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Originally Posted by Going loco
"As for Dusseldorf, well, look at Air Berlin..."
Your point being? Their MAN-DUS route was a disaster. Too much competition from established full service boys at MAN + two CGN services from MAN and LPL. No room for them it seemed and I seriously doubt Jet2 will be foolish enough to try and force their way in.
Almost every route Jet2 has started from MAN has been scaled back and I see from the winter schedules that even MAN-AGP is just 3 x weekly which is another one to add to the list. Expansion in the NW is much more likely to come at Blackpool which is at least not on the doorstep of Ryanair and Easy at LPL.
Air Berlin´s problems was that they didn´t advertise the route enough, just als V Bird did.
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Regarding Jet2s flight fromMAN....
First of all, its not only the MJV ALC and AGPs that are full.
Nearly every flight i check in for is full these days. in the last few weeks ive done FCO BUD AMS AGP ALC PMI to name a few and i can assure u the pax figure is NEVER below about 120
The first 757 flights started this week and thy look busy. The ALC and PMI te other day both went out with 228 which is full.
Regarding new routes and listening to crew... i wouldnt believe it. At jet2 even the crew dont find out till everyone else, they only way we find out about new routes is to keep updated on Jet2
We have heard rumours of 767s JFK SFB BOS and many many more so untill it happens and ur on the flight I wouldnt believe it. That applies to everything in aviation and not just Jet2 this the one of the worst industries for gossip and the rumour network.
I can see expansion at MAN. Leeds is a well established base and they continue to grow; Jet2 are always on the look out and im sure new routes will come along soon.

Also with the 757s in MAN for the winter the AGP might be operated by a 757 so daily is not needed, so techincally not a decrease in capacity.

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To say LS is only busy on 3 routes is crazy talk. Working for MYT, we check in next to them and they always have queues throughout much of the day. They wouldn't keep operating routes out of MAN if they weren't doing well. A reduction down to 3 x weekly AGP during the winter months is hardly shocking stuff. The Costa del Sol is not a massive winter destination compared to the likes of the Canaries and after all, ZB reduce their MAN - AGP frequency from 3 x daily to just daily and not an eye lid is batted!
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flyGlobespan to start scheduled MAnchester to Toronto services this winter, tickets on sale now.
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When I left work at 2pm, Manch was [only] 400ish movements down on last year [for May]. Also the Flybee had 70pax to Northwich, sorry Norwich.
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Jet 2 have anounced MAN-TFS 3x weekly from 30th Oct.
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anyone know of any decent jobs going at Manchester at the mo??

Im working as cabin crew based there now... Im applying for cabin crew at a London base next year and thinking maybe a summer season not in the sky is a good idea, but want to stay within the industry.

Cheers guys x
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bmi A330's @ T3?

Evening all

Just wondering where bmi's A330's are plonked at T3 since the move last week?

I read in the press release that they were using gate 49 and 55, but BA have used 49 for the last few years, and AA usualy have gate 55

Any ideas?
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BMI A330s use 55 and 44
AA 757/767s use 54 and 53, occasionally 48
BA 767 use 49
GT 320s use the spaces left, along with WW 737s

If rumours are to be believed, AA are to start some new services soon, possibly Dallas and/or Los Angeles?? There could be space if BD move all long haul ops to LHR if the Bermuda agrement gets tweaked.
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My word! Queuing for my ORD flight in 4 weeks time will be fun if its on Gate 44!
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It will be either gate 44 or gate 55 as they are the only 2 stands suitable for a A330.
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£25 million make-over for Terminal 1

Catering and retail outlets in Terminal 1 are to be given a £25 million overhaul to attract more big names and extend the choice of brands and products available for passengers.

The ground-breaking redevelopment programme is scheduled to begin from September so the first phase can be completed in time for the start of next year’s main holiday season.

The aim is to create a much more welcoming and stress-free environment which will encourage passengers to relax while exploring a wider range of top quality stores, restaurants and bars before boarding flights.

