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Buster the Bear 19th Mar 2007 10:13

As I understand it, the 'slot' is not a real 'slot' as no one can prevent an executive movement? There is not an hourly allocation, it is merely to ensure advance notification of exec movements, the purpose of which must be advance ground stand allocation? I am not too sure what happens when demand outstrips supply though?

This is the first stage of a 3 tier system which ultimately could limit exec movements during peak periods via real 'slots'.

With well over 30 night stopping airliners at times this coming summer, rumours of 2-4 stands short for parking?

Continuation of: http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3197942#post3197942

Powerjet1 19th Mar 2007 14:09

As expected, pax figures for Feb continued in the negative at 616,291.This was down 2.6% on Feb 2005. The fall however, was not as shocking as the 5% fall experienced in January but still makes for dismal reading. For the rolling 12 months, still positive, up 1.9% @ 9.37m.

ebenezer 23rd Mar 2007 08:46

...investment in LTN will drop to a mere 'care and maintenance' level
Perhaps, but no sign of this in the short or medium-term because the following work is planned, all for completion by mid-November of this year: re-development of the cargo apron to create x 2 wide-body/x 4 narrow-body stands plus for Harrods, a dedicated apron area, and a corporate terminal facility created from re-vamping Hangar 129 (completion October); re-development of the south apron to add x 2 narrow-body stands which will enable the apron to accommodate x 6 narrow-body or x 4 wide-body (A300/B767-size) aircraft (completion November); and additional airside roads to service these stands. With the additional Silverjet aircraft and routes due to come on line over the next 12 months, Luton's annual pax are virtually guaranteed to break the 10M barrier, probably by a comfortable margin. The next three of four years will (barring another 9/11 or similar event) see further significant growth, but agreed, what happens from about 2010/2012 is anyone's guess and is largely dependant on whether the Council can reach an accommodation with LLAO that will make further investment by ACDL in Luton, viable.

Powerjet1 23rd Mar 2007 22:18

This was taken from LADACAN. Just about sums it up really........

Master Plan delayed to "Summer"

At the meeting of the Airport Consultative Committee held on Monday (19 March), the operator (LLAOL) stated that it will not now publish its plan for expansion until the summer. It seems to be intent on publishing a plan for the existing Airport which will only run to 2015 despite the requirement of the Government's Air Transport White Paper that it make clear its intentions through to 2030. This tactic will not only make it impossible for the planning authorities to determine whether its plans are compatible with Government policy for a full-length runway, it will also perpetuate the blight which the draft master plan imposed on a huge area around the Airport back in November 2005.

ebenezer 24th Mar 2007 09:01

This was taken from LADACAN. Just about sums it up really........
Indeed it does; however, the culprit is not LLAO nor ACDL but Luton Borough Council (LBC), and it's both inaccurate and unfair for LADACAN or anyone else to castigate LLAO over this delay.
LBC seems completely incapable of understanding the need for a viable pay-back period in return for investing the large amount of cash required to develop the existing site (which is LBC's preferred option and the only option that it will support - it was never LLAO's choice).
Years of under-investment by the Town Hall had resulted in an airport that desperately needed a vast amount of investment just to bring it up to a 1990 standard; to keep pace with demand and develop it further, even to a much reduced passenger capacity i.e. well below the 30M envisaged in Project 2030 needs even more cash and no commercial company is going to spend the amounts needed unless it can generate an acceptable return on its investment.
It should be remembered that when the 30-year Concession was originally put out to tender, at least one very experienced potential taker - Frankfurt Airport Authority - having done its 'due dilligence' concluded that the investment required was so great that the 30 years available combined with the fees per passenger payable to LBC made the project a totally unviable commercial deal.
The 2015 date interestingly, coincides with the 'break clause' in the Concession Agreement and whilst this could of course, be mere coincidence, then again...

Buster the Bear 25th Mar 2007 08:02

In 2009, most of the London TMA airspace changes north of the Thames. Luton will get its own unique hold totally separated from Stansted. These changes will facilitate a huge jump in ATC capacity, unlikely to be filled by considerable growth at Luton?

pabely 25th Mar 2007 14:31

'In 2009, most of the London TMA airspace changes north of the Thames. Luton will get its own unique hold totally separated from Stansted. These changes will facilitate a huge jump in ATC capacity, unlikely to be filled by considerable growth at Luton?'

Buster, Is this published yet?

Buster the Bear 25th Mar 2007 16:32

As I understand it, the airspace changes are out to consultation at the moment, so no final publication until closer to 2009.

Banzai Eagle 26th Mar 2007 17:30

any ideas when the second Silverjet aircraft is coming, think ex Tui / Brits machine

Buster the Bear 26th Mar 2007 20:35

Word is July, if they can fix a bit of rust?

boeing_eng 26th Mar 2007 21:13

A Boeing AOG team is currently working around the clock on G-BRIG at LTN with the additional structural work found during the end of lease check expected to be complete by the end of next week.

