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clearofconflict 10th Jun 2012 19:55

Advert in Flight International?
I have the latest flight international.....5-11 June and I can't find the advert that everyone is talking about??

Am I being dense?

Coffin Corner 10th Jun 2012 20:06


This coming week's edition I think fella, good luck.

daveh767 10th Jun 2012 20:53


I wouldn't wast your time conversing with the likes of brownandblack or whoever it is, the internet has brought us all wonderful new opportunities since it arrived, but unfortunately it also introduced the dreaded 'troll'.....I had to look that up a few months ago, I had no idea what it meant, but I do now!!

Please dont desert the private MON forum though, your witty posts are why I visit this website!!

I was on the 737 at the same time as you, George's bar in Berlin.............now, those were the days:]] Monarch has served us both splendidly, and will continue to do so, and in the next few months will offer many more pilots the chance to join us.

I think CaptainProp summed it up quite well in an earlier post:

'In fact it is a very individual decision depending on each persons personal situation and to a certain extent their career aspirations.... '

ZeBedie 10th Jun 2012 21:44

Since Monarch is likely to expand rapidly by 50%, time to command should be reasonable for anyone joining now. Easy on the other hand, has already had its expansion. So don't go to easyjet, or you'll be stuck in the right seat for ages ;)

BlackandBrown 10th Jun 2012 22:04

Reading your post reminded me of the quote:

Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

Iver 11th Jun 2012 00:13

My dad is bigger than your dad!!!! :} These threads are very entertaining. How about we consider how Europe is going down the :mad: and many airline pilots throughout the continent could very well end up unemployed... Let's be happy that we currently have a job. Our Euro governments have put us in a percarious position and now the travel/leisure industry may suffer considerably.

Good luck to everyone - and be thankful if you are still employed and flying for a living. :cool:

Robert G Mugabe 11th Jun 2012 00:43

Ding Ding Round 2....

Captain Prop

Loyalty to what?! Companies that will not even offer them a full time contract but instead temporary ones with no security, no pension, no sick pay and no guarantee of income unless they are flying... You talking about loyalty and integrity to these kind of companies?! Are you serious?!
A large number of orange flexicrew pilots have been offered full time contracts at easyJet. Those who are holding out for a UK basing are not being placed because there are no full time positions available in UK. You can however get placements on the continent.

With regard to the state of the industry at the moment. Dont try and give me the guff that its all the old timers fault and that the LCC are to blame. It is a combination of in no particular order.

1. Ineffective UK pilot Unions.

2. Old timers protecting their T&C at the expense of new joiners industry wide.

3. The death of traditional FTOs' and self improver modular training.

4. The availability of easy money and the advent of integrated FTOs'.

5. A new breed of pilot untempered by the school of hard knocks and the university of life who expect everything on a plate simply because they have spent the banks money on a dream.( While not reading the small print on their contracts )

6. A regulatory body that is ineffectual in maintaining the T&C of the industry as a whole.

7. The economic environment.

So in summary good luck to all joining Monarch. I am sure it is a wonderful company to work for.I do feel that they planned this expansion with the expectation that the economic situation in Europe would be much more favourable than it is. Time will tell. I would much prefer to have a full time contract with easyJet than with Monarch if I was a new joiner as easyJet seems to be on a more secure financial footing.

BlackandBrown 11th Jun 2012 08:00

Jersey145, just so you have the facts, for CTC we had to do a 4 stage selection, then we had to pass assessments for easy and then to get the Permanant position with easyjet we had to apply formally and perform a selection and have our training files assessed. Quite what you think monarchs selection is like I don't know.

To keep attacking me and debating anything other than Monarchs viability as a long term flying job shows to me that you either:

1. Know my assessment of their situation is probably and at least logically correct.

2. Are a superstitious dreamer that believes in the 'I must increase my bust' method.

As for the grammar in your and zebedies posts, it reminded of the funny quote:

Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.
Please, of course, give us some good reasons to join Monarch considering the economy, the future of this industry and monarchs brand.

renort 11th Jun 2012 08:22

Typically the flight deck community will be focused on the t&c's whether it's better or worse than flexi etc as that is your job, and good luck in your choice.

The real question is not about filling the seats in front of the f/d door, it's filling the ones behind it, this potential growth is great, but are you really sure the business is sustainable.

Having very close hand experience of Monarch management I would say buyer beware.

The guys and gals on the front line are 99 percent excellent folks, it's the people upstairs I worry about. This expansion has come about ten years too late, so many ships have sailed.

SD. 11th Jun 2012 08:46

How many jobs in the UK are considered to be 'safe'?

