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Kirk out 14th Jun 2012 18:05

Was going to fill one out tonight too. Is that it then, finished already!!!!
Surely someone must know........

ZeBedie 14th Jun 2012 22:16

Just put something in the post. If you look suitable, I think they'll consider you.

MrHorgy 14th Jun 2012 22:57

Spoke to HR today. Vacancy offline due to technical problems with the system, it'll be back in 7 to 10 days...

Blighty Pilot 15th Jun 2012 08:25

The technical problem is that we've been inundated and need to clear the backlog.

I doubt a paper application would get looked at. It's all about new systems, hr policies and going through a process.

Good luck folks - great company to work for with an exciting future ahead.

Journey Man 15th Jun 2012 08:30

I can imagine! The first glimmer of hope in a long long time for TP guys sat out in the cold. Well done to Monarch for proposing to bond experienced TP guys. I wish you every success.

master_warning 15th Jun 2012 09:54

To those who have got their applications submitted... when I log into the system, I can see my application sitting as "active application" Is everyone else the same and does this mean that it's been sent through successfully? :)

VFE 15th Jun 2012 09:59

Sent paper application this week. Recieved email yesterday telling me to submit an online application instead.

First.officer 15th Jun 2012 10:03

Master......it does indeed mean you have submitted your application successfully, I was informed by a very helpful lady at Monarch to keep monitoring the application by logging in also.

master_warning 15th Jun 2012 10:31

Thanks very much first.officer - now the wait until I hear good/bad news!!

First.officer 15th Jun 2012 10:56

Your welcome Master, know that they are aware of one or two "teething" issues with the recruitment portal, and am sure it will be resolved soon...have to admit i was very impressed by the comms i've had, can't be easy when they're snowed under with applications !

BISH 15th Jun 2012 11:08

Lifted from the BALPA General forum, let's see if Easy can match this, especially for cadet entrants!

DC pension scheme 1:1.5 up to a maximum Company contribution of 12% - increasing to 15% when a profitability trigger is achieved.

Private Health Insurance to age 60 (after 18 months service) based on 75% of pre-disability salary.

Private Medical Insurance to age 65.

Annual medical paid for.

Loss of License based on 4 x scheme reference salary, currently 81,450 Cap, 54,502 FO.

Death in Service 1 x salary for non-DC pension members, 4 x salary for DC pension members.

30 days leave, 10 days off in 28 (9 in 28 in the three peak roster periods).

Scheduling Agreement including various goodies including days off that must start no later than 2100L the day before and not finish earlier than 0800L the day after. Roster disruption scheme. Ring fence scheme up to 4 duties per roster period. VIP scheme guaranteed days off up to two years in advance.

Unified pay scale based on length of Service, not years in rank. SFO scale starts at 48,488 rising to 79,234 after 21 years in Company service. Cap scale starts at 67,331 rising to 119,186 after 21 years in Company service.

Flying pay - Cap 10.11 per flying hour, FO 6.74.

Duty pay 3.01 per duty hour, voyage rate 3.28 per hour both rates are subject to 1.94 tax relief.

Overtime Cap 638, FO 422 per day.

Part time working scheme 75/25 and 50/50, all pay and leave pro-rata. Can switch between schemes.

CTC Wings Loan Repayment Scheme cadets can have their loan taken over by the Company and pay it back through their pay as salary sacrifice. There are eligibility rules for this scheme but former Easy Jet Flexi-Crew have qualified.

A300 fleet being withdrawn from this year through to 2014. B757 all to be withdrawn in 2014. A320/321 fleet increasing over the next two years. Currently operate 2 x A330 but the LH fleet is being reviewed, LH numbers may go up or down over the next few years.

Recruiting a mixture of Airbus and non rated pilots. Bond for a type rating is 24K over 3 years. Courses commencing in September and continuing through the year at the rate of one per month.

Flying Wild 15th Jun 2012 11:17


I'm not sure you should be posting text from a private members form onto pprune. If the original poster on the BALPA forum wanted to, I'm sure he would have posted here too.

VNAVPTH 15th Jun 2012 11:20

Anyone have a copy of the current SA that they wouldn't mind emailing?

Please pm me if its ok. Many thanks in advance.

charlies angel 15th Jun 2012 13:43

I believe it might be 3.28 an hour but I'm only guessing:ugh:
Is post 1 invisible to anyone else?:E

VNAVPTH 15th Jun 2012 14:14

Scheduling agreement my dear chap not sector allowance.

Flying Torquewrench 15th Jun 2012 18:40

Why the obsession with comparing Monarch to Easyjet?

Some people want to work for Easyjet others want to work for Monarch. As long as the person involved is happy with his/her choice do you really think he/she gives a rats arse what somebody on Pprune thinks about it?

This thread is about Monarch recruiting so just stick to the topic at hand. Do you want a comparison then I suggest you open a new topic called 'Easyjet vs Monarch' or something to that effect.

I am sure that Easyjet has it good point and bad points and the same goes for Monarch. If you are looking for the perfect company then you will be searching till the end of your days.

Everybody needs to look at their own situation and aspirations in life and make a decision based on that! :ok:

Kirk out 15th Jun 2012 22:02

Don't think there is any comparison between easy and Monarch, not at FO entry level anyway. With Monarch you get a job and a salary and a pension and uniform and a roster and sick pay and day off payments and a type rating and loss of licence and medical payed for and health insurance.......and with easy you get...... flexible. There was a time when it was all so different, it was all factored time to become orange because they wanted the best of the best, now it's factored to zero! Go figure.....!Shame really, easy used to be a bit like monarch apparently....

macdo 16th Jun 2012 09:41

All you can say about BISH's post, is that Monarch are a proper employer and its a proper job. Particularly for FO's. I'd be surprised if they weren't inundated with applications!

Bergholt 17th Jun 2012 06:13

Monarch may be a proper employer but it all comes at a cost. Monarch reported a 45m loss in the financial year ending 31 October 1011 which necessitated a 75m cash injection from its owners.

MaxPower2011 17th Jun 2012 09:12

Indeed it did, but you could argue this represents a major commitment from the owners. In return significant cost saving and revenue targets were introduced which have been met comfortably, whilst a good employer-employee relationship has been maintained.

On the flip side, the engineering and tour operator companies are making money. The airline is vital to that.

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