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Try and construct a formula using these terms: 'cost of flight', 'cost of accomodation', 'cost of fags', and 'flight time', and you'll see why I suspect customs like the Girona flight
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Your description sounds more like HM Customs rather than LBA Security.
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I see that Ryanair have 2 ALC flights into LBA today. Is this just a one off for the Easter holidays? Anybody any idea how the loads are after the 1st week? Would be intresting to know how many pax were on the French routes.
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One diverted from Durham earlier due to poor visibility.
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I've just been looking at the arrivals page for Antalya airport to see what time the Thomas Cook will be there from LBA and it's showing that the flight is inbound from YEADON. Correct of course but not many in Turkey will know where the hell Yeadon is!
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How have been the loads on the new Ryanair flights? What are the best and worse performing routes?
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LBA Night Flight Breaches

Councillors to discuss Leeds Bradford Airport night flight breaches

Councillors will this week consider a report which details 32 breaches of planning rules over noisy night-time flying at Leeds Bradford Airport, the Guardian reports. A late-running Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight to Islamabad is to blame for all of the breaches, disturbing residents in neighbouring Aireborough, Horsforth and beyond. The flight is scheduled to arrive at 19:25 and depart at 21:00, two hours before the airport's 23:00 cut off time.
Councillors will discuss a report at the West Planning meeting on Thursday, which shows that between November 2007 and October 2008, 15 flights breached planning consent; between November 2008 until October 2009 there were 10 flights; and from November 2009 until February 2010 there were 7.
The report said: ĎThe airport has encountered a few problems with the PIA flight that were beyond its control, such as the late arrival of the aircraft, technical problems and security incidents.í Other issues, such as bad weather, had also led to late departures.
The airport says it has plans in place to deal with the problem. The airline to bring the departure time of the flight forward, there will be fewer departures and it will also use a quieter type of aircraft. Councillors are expected to request an update and firm timescale on the initiatives from the airport.
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PIA needs to act upon this asap, though its occuring quite alot these days that the flights are arriving and departing late
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Volcanic Ash Disruption

I see Jet2,Flybe and Bmi have all cancelled flights this morning,only Ryanair got away so far.

Looks like it could be a busy day for airport staff.

Seems Scottish airports,Newcastle,Manchester also affected so far.
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Southampton is also closed.
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Ash Disruption.

All Jet2 flights are cancelled tomorrow as well as Ryanair have cancelled all flights until monday afternoon.
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A prop plane around the runway 32 area. It came over the house just wodering what it was doing. Wouldnt ask if it wasnt closed, so i am kinda confused. It would be coming from Eccup on a VFR although it seems a bit bigger then a PA28 or Cessna, but smaller then a Dash 8Q400 or simliar size.
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I believe it was a Dash 8.300, it visited EMA yesterday evening, when they were doing a live news report saying no planes were landing or taking off, and in the background, it landed
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HAHA, "there is no planes landing" *loud noise of reverse thrust* LOL!

So i am guessing its checking the ash distripution !?
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It was asked on here last week how Ryanair were doing at LBA, with the ash chaos I never got round to answering but now things are back to normal Iíll fill everyone in with how itís going at LBA.

After the big launch in March everything started very well, on the first day some flights were full, some had only a handful of passengers on i.e.
Krakow and Knock had less than 40 on, however that was the first flights.

The launch was convenient for the start of the Easter holidays and naturally the outbound flights were relatively full. AGP, PMI, CCF, NTE, LIG, MPL, ALC, MJV & FAO were all booked at around 170 for the first few weeks, the others such as KRK, GRO, TSF & PSA were less popular with around 150 booked, and NOC was averaging around 80 or 90. In comparison to Jet2, similar load factors however I don't think on any occasion Ryanair had a completely full flight whereas Jet2 often had 148 and 229 on 733's and 75's respectively on the usual routes.

The last week of Easter saw Ryanairs figures fall quite a lot, PMI was averaging about 100 and
Treviso around 80. The French routes were all pretty low too at around the 110 mark. The booked figures for last week were roughly the same around the 100 mark with the exceptions being Malaga, Murcia, Alicante and Faro all with around 140/150 booked. In comparison to Jet2 a lot lower load factor, Jet2's 757's on the usual Spanish routes have not gone out with less than 210 on.

Today was the first day of relative normall-ness at LBA, Jet2's all at 100% capacity as well as extra flights with the exception of AMS and BFS with around 100 on. Ryanair not so busy with only 40 on the Venice Treviso, around 80 on the
Pisa and 100 on the Krakow. Malta and Malaga however were both booked in excess of 170 passengers.