Tui, TCX, VS have all laid off not that long ago, any on a flexi crew or brookfield can be laid off at anytime.

BlackandBrown 11th Jun 2012 09:25

Yeah and I wouldn't recommend leaving a Permanant job for any of those carriers either.

Horgy 11th Jun 2012 09:39

Back on topic if I can...

Does anyone know the roster pattern at MON? I assume it's typical charter with GDO's each month but otherwise random..

Does anyone know if the rumours of 737NG are true? That's why I fly now but I don't fancy being cramped in there on a Friday night SSH, will recruitment I guess be initially for the airbus?

More importantly, how is the assessment? Is it down to earth or BA style "do you prefer ketchup or mayonnaise" etc type questions?

BlackandBrown 11th Jun 2012 09:46

Possessives in business names

See also: S-form
Where a business name is based on a family name it should take an apostrophe, but many leave it out (contrast Sainsbury's with Harrods). In recent times there has been an increasing tendency to drop the apostrophe. Names based on a first name are more likely to take an apostrophe (Joe's Crab Shack). Some business names may inadvertently spell a different name if the name with an s at the end is also a name, such as Parson. A small activist group called the Apostrophe Protection Society[45] has campaigned for large retailers such as Harrods, Currys, and Selfridges to reinstate their missing punctuation. A spokesperson for Barclays PLC stated, "It has just disappeared over the years. Barclays is no longer associated with the family name."[46] Further confusion can be caused by businesses whose names tend to look like they are pronounced differently without an apostrophe such as Paulos Circus, and other companies that leave the apostrophe out of their logos but include it in written text, such as Waterstone's and Cadwalader's.

I'm not a troll just because I have a different opinion to you, you closed minded fool.

Try answering my question:

Give us all good reasons to join Monarch considering all the aforementioned elements.

Coffin Corner 11th Jun 2012 09:51

For goodness sake chaps, half this shite can be deleted from this thread. Is there anything useful to read in the last 2-3 pages?

As Horgy said, anyone have any info on typical summer/winter rosters, part year working, interview process? PPJN says a good ol' fashion chat with the management, is this still the case?

Artie Fufkin 11th Jun 2012 10:11

BandB - What you have posted doesn't excuse your incorrect grammar. Look at it again.

FWIW, I actually agree with your view that longterm prospects look better at easy than at "monarchs".

BUGS/BEARINGS/BOXES 11th Jun 2012 10:22

In an attempt to avoid the black/ brown hamster wheel, I think I understand what he is trying to get at, re leaving big giant orange Europe for what he sees as small fry. However, it would appear his soap box is a touch large.

Anyway. The payscales on PPJN, are they still accurate? I would search the rest of the thread, but it is rather tedious. Perhaps PMs are more appropriate for rubbishing each other?

Firestorm 11th Jun 2012 10:28

Clear of Conflict:

Flight International 12-18 June, page 49, top left.

edited to add

First Officer Recruitment-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs

spider_man 11th Jun 2012 10:47

plan to add at least 4 A/C over next year, 2 new bases, heard expansion to between 40-60 A/C depending on who you ask.
NB: They will also retire 3 a/c over next 14 months (2 A300, 1 A320) and a further 5 a/c by end of 2014, according to jethros. That brings the fleet count back down to 24. Where would these additional 36 airframes be based in the UK? Is this business plan based on the failure of another uk operator I wonder.

alpha.charlie 11th Jun 2012 11:47

The payscales on ppjn are indeed correct.

The interview is a chat with 2 management pilots, it used to literally just be a chat but it has got a little bit more structured with a couple of groups of questions - a couple of technical, a couple of "give an example...", a couple of "how would you..." and so on. Have a good brush up on the airlines recent past and future plans and what are the big topics within the airline at the moment.

Expansion had been planned for a while but it has been accelerated to try to fill the void of BMIbaby.

No fixed pattern roster, all random but with a very good Scheduling Agreement as well as the ability to pick some of your days off (VIP) and ring-fence duties.

As for the 737's - doubt it! My money is on Airbus.

Monarch is a brilliant airline to work for, there are many changes going on within the airline at the moment and its a pretty exciting time to be here. Despite working max hours at the moment, I still haven't felt the same kind of tiredness that I did from 5 early 4-sector days.

Good luck to all who apply, especially those looking for the next step up the ladder!

Mungo Man 11th Jun 2012 21:46

In the advert linked to above it says:

Please note that at the moment there is a recruitment freeze and applications are not being accepted.
So are they actually recruiting, or filling up a hold pool (and if so what about people who are already in the pool) or neither?

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