that Air Berlin?
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I think he means Thomas Cook Holidays will be taking allocation of seats on ZB flights (Monarch Schedule) next summer.
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Here's the break down of the CAA's August 2012 passenger stats for Leeds-Bradford

1/ LBA figures for the month of August 2012 are up by 5.3% over the same month last year 2011. 2/ LBA had a total of 386,275 passengers passing through the terminal in August 2012, 3/ The year rolling total passenger numbers for LBA now stands at 2,961,831

This is truly fantastic news for the airport and based on next summer's planned growth by Jet2, Monarch, Thomson & British Airways I think August 2013 pax figures should be in the 400,000 mark. Also it looks as though LBA is going to hit the magic rolling year figure of 3 million pax within the next 6 to 12 months one would think.
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In the current market I would agree this is pretty impressive.

Of course it looks slightly less fantastic if you take into account that Bridgepoint anticipated 5 million pax within 5 years which would be about now!
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When Bridgepoint bought Leeds Bradford Airport in 2007 the world economies were in a totally different position compared with the present economic climate.Lots of families can no longer afford the costs of flying.Look at the CAA Statistics and see the number of airports that are losing passengers through their terminals.I bet they wished that they were in the same position as Leeds Bradford.The LBA has continued to increase passenger numbers virtually every month.The 3 million mark will soon be reached, so as LBIA states it is fantastic news.
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LBIA, I work out that capacity increases next year should add an extra 0.6 million passengers through the terminal? If so then the August 2013 figures should far exceed 400,000.

Is there a possibility of more from easyjet in the next few years?

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Easy seem happier with MAN and LPL.

But if things go well, then you may well see lots more from Monarch.
Good solid reliable work and they pay their service companies more than Easy.
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Whats happened the the LS252 from FAO. I was walking home from the shops in Bramley and saw it climbing. The landing gear had already been retracted.
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From the Airport website -

Easy when you look in the right place.
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It only said diverted when I last looked. Anyone know why it was diverted?

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The LS252 from Faro operated by Boeing 737-300, G-CELB this afternoon declared a PAN emergency with "asymmetrical flaps" problem whilst it was on finals to Leeds-Bradford

It diverted to Manchester as it needed the extra runway length to stop due to been heavy, It landed fairly fast with the nose high.
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Can't book a flight from LBA to EXT next month so I emailed FLYBE who said the route is being dropped at the end of this month!

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All quiet here. Any news on the PIA B777s? Rumours and denials on other threads about PIA ending Manchester. If true would they continue Leeds? Will the new BA service to Heathrow have any effect?
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PK are not ending MAN. If they did, there is no way LBA would continue. The A310 is not going out full, so unless its belly heavy with lucrative cargo, id be surprised to see a 777. The A310's are not long for this world.
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Well all the ground handling equipment has now arrived at LBA so to be able to handle the B772 if and when they do decide to start op's with it. Iíve been told this could happen once PIA take delivery of 2x B773 which are been leased on 5 years deal later this year. Which in turn will release a B772ís to operate the LBA-ISB route.

Regarding the drop in pax figures on the route recently. I think you'll find this tends happen every year around this time due to the religious festivals of Ramadan, Eid & Hajj.
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Anybody been following Mr Parkin's role in the Newcastle airport Vs Eversheds court case?
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The NIA v Eversheds case is reported on BAILII:

Newcastle International Airport Ltd (NIAL) v Eversheds LLP [2012] EWHC 2648 (Ch) (02 October 2012)
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The CAA September 2012 provisional passenger figures for Leeds-Bradford have been released today and I've got to say that they look quite good, yet again.

A total off 336,907 pax passed through LBA which is +2.8 on same month last year.
The year rolling pax fig now stands at 2,970,842 which is also +0.6%.

So that's only 29,158 short of 3 million which I think is closest it has ever been to hitting that target. So with Monarch, British Airways & Thomson all starting new routes and services along with extra flights been added by Jet2 and maybe Ryanair next summer surely LBA will hit the 3 million mark very soon?

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Leeds poised for Doha link with Qatar???

Routes News - Going for gold
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Good news for Leeds if it happens
However is Leeds not too close to there operation at Manchester??
Would it not work better at ncl or edi?
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