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Bring back the Viscounts now.Or the Chinooks.
Maybe they should get the RAF with Hercs and chuck them out the back.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 22:55
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Flightline's last day (on this contract!) is 6 February. No clear sign on who will be taking over from then.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 23:19
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Twin Otters maybe.
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 09:05
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Twotters? Why not go further back? Who remembers the (in)famous Britten Norman Bladderbusters, Aberdeen to Shetland without relief?
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 10:17
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with twotters or bladderbusters we could bypass Scatsta and go straight to Unst. That would save a fortune on heli time. Hangar is still there.
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 13:42
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The Dash 7's to Unst for Chevron were about as close to optimum as I recall as a pax, but the good old Viscounts to Sumburgh were a close second. Unst was always a less plebby experience than mixing it with the bears in Sumburgh......
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More serious note, the stewardess arrested recently has been fined at the Sheriff Court today - she has resigned from her job with bmi. Probably not surprising, but apparently she went out the evening before the flight with other crew members, partaking of cocktails & "sharing a couple bottles of wine" - thus suggesting she may not have been the only one enjoying a drink.
...... or to quote todays press she shared two bottles of wine and drank cocktails with the Captain and First Officer ..... take it she drank all of it herself and they were on soft drinks then.
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Fit like min?
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*HIC!* Does seem a bit hmm...
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Old 28th Aug 2008, 14:36
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IAC Scatsta Contract

Irrespective of the reasons for cancelling Flightline's contract, the 146 has proven to be the ideal aircraft to operate in and out of SCS, given the following conditions that exist:
- length and width of the strip
- the often extreme weather conditions (stong winds, poor vis and typical winter related problems)
- the size of the loads, not only regular loads, but those that exist when weather delays require a maximum payload to be carried.

Those who travel on these flights would receive a much poorer service, should the BAe 146 be removed from the route. Perhaps a requirement for later versions of the type may be in order.
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 15:38
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Anyone else see last night's evening depress? (2.9.08)

They showed a cracking picture of a 'Spitfire'...except even my Mother could tell that it looked more like a Heinkel 111 bomber!

Well done

Bring back Jim fergusson, all is forgiven.
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 18:13
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Looks like its no longer a rumour.......This from the Shetland News Website
Oilworkers’ airline dropped

3 September, 2008

FLIGHTLINE, the charter airline which flies oil workers from Aberdeen to Shetland’s Scatsta airport before they head for the North Sea oil and gas fields, have had their contract terminated.

Bristow Helicopters confirmed yesterday (Tuesday) that the contract with Essex-based airline would end on 7 February next year, more than a year ahead of schedule.

The company gave no explanation for the move, though industry sources said they had identified problems with Flightline’s management structure. They have already put the contract out to tender.
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I wonder what "problems" with Flightline had been identified? I am not close to the operation obviously, but on the outside Flightline had appeared to have done a good job with the contract since they had arrived.

Must have been serious for IAC to terminate it a year early.

Would it have been Bristow alone that would have made the decision, or the Consortium as a whole - presume a joint decision among the IAC?

Interesting times ahead indeed.
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So, I hear that FLT bosses were up in ABZ this week for a meeting with staff at an airport hotel where they virtually appologised for their cock-up....and reassured staff they would be taken on by the next bidder....BUT....

Have you noticed how many direct flights from ABZ to East of Shetland there have been this week.....oh and by pure coincidence...TWO S92's night stopped in ABZ the same night that FLT had the meeting....and the weather was to blame for the nightstop but they still routed direct to the rigs in the east of shetland the next day!!!!! HMMMMMM
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Whilst the IAC contract was very lucrative for Flightline, the loss of that contract will undoubtedly cause some restructuring and disruption in the short term. However the days of the 146 are numbered in many airlines, including Flightline and with the RJ85 being too heavy for SCS, there was no obvious replacement. Rumours of Flightline moving on after this contract have been going round for months and I am personally not surprised even though the early end of the contract did raise many heads. Flightline has during recent times, been facing a crossroads as it effectively starts a new chapter with the MD-83, which is where any future growth will be concentrated on. The 170 seat ACMI market is highly competitive but also very lucrative and the 146 fleet will be slowly phased out over time. With Aberdeen ending then the company will be able to fully concentrate on the MD-83. Despite the MD-83 being a bit old and a bit of a fuel guzzler, it has the range and the capacity to match the 737 and A320 family and during the summer months some of the MD-83 fleet are flying night and day, so the future is still potentially bright for Flightline after the demise of the Aberdeen operation.

As for who is taking over? My money is on Flybe since they have already established a base in ABZ with the LGW route and the Dash 8 Q400 can probably match if not perform slightly better than the 146! You won't be seeing another jet on this route I am afraid!
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Interesting that Flybe will, at least brandwise, be the airline based at Sumburgh from October! That should help with diversions to both airfields in Shetland, surely.
But it would be more profitable for the rotary wing operator, however, if they could divest themselves of the need for a fixed-wing entirely..................................and now there are helicopters capable of doing so!
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Like the Chinooks.
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Caledonian Handling

Presume today's 225s & AS3Bs have the range.

See ad for staff in the Pee & Jay job supplement for Caledonian, to facilitate expansion of contract base.

So who have they won/who are they expecting to win?
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Thumbs up Gsm W08

Looks like BAA have issued this early before GSM have had a chance to publish the routes - new routes to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and continued routes year-round for AGP, ALC, TFS and PFO. on destinations page
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Nice if it happens, however BAA have had a history of announcing "new" routes then---silence...

But GSM have signalled that they had wanted to expand at ABZ, so fair play to them - in these times, not many airlines are expanding from anywhere!
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