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Skyward85 12th Jun 2012 12:37

Once the application has been submitted is it possible to see if your CV has been attached correctly?

Skyward85 12th Jun 2012 13:09

Is there an option to add education and job history? My application had a 'test' with few general questions about hours, convictions, etc. Then an option to add CV and that was it.

assymetricdrift 12th Jun 2012 14:07

UK EASA ATPL? I've got a UK JAA ATPL at the moment...

I haven't had mine converted yet at all - although it will be done at some stage, no doubt. It's just not been done yet...

windshear-a-head 12th Jun 2012 14:10

I'm sure your not alone, I bet there are very few that have converted - I too have JAA ATPL.

assymetricdrift 12th Jun 2012 14:14

And no education/degree section too?? Oh heck, better make sure that the CV is properly adjusted and ready to go. Looks like it's one shot at this, and the form seems to change on a minute by minute basis!

McBruce 12th Jun 2012 14:53

Could you just not give them your previous UK reference number? you can convert back and your old reference number would be your licence number again. Its only a paperwork exercise that doesn't take long?

McBruce 12th Jun 2012 15:10

Not too sure, its rather vague! but the fact they state they require UK issued EASA licence and that doesn't happen until September.....

Flying Wild 12th Jun 2012 15:35

Anyone having trouble getting past the registration page?
It doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Disregard. Finally managed to get in. What an application system! I almost prefer the paper application they had previously!

master_warning 12th Jun 2012 16:48

Is it the same as other airline online applications where you can go back, review and edit information that you've entered before you finally submit the whole application?

Skyward85 12th Jun 2012 17:55

What is this test score about? My application was brief, just some yes/no questions plus your CV. Have I missed something?

leyahl 12th Jun 2012 18:18

Bloody typical. I sent off a full paper application form yesterday only for this to pop up today! I wonder where I am in the system. Probably in the bin!

OutsideCAS 12th Jun 2012 18:21

Ditto all the above. Awful submission portal. Makes you wonder who put it together, maybe an IT stude with a few hours to kill ?.

Fair_Weather_Flyer 12th Jun 2012 18:42

I submitted my paper application yesterday and now find that they are attempting online recruitment, albeit in a very amateurish way.

It makes me wonder if the entire expansion is as rushed and ill conceived as this online system. After all, they are trying to recruit career pilots; what a terrible way to go about it.

PD210 12th Jun 2012 18:53

Is it just me or is anyone else very suspicious of this online application form...?

It's so bad and looks like it could hijack your computer and do nasty things. And such badly worded questions. I really am "proceeding with caution" here.

Stick35 12th Jun 2012 20:43

Hey guys,

Did just the famous test. Got only 4points on my test since i'm not a uk citizen. :ugh:

Never seen something strange like this one.

BlackandBrown 12th Jun 2012 21:16


It's all down to being willing and lucky. Luck is a much bigger factor than you are crediting it with. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a charlatan of sorts.

Alexander de Meerkat 13th Jun 2012 00:06

HPBleed - in some ways I am very uncomfortable having this discussion in public. I truly hope you have made the right decision. I know you do not accept the luck argument, but as the years go by I have come to see that my games analogies are pretty accurate. We all make choices that seem good at the time - in the light of time they seem less so. My own aviation career is littered with good and bad choices - frankly none of them were made with absolute knowledge and some have worked out well and others have not. You can be the best guy in the world, but be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you are stuffed. I think you will find many older pilots (50+) who have been made redundant on a number of occasions (DanAir, Air Europe, Excel, AB Airlines, Debonair, etc, etc) and these people tend to be much more fans of the 'luck' argument. I hope the guys at Monarch never live to see it, but having been there myself I know only too well that no airline is guaranteed tomorrow. I therefore personally put a huge premium on being in a stable airline, and do not see Monarch as fitting that category. Nonetheless, I fully respect your decision and wish you well in it. You may yet prove me wrong, and in many ways I hope you do.

Regarding your arguments over flexicrew, I cannot defend the indefensible - it is an absolute disgrace and caused terrible damage to our reputation. I do, however, think that no one will get the boot as a result of being at the end of a contract. Anyway, I shall vacate now and leave this to the genuine seekers of employment at Monarch who really do not care for this discussion. Good luck to one and all.

VNAVPTH 13th Jun 2012 08:52

Perhaps the Flexi-crews are ok. It's the perm contracts that have to be worried. As a higher expense overhead on the company's books, they will be the first to be chopped if EZY start to struggle. Experience counts for nothing in LCC land, only cost matters.

Fat Dog 13th Jun 2012 09:21

Hilarious application form... :O

BlackandBrown 13th Jun 2012 09:44

Out of interest does anyone know when these positions are to start?

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