After that, the paint and interior work is required for Silverjet but this isn't likely to take until July!


Buster the Bear 27th Mar 2007 16:48

I am sure that I was told that Silverjet may bring forward the extra rotation to NY if the second airframe was delivered to them earlier?

Buster the Bear 29th Mar 2007 21:28

I quote a fellow Mad Hatter and their very recent experience of Silverjet:

"The flight over was brilliant, best on board food ever and on time!"

What more can you say, the future is Silver!

ebenezer 31st Mar 2007 07:53

What more can you say, the future is Silver!
But not at LTN unless those cronies & turkeys in the Council get their act together and make it viable for Abertis to start pouring more concrete (and for the PAIN, LADACAN & PAVAN spies :suspect: I'm not talking runways :eek:). Silverjet's business plan for the next four/five years if successful, will see it totally outgrow LTN unless some desperately-needed extra development gets started. And if nothing does get sorted out, then yet another 'nice little earner' for the Town Hall will vanish eastwards or southwards over the horizon. :hmm:

antilla 31st Mar 2007 22:30

Now you've lost me (and lost it perhaps?)

Just what is the development that you claim is being blocked by the "cronies and turkeys in the Council", and that involves the pouring of lots of concrete but doesn't involve runways?

More stands? New taxiways? Extra car parks? Additional buildings? Wider access roads? What exactly are you asking for?

And how would that development stop Silverjet looking elsewhere if its business outgrows Luton?

Powerjet1 1st Apr 2007 06:34

Silverjet have already expressed an interest of starting flights to New York from several european airports following "open skies", a bit like Virgin, so I don't see their expansion at LTN growing to probably more then 4/5 routes.

Europewide expansion to New York will become their priority.

ebenezer 1st Apr 2007 08:27

Now you've lost me (and lost it perhaps?)
Being facetious doesn't make your opinion or point of view any more valid :uhoh:

Just what is the development that you claim is being blocked by the "cronies and turkeys in the Council", and that involves the pouring of lots of concrete but doesn't involve runways? More stands? New taxiways? Extra car parks? Additional buildings?
I was not suggesting that the Luton Borough Council is 'blocking' further development - quite the contrary, it's actually minded to support further 'sustainable' development of the existing site. What its officials and officers don't appear to be capable of grasping is that the cost of this development is such that for it to make commercial sense, LLAO needs a payback term that's significantly longer than what's left to run with the current Concession. As regards the detail, additional aprons & stands, extended taxiways, enlargements to the terminal building and yes, extra car parking capacity are all needed if Luton is to expand in line with its 'alternative' development plan. Setting mainland Europe aside, Silverjet has some significant business aspirations in respect of the 'London' market and it can only meet those aspirations at Luton, if the airport infrastructure can support them. If the Council doesn't come to its senses, 'care and maintenance' will become the order of the day and within 10 years, Luton could be firmly back in the doldrums being sidelined. And you heard it here first... :=

CAP493 1st Apr 2007 17:02

"This Government believes in enterprise and opportunity. We want to create the right conditions for businesses to thrive and prosper…" (Patricia Hewitt, MP, Secretary of State, Department of Trade and Industry on 14th September 2000).
Quite. But does this extend to local government, one wonders...?:hmm:

Buster the Bear 3rd Apr 2007 07:45


LTNman 7th Apr 2007 05:16

Next weekend sees the worst congestion yet with Airport Way closed from Junction 10A of the M1. The diversion route will be via Luton town centre. I wonder how many people will miss their flights that weekend? :confused:
I can’t believe the division route that has been chosen. Surly a better route would have been the old access route to the airport before Airport Way was built which is via Cutenhoe Road so avoiding the town centre.
From the airports website.
Warning: Road closure & traffic disruption on approach to London Luton Airport
04 April 2007
Important information for the Airport's local communities, passengers and staff. Friday 13th - Monday 16th April 2007
As part of the ongoing works to the East Luton Corridor Improvement Scheme, the bridge spanning Park Street is to be widened to enable the A1081/A505 Airport Way to be upgraded to dual carriageway standards.
In order to carry out this work it will be necessary to close the A1081 Airport Way from the M1 at Junction 10a up to the roundabout at Gypsy Lane from 10pm on Friday 13th April until 5am on Monday 16th April.
A diversionary route will operate along London Road, Castle Street, Park Viaduct and Gypsy Lane. Diversion signs will be in place and advance notice signs will be positioned.
Access from M1 Junction 10a will be possible as far as the slip road into Capability Green Business Park.
The closure of the A1081 Airport Way will seriously affect access to London Luton Airport and will cause significant traffic congestion in the local area, particularly at peak times.
Passengers are advised to expect delays for the duration of these works and are strongly advised to leave additional travel time to get to London Luton Airport.
London Luton Airport is unable to specify the additional amount of travel time required when coming to the Airport.
Local residents and business partners are advised to expect congestion around the Airport and should allow extra time or use alternative routes.

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