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Flybe have announced that they are adding a 5th daily flight on its Belfast City to Leeds/Bradford service commencing from July 4th.
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Understand Flybe to announce a new route from Leeds/Bradford to Newquay sometime today.
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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
'New' route for 2017 from LBA to Faro with Thomson. Adding to frequent flights by FR, LS and ZB. Connecting Yorkshire with the world. It's just a massive failure to realise potential caused by incorrect location.
The location of Leeds Airport works for me ! I can walk to my light aircraft, watch all the departures and arrivals from my conservatory and costs it me 3 for a cab to the terminal and whilst it is on a hill if we get the landing distances sorted the foggy days would be less of a problem leaving us with an un fixable windy day problem only.
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The problem on 14 is the glidepath angle is too steep for an autoland and the odd radalt characteristics on the approach don't help either.
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FR announced winter schedule some weeks ago
Welcome to Ryanair!
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LBIA will soon be swallowed up by our neighbours at Doncaster Robin Hood!! thats if this article in the Yorkshire Post is anything to go by!!
The view from Steel City: The saga of one airport?s road to prosperity - Yorkshire Post
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1.3m from a standing start is pretty good !

I don't know the local politics but long term I reckon this is a good shout!
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The catchment argument is very flawed. A short journey to the airport will influence, but price and availability will prevail. Yorkshire people will happily travel to BHX, NCL, LPL, EMA & MAN if the price is right, and chosen flight destination is available on their preferred date of departure. If the three airlines providing the destinations and availability at LBA chose to move to DSA, LBA would have less passengers than DSA. Airport incentives to the airlines will dictate which will sustain existing services or promote further growth.
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G-FORZ, I fail to see how catchment area is irrelevant. The reason LBA is relatively successful is due to the large population on its doorstep. That is also the reason why the airports you mention can offer cheaper seats, as they have access to large markets so they can be flooded with seats with a better yield. If you believe that other airports haven't tried to 'poach' the incumbents at LBA by offering incentives then you will be mistaken.

Airports can offer all kinds of incentives, but it's up to the public to use the services, or they'll be gone. It's that simple.

Where I completely disagree with Leeds Approach is the constant argument for a new Yorkshire airport, and closure of the others. This simply will not happen, and it's up to the punters to vote with their feet.

I feel LBA will always be ahead of the game in Yorkshire, perceived accessibility issues, and poor weather record considered. It's got to be where the money's at. Access to DSA has vastly improved, but then it is fighting with MAN LBA and EMA for passengers, is it really a viable alternative for the high volume carriers? Those places serve far larger - and generally wealthier - immediate populations...

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leeds 5

leeds approach

i would love to know the 2 airports that pay passengers to fly from?? i use both LBA and doncaster and no one has paid me anything.
i have no problem as a passenger with either airport.
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jet2 to start Berlin from 25th November
Berlin is Back! |
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Jet2 seem to like the place
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As you well know, Thomsons for some reason regularly divert to MAN when it suits them and its often convenient to blame Leeds weather. The event you are alluding to has a bit of a hole in Thomson`s (and yours) argument. The aircraft ahead and the one behind it managed to land there without problem. The question you could pose is why did Thomsons inconvenience their passengers and not for the first time..
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What you will find is that ALL airlines do things 'that suits them'
Like continuing to operate from Leeds, despite the odd weather issue?
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Most likely that the Thomson aircraft & crew combination were not certified for the approach required and the following aircraft was. There may also me differences in minima, which allowed the following aircraft to land.

It's not a conspiracy. It's not operationally easier to have aircraft on one side of the Pennines and passengers on the other. It's costly for the airline, to shuffle aircraft, passengers and crew around. The captain made a call that he/she couldn't safely get into LBA on that occasion, or was limited by minima. It happens at every airport, everywhere. The only airline that never diverted is the airline that never flew.
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Here we go again

I don't want Yorkshire air transport to be near the bottom of the league I want it to be pushing the top of the league
How are you going to manage that? Let me guess, build a new airport in a better location maybe? How do you pay for that? Because...

...that costs money and somebody has to pay (either directly or indirectly). Guess who it is?
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Paid for through taxes? So you want to pay for a new facility with public money to compete with existing private operations? Are you a lawyer??

If it is a private project how will it be paid for? Increased charges to airlines? They may save a bit through efficiency gains from fewer diversions, but I would have thought not enough to cover the extra charges required.

Surely the cost of paying for a new airport will...

....reduce the profitability and that is exactly why some routes end prematurely and many are never started. It also affects the fare price and hence the demand.
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I accept the point that LBA has many physical limitations, both the airfield and the terminal building are sub-optimal. I accept that the region shouldn't be settling for sub-optimal, but the decision to move to Leeds East cant be seen in isolation. Leeds East is not well located for the West Yorkshire region as a whole (its too far east for Huddersfied, Halifax and Bradford - risking leakage to MAN), the weather isn't a lot better, the runway is short, has no ILS capability and there no surface links (but installation would be relatively easy). Essentially, LEA would be a brand new airport - which could be sorted out IF the airport weren't privatised, or LEA were owned by Bridgepoint, IF the government weren't hellbent on underfunding all infrastructure and public service in the country and IF you ignore the 25 million passenger a year neighbour, well connected to the region by road and rail, with services across the UK, Europe, massive growth to North America and now Asia. MAN is about to commence its own transformation project which will make it even more attractive to airlines and passengers.

I don't get your point about ORK. ORK is also an airfield with similar typography, weather and crosswind problems. Even worse its a Cat II airfield, with little hope of ever becoming Cat III due to the typography. ORK feels similarly hamstrung by limitations around the airfield, runway sruface and length. So, although the terminal is far superior to LBA, the airfield itself still has its share of issues and there are numerous diversions to Shannon and Dublin each year - winter and summer. Yes, there is a risk that "my" LBA-ORK may become MAN-SNN on a given day.

LBA and ORK are similar in many ways, both have heavyweight neighbours. Both have to accept their role is supportive, allowing major markets to access the regions by air, with smaller aircraft, less frequently. They also allow the region to reach popular destinations, often the "bucket and spade" market. As bad as things may appear, there are neighbors who are worse off. Waterford and HUY spring to mind.
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Leeds Approach. You keep banging on about LBA short runway."a runway extension only half of which can be used for landing"
You do realise that in general aircraft need much less runway to land than to take off I assume? 5900ft is suffice for most aircraft. As for Thompson they seem to have higher minimas than say Jet2 and Ryanair whilst using the same aircraft. That is not LBAs fault there is a CAT3 ILS though only CAT1 on 14. You constantly belittle LBA for being on a hill. Have you ever looked at LTN or BRS? They seem to do ok as does LBA. Why dont you just stump up the Millions needed to upgrade Leeds East and make its runway as long as LBA then maybe see if you can move the main conurbations in Yorkshire a little closer....
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Oh boy..LBA is not 6400ft it's 2250m or 7380ft. I'm sorry I must be simple, how is it LBAs fault that TOM use different Minima on their 738s to both Jet2 and Ryanair? The aircraft is certified to a CAT3 limit by Boeing if TOM decide not to use the lowest minimas available whereas others do how can the airport do anything??
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