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Jaydubya 3rd Jul 2012 07:57

Thanks for reply, no I have not been away at Her Maj's pleasure, just working outside aviation since my last airline when bust!:{

RHINO 3rd Jul 2012 08:17

it would appear that the largest group of applicants are EASY pilots:ok:

walterthesofty 3rd Jul 2012 08:17

Lets just pray those in command know exactly what their doing ,However as someone who witnessed just how close to disaster the previous regime was allowed to sail the ship i am yet to be convinced the current encumbents are a whole lot better , Time will tell. Best of luck to all

RHINO 3rd Jul 2012 08:30

Walter, you old softy.....thank you


go around flaps15 3rd Jul 2012 19:17

No PFOs gone out yet at all?

BlackandBrown 3rd Jul 2012 19:41

I know quite a few easy flexi FOs have been offered a job with Monarch to start in September/ October.

Landflap 4th Jul 2012 09:23

Walter, what financial predicament? Excuse the naivity, admittedly short of specific knowledge here. But, closing off a 40 year career soon, I did observe the demise of British Eagle, Caledonian, BUA, Invicta, Channel, Lloyd, Transglobe,Laker, Air Europe, Dan.............blimey, was even there in some cases but Monarch out survived all of them. Biggest career bad decision was to have turned them down .........way back.........for the B720 ! Gees, just could not take Luton Airport. Opted for classy Airwick Gatport & it has all been downhill for three decades. Monarch, whenever coming close to running out of money, seemed to get it from some Swiss Gnome, overnight ! What's goin on !!

My advice, get into Monarch & stay with it. One of Aviation's greats. Good luck chaps.

greywind 4th Jul 2012 10:25

I shall ask then as I can't guess it out

No PFOs gone out yet at all?

1000ft Cruiser 4th Jul 2012 10:32

It stands for "Polite Go Aways"

walterthesofty 4th Jul 2012 11:04

What financial predicament??... if it was not for the fact the owners pumped millions in some months ago the airline would have gone under.

I believe that they stated this was the final bail out, if losses are not stemmed within the next year or so then its all over.

Lets just hope the new team can put right the horrendous mess PB and his cronies got the company into

First.officer 4th Jul 2012 11:58

Just wondering......of the guys and gals thus far that have been interviewed and offered positions, does anyone know what their relevant backgrounds are from an experience point of view ?? i.e. were they Airbus rated, 2000hrs + guys and gals, or have some lower experienced bods got through the doors ?

greywind 4th Jul 2012 19:01

As far as I know some people sent in CVs before the online application started being used and they are the only people I know who've been offered interviews or jobs. Those who emailed CVs after the online system went live were pointed towards that and I don't know of anyone who filled in the online application who has even been contacted yet.

First.officer 4th Jul 2012 22:18

Ah, okay.....submitted a paper application back in March, and was told by 'e' mail on the day of opening to re-submit my application via the portal if still interested......to be fair, i only have light biz-jet experience so guessing i might not be at the top of the list lol ! ;)

Rocket Ron 5th Jul 2012 13:48

It's a pity EZY are losing some excellent F/Os to Monarch, all because we can't be bothered to offer them proper contracts.

Shame on us. :(

HPbleed 5th Jul 2012 21:19

Can't be bothered? I know that's tongue in cheek but you know the real reason - Management Bonuses for keeping costs down. Sadly it's not going to get any better in Orange Land.

Burpbot 6th Jul 2012 00:24

Well let's hope what goes around comes around!!!

Good karma to mon ;)

tissue 6th Jul 2012 09:07

Hi, I'd be really grateful if anyone could shed some detailed light on what the interview process is like? What sort of questions etc. are asked?


BlackandBrown 6th Jul 2012 17:47

Monarch | It's Time To Get Your Suitcase Out

Artie Fufkin 6th Jul 2012 17:57

He has a point. If they're planning a return to profit with that...

New T2 Office 6th Jul 2012 19:03

Brown and Black, i thought you said you weren't returning to this thread in one of your earlier posts!!! :*

Dont worry about the ad, I am reliably informed this is termed a 'teaser' out there in Media world (nope I dont really understand it either!!), the full ad appears on TV next week

Now back to the 'recruitment' topic I think.......................

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