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129 seats each way three times a week ? Theres not that many travellers Eastern European or otherwise seeking Riga and beyond ex ABZ
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Looks like Loganair is upping capacity at ABZ
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Another survey

Aberdeen Airport: North-east businesses encouraged to speak up

Wouldn't they have this already - can't imagine oil industry requirements would have changed that much from here.

Another survey to gather dust in the airport vaults?
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From the P&J this morning (as an 'exclusive' entitled 'Rising Profits lead to talk of sell-off at Aberdeen gateway' ); I think there was a previous post here musing about 'what if' the place was put up for sale:

'Aberdeen Intl Airport could find itself with a new owner as a result of talks believed to be taking place among investors in the current parent.

The P&J understands that shareholders of HAH...are mulling the future of the Granite City terminal.

HAH is owned by FGP T
opco, a consortium 33.65%-owned & led by Spanish infrastructural specialist Ferrovial.

Other investors include Qatar Holding (20%), Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (13.29%), Govt of Singapore Investment Corp (11.88%), Alinda Capital Partners (11.18%), China Investment Corp (10%).

"Conversations are going on about Aberdeen & what to do with it," a 'source' told the P&J yesterday, adding that many of the investment partners favoured a sale.

It is thought Ferrovial, which took over AIA & other airports run by what was then 2006, may also be interested taking AIA out of HAH & setting it up as a stand-alone business. The P&J's 'source' said a range of interested parties were 'definitely interested' in buying AIA.

HAH refused to comment & Carol Benzie, who takes up her role as MD at AIA tomorrow, said she was unaware of current plans to sell the business.'

There we go. Any truth? Journalistic licence? Bona Fide quotes (unnamed sources, naturally)? Cards close to chest, for some.

If it was Middle or Far East investors? BRING IT ON!!

Ferrovial? off!!

Is the sale a realistic proposition & could it do for ABZ (on a smaller scale obviously!) what the likes of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) is doing at EDI?
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I think eventually they'll sell off everything outside the core LHR business - The numbers obviously look good for selling ABZ at the moment and when the potential returns for selling GLA and SOU look decent I bet they'll be sold too.
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Flybe once again basing an Embraer 175 up here for winter. Replaces the base Dash and will operate ABZ-MAN 3x daily. Select BHX rotations operated by BHX E175.

Dash seemingly going to Guernsey as per their thread.
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Air Ambulance flight that was landing at ABZ had ran off the runway earlier around 2 hours ago lucky there was no one injuries. Few aircraft diverted to EDI & GLA during the incident.

BBC News - Air ambulance comes off Aberdeen Airport runway

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Looks like they were long on landing and tried to make the turn for E3 going too fast and have skidded off into the grass.

Airport seems to have resumed normal ops although I'm sure the airlines would have preferred this to have occurred on a different day with holiday traffic picking up today.
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Bit about the disaster that is VS Little Red. 6 months in, 250k pax carried overall. Avg. network loads 30%. Suspect ABZ flights are even worse than that .

Virgin domestic flights a ?disaster? as passengers stick with no-frills rivals - News & Advice - Travel - The Independent

In more positive news pax numbers increased 6.3% to 322,000 which is by far the busiest September ever. Fixed wing up 9.7% with the helis down a large 13.3% presumably as a knock on from the accident in August. Normal service seems to have resumed though so that figure should rebound.

Aberdeen Airport: Passenger numbers September 2013
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Good to see continuos growth, be interesting what the figures would have been if not for 225 grounding plus mark 2 grounding. Anyways does this not prove the terminal needs expansion ASAP with a decent departure/waiting area improvement
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Consultation on Aberdeen airspace changes:
CAA proposals to replace Class F airspace with a Class E could have unintended/unforeseen consequences for Aberdeen, leading to increased controller workload, in turn leading to possible delays and holding. The CAA are therefore proposing amendments to their proposals specific to EGPD to alleviate the issue, which are out for consultation. Link:
Also driven by the airport expecting continued growth related to North Sea activity.
(First seen posted in Rotorheads).

Virgin Little Red:
It does seem Virgin's efforts to gain a foothold on the domestic UK Regional - Heathrow market generally is, to put it charitably, off to a slow start. You would think that as far as ABZ is concerned, with a >600k market to/from LHR, you could get a better share of that. But seems BA are all-powerful, with frequency mopping up the majority of traffic, and their global network reach providing all the connections you need for onward travel. Plus of course, the LCY route for those with London as a final destination will be impacting any competition. Interesting to see if Virgin stick it out to at least the end of the period they have the slots.

Note the comments about the E175 for the winter, flying MAN. Is the total freq on the route to be only 3x times a day all 175, or is it 3x 175, with remainder operated by a non-based Dash?

