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PPRuNe Pop 9th May 2006 18:27

Who will be first...............

Johnny [email protected] Pants 9th May 2006 21:28

Originally Posted by ib16uk
Anybody know if easyJet plan to fly into MAN?

What a starter for 10!!!!!!!!!!:}

spharrison 9th May 2006 22:20

easyjet noway may be flybe and one or two ryanair off peak ?

Evileyes 9th May 2006 22:22

PLEASE letís not start this thread with "Attention Deficit Quoting", hereafter known as ADQ. We all know what the poster immediately before you said. There is no need to waste PPRuNe bandwidth by saying it again as a quote.

If the post you are replying to is a few posts back fair enough, just don't quote the whole thing please. Replying to the username is normally just as effective.


chiglet 9th May 2006 22:46

What am I flying on?
Can we also have the "I am flying to xxx, what a/c will it be????? Rapidly shoved to the 'Spotty Balcony' pleeease"

Hawk 10th May 2006 01:20

chiglet...as a rule thats exactly what happens. However, we dont always get to them straight away. Occasionally a few are borderline spottish and may be of interest to aviation professionals, as a rule those posts will stay.

MAN777 10th May 2006 07:42

Doh ! when I saw "Manchester 2" I thought we were in line for a new airport !.

cessna l plate 10th May 2006 11:27

Now For Something Completely Different
..... Like a sensible post maybe?

So to get the ball rolling, I have heard a faint rumour that AA are looking to increase to 4 flights a day ex MAN. Anyone care to add the details?

GOLF-INDIA BRAVO 10th May 2006 21:51

I take it you mean 4 destinations


StoneyBridge Radar 10th May 2006 23:26

Apparently DFW is back on the list of possibilities, reflected in the fact they are recruiting part time ground staff.

FlyZB 11th May 2006 00:34

When you look at the destinations that EZY serve from the UK regions (LPL, NCL, EMA, BRS), they are mainly destinations that are already well served from MAN. It is only at the London Airports that they offer more variety in their routes. There's nothing to indicate what destinations they would offer should they ever take the step of operating out of MAN but when there was a rumour going around that they had applied for slots back in 2004, the destinations that they were considering serving from MAN sounded all too familar. AGP, ALC, FAO, BFS... These are all routes that are served in abundance already and we don't need any more of these. The presence of LS, WW and ZB is enough to provide a competitive, low fare service to most of the destinations that EZY serve from LPL and if they were just to replicate these routes out of MAN then the airport isn't really gaining anything from this in my opinion. MAN needs someone like FR to come in and have a go at operating services to new destinations that currently aren't served from MAN. They've gone a good job of giving less popular destinations a go at LPL and I doubt EZY would do this as effectively. But what are the chances of Ryanair making Manchester a hub? Very slim me thinks!

jongeman 11th May 2006 00:46

FlyZB - the first sensible and intelligent post so far......

What most of the rest are about, I haven't got a clue.

I think MAN's reached its peak as a major international airport. The management are deluded by constantly talking about becoming a major intercontinental airport, and 'hoping' to attract services to the Far East, China, Australasia, West Coast USA and even South America....!

They still think that they can attract profitable services to South America FFS!!!! They must be mad.

MAN777 11th May 2006 07:20

Sorry for having a sense of humour !

MAN or EGGC, has not reached its peak as an international airport, there are still major gaps in its portfolio, notably China, Japan, South Africa, India and direct west coast USA. I think I would agree re the comment about south America being a non starter, other than charters to the Brazil coastal resorts.

AUTOGLIDE 11th May 2006 07:57

Exactly MAN777, but TBH I don't see how any reasonable longhaul growth will occur whilst BA are using the LHR/LGW flights as longhaul feeders.

Railgun 11th May 2006 10:10


The yields from regional airports are not enough to justify many airlines starting and running profitable longhaul routes from Manchester IMHO.

If you take BA's LHR op's a lot of pax come from all over the world to connect with the longhaul flights. Manchester does not have the feeder network for any airline to sustain a operation like this. Not as many pax as people think come from the London area to fly on BA flights. Infact i would hazzard a guess if LHR was in Manchester most pax would not notice a difference!

