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Lets make a start...

Does any one know what is happening to the car parks at the front of the terminal?
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 23:58
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Not entireley, But the drop - off point is a shambles.

It has caused alot more congestion since it was introduced into the short stay car park.

They could do with a multi - storey on the site.

Apologies for the 'Thread Drift' on Leeds 4.
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Old 18th Aug 2008, 05:10
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According to the blurb on the airport website it is access improvements.

First phase is better access for buses,airport shuttle,and designated Arrow taxi rank.

Anything will be a vast improvement to what we have currently!.
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Old 18th Aug 2008, 09:59
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The drop off area is like an assault course at the moment but if you look down from the terminal top floor you can see it will be a big improvement.
I flew yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.
I will avoid this flight time in future.
The queue to central screening went back into Hall B!
If the snake barriers were not there it would have probably reached Yeadon Town St.I forgot to arrange my fast track screening.
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Old 21st Aug 2008, 20:11
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So our service to LHR is to be in the hands of ERJs from the autumn. This is like going back to the dark days of the Viscounts, and even then I think they operated 5 returns daily.
Why do we have such a pathetic service when Manchester has more frequent flights/larger aircraft/more than one London airport served? They have a very good train service which is similar to ours (for passengers just travelling to London), and far more international flights (reducing the need for passengers to travel to London to interline).

On a different note, with Jet2 concentrating on bucket and spade routes, I am surprised that they have not introduced NAP, I'd have thought that Sorrento and Amalfi would be far more popular with the Brits than Sardinia.

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To make matters worse, I hear that the Manchester-Euston service is to run every 20 minutes. Surely there must be prune back due on MAN-LHR somewhere. With Singapore and Emirates in, that's pretty much the Middle and Far East covered. Contie, Delta, AA, BMI, Air Transat etc go across the pond. Why does MAN need so many flights to LHR????

Flack jacket ready!!
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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 08:41
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Dark days ? Glory days for me. How dare you knock the Viscounts. I loved them ! Northeast, BA and BMA. They seated more than the Embraer as well, mind you I don't know what the pax figures and yield were like in the 70s and 80s.

I do, however, agree that it's a bit dismal using an Embraer instead of an Airbus for Heathrow. Sign of the times I guess. Good luck to the Airbus crews at LBA for a decent, and hopefully temporary, relocation.
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Certainly nothing wrong with the jungle jets, fine little aircraft in my experience, if the loads will fit on them then it makes sense. I'm still amazed that Star Alliance haven't got a feeder in to FRA, perfect for an ERJ.
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On the much abused Leeds thread there was rumour last year that BMI might drop the LHR route and either use the slots for more profitable routes or sell them.

Its better to have Embraers than nothing at all.

Interlining aside I can't imagine why anybody would put themselves through the miserable LBA-LHR experience rather than catch the train.
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Hi All,

Can any wise LBA people tell me who "Interserve Plc" are?

Looking at their website, it seems to me that they are one of those businesses that do very 'big' grown up stuff and makes a lot of money, but no-one quite understands what they do.

Are they contracted cleaners/maintenance people? But then why do they need some passenger service assistants? <-- I don't get it!

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Old 22nd Aug 2008, 12:19
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According to their website they are a services,maintenance,building group.

Through my job I have had dealings with them building a new school in Leeds.

I think they have their fingers in many pies.I have seen a job vacancy for them,cleaning area supervisor.

If they are wanting passenger service assistants at LBA,it could be cleaners,but I may be wrong!.
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LBA /Manchester - London

Yeadon Dam, you heard right about Manchester to London trains. Virgin Trains are to introduce a 20 minute VHF service from Euston to both Manchester and Birmingham.
However, in preparation for this there have been major engineering works - and some serious infrastructure problems - which have seriously impaired performance over the West Coast Main Line (WCML) over the past few months. And, according to a report in the Manchester Evening News, air traffic between the two cities has seen a recent upturn with the LCY route seeing the most significant increase. This, of course, may just be a temporary revival and passengers may return to the rails once the WCML problems are ironed out and the VHF service is introduced.

As for Manchester's links with LHR being superior to LBA's - well I don't know if there's a precise reason. Manchester has a larger catchment population and the northwest is more densely populated. Maybe there is a bigger business travel market to/from Manchester. But , again, I think that the railways have played their part. The East Coast Main Line (ECML), linking Leeds with Kings Cross, became a 125 mph railway in 1977 and for nearly three decades was far superior to the WCML. The typical Manchester to Euston journey time, prior to the introduction of Pendolino trains in 2004, was an unattractive 2 hrs 45. Only in recent years has Manchester been able to boast of a rail connection with London that could stand comparison with that from Leeds. In all those preceding years ( decades !), many business travellers have seen air as the best option and the railways have still got a lot of business to win from the airlines. East of the Pennines, the train has for many people been the most attractive option and for a long time too.
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Interserve at LBA provide a cleaning service and additionally the wheelchair service, hence the need for passenger service agents. They won the role from Servisair when the contract was tendered under the new EU regs earler this year.
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Thanks ,

I didn't quite get what they were doing in there - but now I know!

Might apply for a job with them then.

Thanks again,

Oh! And Leeds to Dubrovnik announced by Jet2.
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Jet2 to Dubrovnik

Announced for Summer '09, Sundays. I wonder whether they've managed to sell a seat allocation to any Croatia specialist operators?
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Nice to see Jet2 adding some new destinations from LBA,Larnaca and Dubrovnik for starters.

I appreciate they are only once a week,probably tied in with Jet2holidays,but at least its somewhere different.

I wonder if there are anymore surprises to come?.I would like to see them introduce flights to Eastern Europe,given that the eurozone is not cheap anymore,your money goes a lot further there!.
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99.9% certain that the driver behind the Jet2 operation on LBA-DBV is the same specialist tour operator which is selling EDI/LBA/MAN-OLB. Good to see DBV back on the Leeds map after what must be knocking on for 20 years of absence. Not sure that the Jet2 737 will have the same charisma as the old Aviogenex 727, but still good to see progress being made.
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That must be Holiday Options who are taking seats on LBA-Olbia this year. Wonder if Balkan Hoilidays and Inghams will follow and also take a few seats
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Those were the days!

I had a few enjoyable holidays to Yugoslavia as it was then,from LBA.

I flew to Ljubljana on a JAT DC-9,Dubrovnik on Adria A320,and I'm sure I flew Aviogenex but not on 727,perhaps someone can jog my memory!.

Did JAT fly 707's into LBA,or have I had one too many sherberts tonight?
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Aviogenex flew 134s.

Was the runway extension built when you thought JAT flew 707s. Yugoslavia holidays seem such a long time ago before the war.
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