Surprisingly it has been a real mix so far for Ryanair, I and most at LBA were under the impression Ryanair's were always going to be full, however this is clearly not the case.
Dublin consistently around 150/160 on each flight. As expected Jet2 Spanish flights all packed, the NCE, BGY, FCO and VCE all seeing very good loads of around 130/140 on each flight, I personally thought Jet2 were going to suffer on the Venice flights, however it appears so far that Marco Polo and Jet2 are more favourable than Ryanair and Treviso.

Having spoken to lots of Ryanair passengers over the last few weeks, a lot have never flown from LBA before, but use Ryanair regularly from EMA, but with LBA being more convenient fly from here now. Check-in for the Ryanair flights is very amusing to watch as there are often 20-25 minute queues as they only pay for one desk, and on a typical
Malaga over 120 hold bags to be dropped off. Feedback is mixed from passengers and staff, the majority of the FR pax know what to expect and a lot have never flown from LBA and don't realise Jet2 fly to all the destinations Ryanair do. Feedback from a lot of the Jet2 passengers is not what I expected at all, a lot do not want to fly with Ryanair despite how cheap they are. This is reflected in the bookings which are up on last year for J2.

Ryanair have had a huge PR blunder over the ash debacle, by not putting on any 'rescue' flights from LBA, Jet2 took advantage and actually placed excess coaches and flights into LBA, which carried a decent number of Ryanair passengers who have forked out themselves to get on the Jet2 flights/coaches. It was sad to see them as a lot of people arriving back to LBA yesterday and today on the Jet2 transport (some originally destined for LGW, BFS, STN, BRS - non Jet2 flights) were very critical of Ryanair, easyJet and Monarch who provided no transport for them and a distinct lack of information. They were very tired and several non Jet2 passengers make it clear that had they not have gone onto the Jet2 website they most likely would still be stuck abroad as they have had no contact from Ryanair. Of course the Jet2 passengers are to be refunded the cost of booking the extra flights put on but non Jet2 passengers will not.

I think a lot of people thought that Ryanair coming into LBA was going to have a dramatic effect on the airport, in particular Jet2. So far this seems not to have happened, and in all honesty any Ryanair flight that is not on a promotion are actually very similar prices to Jet2, and I guess surprisingly the Yorkshire folk are willing to fork out a few more quid to fly with a superior airline. Interesting times ahead.
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A very interesting post, Righrhandrule.

Yesterday, two friends travelled ex Alicante with Jet2 as their carrier - BMI - could offer nothing until 1st May.

It is interesting to read that people from outside the Yorkshire catchment area travelled on the Jet2 coaches etc.

As for Venice, then for me it is a non starter - VCE it is without doubt, but for visiting other locations in Italy, then Treviso does have some advantages.
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Well informed

Crikey righthandrule, you're on the ball!

Wonder if just a slow start-up and better months ahead???
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Not apples and apples is it? which use aircraft had no choice but to get aircraft out there early and start shipping people back, it was costing a fortune in hotel & meals , not an expense that Ryanair will incur.

We all know what Ryanair's customer service or lack of is like so no surprises there. What will be interesting is what the peak months are like.

I know of no airline who have enjoyed a monopoly where Ryanair have then moved in and have not lost out to them, time will tell, for many Yorkshire folk it will be the first time they have used Ryanair and the word will get round that its not as bad as some on here would have you believe.

Jet2 have only one advantage that i can see and that is luggage allowances, their seat booking system is a con, the aircraft are old and slow (nearly 20 mins against Ryanair on a AGP)

I wish Jet2 well and there are enough anything but Ryanair peeps out there to keep them busy
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Following the volcanic activity the good news is PIA will operate a 777-300 on the PK775/6. The bad news is that is to operate through MAN not LBA.
I understand lots of effort was made to secure a 777-200 operation which could have gone thru LBA but it was not to be.
The next A310 operation into LBA will be on 12th May.
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This stinks! First they reduce from 3 to 2 a week with the other flight on Monday going and hey presto Man gain an ISB on a Monday. Now this! Has Man done a deal with PIA to try and get them back? Remember they only came into LBA after Shaheen started to op ex LBA and the Man pax figures on the ISB dropped dramaticly on the days Shaheen operated. Why not op the A310 as normal ex LBA and/or put the Mon flight back on, or transfer any extra backlog pax on to the Man flights?
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