Momentary Lapse 11th May 2006 20:42

MAN is having a tough time, bless it.

They tried dropping prices last year but still the pax didn't come. Pax figures are down on last year for the first time in living memory. Rumour has it that prices are still not low enough for FR, and that EZY couldn't get the right slots to make their schedule work.

BA never could attract enough pax to sit in the front of their planes out of MAN, so the yield will always be too low. BA's other costs are allegedly still too high, and they are gradually withering away in T3, which is now handling other non-One World airlines e.g. WW and soon BD.

Far East and other LH carriers won't fly to MAN because their pax want to fly to London, not a regional airport.

MAN has great people but as an airport it's too complicated landside and too tortuous and congested inside the terminals, not to mention the congestion and poor state of repair of the airside area.

Compared to other up-and-coming airports like LPL and EMA, MAN can't compete for ease of use, simplicity etc., which is what passengers want. They don't want to walk past more and more silly shops, then walk miles to a gate past broken travelators, then be bussed for another 15 mins to an aircraft parked another mile away in Altrincham.

Still, they could always read Plane Talk on the way, and marvel at the senior management's latest medals and fat-cat pay rises.

Mr A Tis 11th May 2006 21:11

Momentary Lapse.

I'm afraid you are slightly off on yr comments re BA never filling the front.
In the days when the BAR B737s had a C cabin, they were frequently full to Amsterdam, Frankfurt & Rome.
The E145s have seen all that wither away.
However, you will see AFR & DLH frequently overbooked in C class on their multiple daily rotations out of MAN.
Usually the DLH Frankfurt flights have more people sat in C class than the entire BACON 145.
However, I agree with the rest. Shoddy terminal (T1) up & down different levels to get anywhere, not user friendly.....and the state of the airside infrastructure.......:eek:
Had the misfortune to use Stansted recently though, more like the Arndale centre. Asked the BAA lady where the exec lounges were, as there is nowhere to sit ( except in cafes & bars).......er there is only 1 & you can only use it if you are using certain gates. Very poor I said, well fly from somewhere else next time she replied. Cor blimey those sutherners are reet 'ard,:ouch:

chiglet 11th May 2006 22:00

What can I say?
No Long Haul.....yep, Malaysian has gone. Replaced by Etihad,7x per week, Quatar, now 7x week. Emirates......cruddy service..only the ONLY HD B777 ELR 435 seats and getting an AVERAGE of 400 pax plus 15-20 tonnes of freight.....oh I forgot, they have a SECOND daily rotation.
I've flown from EMA....Nuff Sed :} I've worked at Liverpool :cool: I suggest that you look at Pax Throughput and Total Movements. THEN look at Apron space, Stand allocation, Turnround, WIP [Work in Progress]. I agree that the "Travel[n]ators] are a PITA, but the last time I flew from T2, it was clean and quick. BTW, out of interest, MAN "Tries" not to park "REMOTE"
Inevitably, some a/c have to. What's the prob? Palma, Dusseldorf,Franfurt ALL use "Remote Parking". At least at Manch, you're not herded into a pen and isolated :=

Railgun 11th May 2006 22:40

Originally Posted by chiglet
Emirates......cruddy service..only the ONLY HD B777 ELR 435 seats and getting an AVERAGE of 400 pax plus 15-20 tonnes of freight.....oh I forgot, they have a SECOND daily rotation.

But a full aircraft does not always mean the route makes a lot of money :ugh: :ugh: .

Railgun 11th May 2006 22:44

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis
In the days when the BAR B737s had a C cabin, they were frequently full to Amsterdam, Frankfurt & Rome.
The E145s have seen all that wither away.
Usually the DLH Frankfurt flights have more people sat in C class than the entire BACON 145.

Unfortunatly BA would rather all there PAX flew through the Hole that is LHR than fly via manchester. A large number of BA pax used to fly through LHR just to have the proper club class european product instead of the product BACX classed as club.

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