East Side:
Reports in the Scottish Air News mag I subscribe to notes the possibility of changes on this side of the airfield, which may restrict or block views from the mound at the back of Cordyce. With Bond expanding on the east apron, reported that this could mean a new hangar facility for Gama beside the existing bmiR hangar, with Flying Club aircraft, as well as the GAT, moving in front of that (where would you put Trump's 757 - close 23 presumably). Lot of people will miss the open views you get of the main runway the mound affords, but airport success/expansion is paramount (I no longer frequent the mound anyway!! )

West Side:
Same report lists the possibility of:
i. Dove hangar becoming the new 'snow base'
ii. Caledonian moving from the Dove to a new facility on the east side
iii. DHL ops moving over to where the current snow base is

Personally, I'm still hoping for a change of airport owner!!!
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ABZ-MAN will have a similar schedule to last Winter. There was 1/2 Embraer rotations but I cannot recall if this was with a based aircraft or not. Rotations seems to be:

() Embraer [] Dash

Mon - 4 (3) [1]
Tue - 5 (3) [2]
Wed - 5 (3) [2]
Thu - 4 (3) [1]
Fri - 5 (3) [2]
Sat - 2 (2)
Sun - 3 (3)


I would expect Virgin to stick it out to the end of the 3 year contract because the get out clause with EI will be massive surely. What that means for Little Red who knows - ABZ and MAN have been a disaster so far with EDI only showing faint signs of life and the only route they'd like to keep but can you run an operation like little red with just a solitary route?
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This Winter, the Flybe ABZ-MAN rotations will be E175 for the ABZ based aircraft (BE1030/1033, 1034/1035, 1036/1039). The BE1031/1032, 1037/1038 remain on a Manchester based Q400 for now.

Last Winter, the ABZ based Q400 operated the BE1030/1033/1034/1035. The then based ABZ E175 operated the BE1036/1039. If I remember correctly the BE1031/1032, 1037/1038 was operated by a mix of MAN based Q400 and E175.
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Thanks for the replies re Flybe & Manchester.

The Western Isles' leaders seem to be pinning their hopes on the Govt designating ABZ as a 'hub' for the purposes of their proposed 'Regional Air Connecivity Fund' announced earlier this year.


Whether Eastern - or anyone else - would offer another SYY rotation is of course not a given. Eastern still fly it, so I assume the one rotation is well enough supported with sufficient yield. Whether another rotation would add traffic or just dilute the existing clientel is another matter.
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I note that the Thomson service to Tenerife resumed last Friday (11th October) after being missing during the Summer timetable after the problems with Iberoworld (currently it looks like this flight will operate in Summer 2014 on Air Europa)

I know that Orbest have operated a Sunday service on behalf of Thomas Cook Holidays for most of the season (operated from Gatwick for the July / August UK Summer peak) and did Travel Service not operate a Friday service during the early part of the Summer schedule (which tour operator did this flight operate for and how long did it operate for ?)
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The Travel Service was operating for Thomson with a tech stop in MAN until start of July where it was presumably deployed to more important pastures.

Air Europa will hopefully prove to be a more reliable carrier financially speaking and will allow the service to actually run.
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BA S14 LHR Schedule

BA have today released there S14 schedule for flights to LHR. Flights will operate between 7 and 9 x daily. Flights will operate using a mix of A319/A320/A321 aircraft. Timetable shown below


BA1301 ABZ 06:40 LHR 08:20 32S 134
BA1301 ABZ 06:50 LHR 08:30 32S 25
BA1319 ABZ 07:35 LHR 09:05 32S 24
BA1319 ABZ 08:30 LHR 10:00 32S 7
BA1303 ABZ 08:30 LHR 10:05 32S 6
BA1303 ABZ 08:40 LHR 10:15 32S 7
BA1305 ABZ 09:20 LHR 11:00 32S x67
BA1307 ABZ 11:15 LHR 12:50 32S D
BA1311 ABZ 13:25 LHR 14:55 32S 67
BA1311 ABZ 13:35 LHR 15:05 32S x67
BA1309 ABZ 14:05 LHR 15:40 32S x2
BA1309 ABZ 14:25 LHR 16:00 32S 2
BA1313 ABZ 16:45 LHR 18:15 32S D
BA1315 ABZ 18:25 LHR 19:50 32S 2
BA1315 ABZ 18:30 LHR 19:55 32S x2
BA1319 ABZ 19:20 LHR 20:50 32S 5
BA1315 ABZ 20:30 LHR 21:55 32S x6


BA1304 LHR 07:15 ABZ 08:40 32S x67
BA1306 LHR 08:55 ABZ 10:25 32S D
BA1310 LHR 09:50 ABZ 11:20 32S x145
BA1310 LHR 10:00 ABZ 11:30 32S 5
BA1310 LHR 10:05 ABZ 11:35 32S 1
BA1310 LHR 10:15 ABZ 11:45 32S 4
BA1308 LHR 11:50 ABZ 13:20 32S D
BA1312 LHR 14:30 ABZ 16:00 32S D
BA1314 LHR 16:25 ABZ 17:50 32S D
BA1320 LHR 17:00 ABZ 18:30 32S 5
BA1316 LHR 18:25 ABZ 19:55 32S D
BA1318 LHR 20:25 ABZ 21:50 32S D
BA1320 LHR 21:00 ABZ 22:30 32S 13
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Surprising to many I'm sure to see BA increasing their ABZ-LHR presence. If anything I would have expected them to chop one of the two early afternoon departures.

How many stands are available for nightstoppers right now? I don't recall seeing any available the times I've been there. Will bussing become a more regular feature of the Aberdeen 'experience'?
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Well, you can't complain at that offering from BA, plus the LCY. They got a bit of stick for pulling off LGW, but the above is not bad at all!

I suspect a fair amount of creative parking may be required, or more tugs to remote park a/c once they have disembarked their loads.

There are some stands where you can - or could - 'double park' but that was mainly for smaller types. Stand 1 used to be sliced up A/B/C when the need arose (mainly in the days of City Star).
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I can't see any increase with ba, all I see is the standard 8 times a day shuttle service unless I'm missing something?
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