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Luton vs Farnborough was always going to happen.
TAG have sunk in £100M plus?? They have a great advantage on space, if not operating hours and movements restrictions have now been raised.
Luton, have you missed the boat to go to the next level??
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Key points to note from my observations are as follows but could be completely wrong:

15 new and existing stands to be served from the new peir.

The terminal will be extended to cover the bus and coach station.

The existing bus and coach station will be shifted slightly south and turned 90 degrees.

The existing eastern pier has staircases down to the stands that project out from the glass frontage. Looks like the glass frontage will be brought forward to increase the width of the pier no doubt to add seating areas.

South stands will be increase in size by extending east and west.

The existing drop off area will have to be relocated while the multi-story car park is built but where to? I would have thought to the back of the short term car park so this work would have to be finished first before work on the new apron is started.

The staff car park will go but where to and will they use part of the multi-story car park?

A new road is shown that links the back of the multi-story car park (the exit?) to the tunnel. The embankment is quite deep by the tunnel entrance so quite a bit of work will be needed to get this new road down to the tunnel.

The fast exit routes off the runway are shown as dotted lines, so does this mean this is not part of the initial expansion?

A route to Century Park has to be safeguarded so does this mean that a tunnel will be built at the same time as work is carried out to the airport? If so who pays for the tunnel?
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Looking at the Flybe site, it looks as if the IOM/JER flights have been tweaked. From the end of March, the IOM flight seems to return straight back to the IOM from LTN, not going to JER. The LTN-JER flight seems to be a W from JER which is now offering connections to GCI. Found out by accident as I have have just booked a Jersey flight.
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Not too surprised to see Farnborough take-over from Luton in executive movements. I was told some time ago - maybe others will confirm or otherwise - that the airport does not make that much money from executive flights as clients do not spend anything in the departure lounge (obviously) and there is no airport passenger tax so the main income is the landing and parking fees.
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Parking/ATC fees and leasing South Stands and Pond bring in income whether they are full or not with very little outlay!
It's all bread & butter.
TOM & MON rarely park up spare capacity at Luton any more, much cheaper at Brum or Essex so the VVIP traffic is still a good income via the FBOs.
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Luton Council and Abertis falling out again?

The Press Association: Operator queries Luton Airport plan

Now we didn't see this coming.....
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What are the current terms between Abertis and Luton Borough Council. Won't the contract just expire? They mention a termination fee of £300m which is a ludicrous amount of money; have they got a leg to stand on?

The points they make are extremely relevant though. The airport at half the planned capacity is already overcrowded, especially in areas such as ground transportation and central search. More in-depth plans are needed because that map tells us nothing about planned additional infrastructure.

An airport is judged more on passenger traffic rather than corporate aviation. Not sure how much money it brings into the airport, but surely its more important to allow airports such as Biggin Hill and Farnborough to concentrate on private traffic and Luton fulfilling, as much as possible, the forecasted deficit in airport capacity.

Cargo is only a small operation - only about 2-3 stands; again I don't know how much revenue that brings in, but in my opinion, doesn't really fit in with the profile of the airport.
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There's an article in the Telegraph that gives a further insight into the 'battle lines' being drawn between the Council and Abertis:

Row over Luton airport expansion plans - Telegraph

Is it possible that this consultation business is just an attempt to shock Abertis into doing something rather more dynamic than just tinkering with this and that?

It does seem a bit high-handed of the Council to develop plans for expanding the airport and then tell the operator to adopt those plans and pay for them or face eviction.

I wonder if the Council saw this hostile reaction coming?
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So the battle grounds have been laid out....

15 new and existing stands to be served from the new pier.
Can't see how this can be done, another six pack with the existing 3 without pier access only makes 9 - unless you include the south stands as well.

I question the dual taxiway Echo, doesn't this impinge on Harrods areas unless they are given area currently used for long term Car Park and more Hangars, maybe? I say again, Signature FBO respond.....

It's good to see Albertis are defending Cargo and FBO movements. I assume this is a bigger benefit to them rather than the council who only pick up passenger numbers in Tax?

Comments welcome....
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There seems to be a theme with supporting UK airports that cargo is often forgotten. Surely with parking more scarce airports should be looking to accommodate larger aircraft. They seem to forget that with larger aircraft comes a lot of unused hold space that would make routes more profitable and could make thinner routes more economically viable. Just a thought.
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January pax up

............and meanwhile the January 2012 passengers were......

Luton 585102 +1.1%

Source: CAA provisional stats.

Good compared to most.

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pabeley -

The full document is now visible on the Future Luton - Optimisation website. The additional pier would service the south-west side of the east apron, a new six-pack parallel to taxiway delta and the south stands, widened at both ends to create 6 stands. So it will be a long and busy walkway, presumably on two levels to segregate inbound/outbound passengers.

The new taxiway is a dualling of Delta, not Echo, between Alpha and the mid-point of the east apron, so impinges on neither car-park nor Harrods.

You are correct in your analysis that there is a conflict between the interests of the council (more passengers) and Abertis (cargo and exec flights). What Britain, the South-East and London needs is greater passenger capacity. Exec aircraft have far more options, even in the south-east.
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Rejigging the terminal and not increasing the size of the CTA which canít be increased means there could be some wishful thinking coming out of the Town Hall.

Trying to squeeze a quart onto a pint pot comes to mind.
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LGS6753, my mistake, I thought the point was to dual from Echo2/Foxtrot1. It would help from the holding of arrivals at Alpha5, 6 and Bravo 2 whilst clogging up departures from Alpha 7 & 8 whilst taxiway is running in an anti-clockwise direction -does make sence.
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Future of Luton Airport operator in doubt over expansion plans

Meanwhile, the operator also has environmental concerns, in particular noise and air quality issues associated with the expansion, but it is also worried about increased congestion at the gateway.
When an operator comes out with a statement like that it is clear that they don't want to spend the money
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What other proposals could Abertis have in mind?

I've always been in favour of the plan put forward on the airport's official website, before the mid-2000s plan was shelved. An extension of the current terminal down towards the South stands and two additional piers similar to the current one. It would go some way to correcting some of the airport's existing bottlenecks.
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Has anybody heard about Jet Air going bust?

Who else at LTN can clean aeroplanes?
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Luton Relic.......Thank you.

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Buster - forgive me if I'm being obtuse, but what does the photo depict ?
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The remains of a very special airliner that Monarch and Redcoat once operated, now abandoned 'airside'. Bristol Britannia G-AOVS.
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