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Firestorm 13th Jun 2012 10:41

I agree with that Fatdog. I'm not sure if I have actually applied although I think that I completed all the questions. Luckily they have the paper version which is what they asked for last week. :ok:

I've had all the confirmation e-mails, for registering, and for completing and submitting an application. I also had one to tell me that the paper applications are no longer valid, so would I please complete one on line. What a palaver! Interviews will be in September.

master_warning 13th Jun 2012 11:01

I got an email when I registered my account and an email when I'd completed the test sections, but although it shows on the site that my application has been completed, I haven't got an email to confirm.

shaftsburn 13th Jun 2012 12:10

I am also unsure if my application is complete.

I received 2 emails - one on registering, and one after completing the 'test'.

For me the web site now says 'Active Application', and I was one of those who did not have the education / degree / work history / reference sections.

For those who did have those sections, is your status also 'Active Application', and did you receive some other confirmation email?

And mid-way through the application, a tiny popup window appeared. I resized it and saw something like "Error - You don't have privileges to do this, contact administrator".. Then the window disappeared. Of course I would contact the administrator, but how on earth do I do that!?

Stick35 13th Jun 2012 12:33

I also did not have a page concerning my education etc. Thatswhy i think you first need to fill out the test. If u have a mark of 8 points u can continue your application. If you have less than 8, you are no longer considered.

My opinion

b4dger 13th Jun 2012 12:52

When you registered to apply one of the first questions was do you have a current cv? So surely if you answered yes to this they are not going to ask about employment and education as it will be detailed on your cv. However if you answered no then maybe they ask you to fill in those details on the application form!

windshear-a-head 13th Jun 2012 12:53

If that's the case, I can only guess by 'scoring' an 8 you have to have an EASA licence as that was the only question I answered a 'no' to....therefore there will be very few as you can't convert until Sept.

I'm bus rated with more than twice the required hours so I'd hope to be considered.

I do hope a common sense approach will be taken, CV's read and those deemed appropriate will be contacted in due course.

Good Luck! :ok:

VNAVPTH 13th Jun 2012 13:49

If you have a JAR/JAA UK CAA issued license that is valid till 2017 or after, you have an EASA compliant license. The first EASA ones are issued lated this year, apparently. But all licenses post 2017 will say EASA on the front cover. Thus, if your license expires after 2012, and you have not been required to convert already, you effectively hold an EASA license.
Got to appreciate the humour of PLD in Gatwick. Instructions issued in Klingon would be better understood.

VFE 13th Jun 2012 14:28

Someone tell me if this is pretty much the score on this one:

If you are low houred and don't know your arse from your elbow beyond what JAR OPS requires for passing an IR and ATPL course but have an A320 TR you may get a look in?

If you have been slogging yer tits off for 7 years in the detritus of GA, with a couple of thousand hours, but don't have a TR or any airline experience you may as well forget it?

Is this correct?

windshear-a-head 13th Jun 2012 15:00

Who knows, the ad does state 2000 total with 500 hours on turboprop/jet in excess of 15t.

PT6A 13th Jun 2012 15:06

VFE your spot on in what you said, you would fit into the CTC cadet category. Or you would need to build your time on turboprop or jet somewhere else first then reapply.

Kaka2 13th Jun 2012 17:24

online assessment test
Can anyone be kindly to share what kind of questions are asked in the online assessment test.

Tamer 13th Jun 2012 20:46

Thank you Monarch
....that has to be the best designed application I have ever had the pleasure to fill out. No Bullshit and straight to the point.

Nice one.

Flightlevel001 14th Jun 2012 15:56

It keeps logging me out every 5 minutes and when I try to log back in, theres a 1 in 5 success rate...

Now the whole thing's disappeared altogether!

Panther1984 14th Jun 2012 16:14

Can't seem to find the job on the application website either. has recruitment closed that quickly already? Anyone in the know care to comment.

MaxPower2011 14th Jun 2012 16:32

It may well have closed, heard there were over 500 applications before the online thing went live, so prob have enough to wade through for the time being.

JW411 14th Jun 2012 17:03

Sorry to be a bore, but don't you think it might help if you could spell asymmetric?

Flying Wild 14th Jun 2012 17:13

I had an e-mail from HR yesterday directing me to apply via the website. This after sending a CV in by e-mail previously. Luckily I filled the application in last night. Don't know if they'll look at the paper applications, or just those submitted online.

assymetricdrift 14th Jun 2012 17:17

It's to do with a spelling mistake in a textbook many years ago... I like it when people point it out to me - it makes me realise I'm not the only grammar bore out there!

buzzc152 14th Jun 2012 17:34

Can anyone tell me what sort of roster pattern they work on the A320/1 ?
Is it stable or lots of changes ? Home most nights ?

Coffin Corner 14th Jun 2012 17:43


Was going to fill in the application tonight as I have been working solid all week. The jobs website is now back up but the recruitment for pilot has disappeared.

Oh well

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