Passengers have helped to shape the redesign by telling us what they want and need in response to customer satisfaction surveys.

Artists impressions of how the make-over will look have been sent to major retailers and caterers to give them the opportunity to get involved. While high-street retailers are feeling the pinch, airport-based stores and sales outlets are enjoying a growth in retail income and so interest in the scheme is predicted to be brisk.
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Retail re-development of T1, M.A. Plc strike again ?! What a load of tosh. Stopppppp all spending on major projects, (Just because pax numbers have slipped back a couple of percent 2004 levels)but hey lets throw 25m at retail again ( Third time retailing has been re-developed in ten years), and say its to help passengers have a more pleasant & less stessfull experience! The way to make it less stressfull is to allow them a hassle free throughput from the time of check-in to boarding, something which is only a dream at present. ( What a joy Amsterdam is compared to MANTAT. Case in point.
I arrived at check-in the other day two hours before the flight,at 0530 to spend twenty five minutes in the queue. Only 1 hour thirty-five until dep. time now. The next hurdle was security where it took 35 minutes to complete the task, after winding round the lovely queing system. ( Why does water in a clear plastic bottle have to pass through the x-ray machine??) Only one hour to go now. Got to have something to eat as I missed breakfast, joined the breakfast queue and ate a bacon sandwich. only 40 minutes left now. Time to visit those oh so sweet smelling toilets!! Oh no, on turning the corner into Bog alley, the Urine monster has struck again and left his trail of foul odour once more in the place. Do the urinals ever flush or is it just once every half hour due to water conservation?- ( After washing one's hands how do you move to the dryers, sometimes twenty feet away whilst carrying a jacket and a bag? Oh it appears my hands have dried themselves on the said jacket!!). Leave Bog-hell and look at the screens, which say proceed to gate. Oh well so much for my retail shopping experience. I really must arrive four hours ahead of the flight next time. On second thoughts naaahhh, I'll have my breakfast at home and get there with just an hour and fifteen to go, stuff the shopping, far less hassle that way!!!! ( May still have to visit those toilets though! Do Boots sell nose clips?)
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I'm with you Adola69.
Who wants more shops, when after the check in queues & then security queues, there simply isn't time to shop !....and no, the answer is not to have 4 hour check-ins. The MAN airport experience ( T1 anyway),is often longer than the flight you are going on.
If they want to improve the passenger experience, then get T1 all on one level for a start, get walkways escaltors & lifts working, reduce obscene securty queues, do something with the airside toilets & improve the ramp infrastruture so you are not sat on an aircraft on pier charlie, waiting 20 odd minutes for push back. I think that would improve things for passengers rather than a new Burtons.
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Exactly, I have a distant memory of MAN being efficient and easy to use. Now woth all the hassle I can't be bothered to use the shops. Time for a return to getting the basics right.
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shops = revenue
security = costs
check in = costs
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Just read on that the Libyan now has a start date of 18th June, can anyone confirm this?

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I did warn you.

Some very sensible comments here. Get the basics right then worry about the shops. Apart from the bars, cafes and the basics like WHS and Boots, most of the poncy shops are empty most of the time anyway.

Pax figs down therefore build more shops? What about finding out why figs are down and tackle that first? Customer service? Usability? Apron condition? Capacity? Nah, not enough shops. Obvious really.

Time for the fat controller to leave.
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Libyan shown as op days 4&7 Dept. trip.10.15 arr man 13.10

Dept. man 14.15 arr trip 19.30
A/c A320
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Originally Posted by BombardierCR7
shops = revenue
security = costs
check in = costs

Unfortunately more like:

Security (queues) = pax go to another airport.
Check-in (queues) = pax go to another airport
Shops = (because of queues) pax can't be bothered with them, and they are mostly too downmarket anyway, all that's missing in T1 is a branch of Poundsaver.
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