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spottyemm 8th Jul 2012 21:18

This whole thread is getting tedious! If you want to discuss the merits of CTC and Flexicrew then surely a Monarch recruiting thread is not the place to do it.

For info I understand that places to non type rated pilots including some ex military have been offered on a course starting in October. Another rumour doing the rounds internally is that we will not be reopening the recruitment portal soon as we have over 1000 suitable applicants already. That said it may well be that more recruitment will be needed next year. A MAJOR plus in getting an interview is a recommendation from someone in the company.

The interviews are still very old school and consist of a 'chat' with a couple of management pilots.

As has been said above as of this November there will not a single FO at Monarch on a part time contract who has not volunteered to do so.

There is still no announcement about the future of the A330 fleet but this must be imminent, the possibility of requiring a 2 year amortisation period following A330 conversion has been mooted and is causing some consternation among senior FOs.

As for the Easy vs Monarch debate it's horses for courses. Some years ago we lost guys to Easy as they were looking for regional uk/European bases and a fixed roster. Now guys are coming to us as we have permanent contracts, some long haul etc.

I have no experience of Easy and unlike B&B will not demean myself by slagging other people off. What I can say is that on the whole Monarch is a friendly, inclusive place to work. Crewing, despite being under great pressure recently, remain friendly and accommodating wherever possible. A hard wotking BALPA Cc supported by very high membership levels have secured us T&Cs that are amongst the best in the country Pilot management are approachable and most importantly I enjoy going to work with a great bunch of lads and lasses.

It's not always a bed of roses but I'm certainly happy where I am.

Congrats to all those who have been offered a course date and good luck to those being interviewed, I look forward to sharing a beer with you some time. To those who have not been offered an interview, if you know someone in the company who may be willing to give you a reference then I would suggest giving them a bell and offering to buy them a drink or two.

Serenity 8th Jul 2012 21:31

I'm not applying to easyjet!!

Could anyone possibly enlighten me as to what one could expect in the interview at monarch.

Many thanks

Feel free to pm.

JliderPilot 8th Jul 2012 22:26


Excellent post there me old. I am glad this thread is getting back on track at last. As an ex mil type, all I have heard from inside Monarch are positive messages. Cannot comment on easy or ryanair but I am hopeful as airline recruitment starts again, we shall see the end of these crappy contracts that everyone mentions. Maybe it is time for the pilots to get the pay they deserve.:ok:

Iver 8th Jul 2012 22:32

Long haul questions...
What is the status of long haul flying at Monarch? I know Monarch operate older A300-600Rs and several A330s.

Does Monarch still plan to add long haul aircraft (i.e., 787s now cancelled) or have those long haul plans been shelved? The older A300s will probably leave in the next few years. Will Monarch retain long haul flying in the mix or will it focus more on Euro-centric LCC flying?

Also, for a recent newhire on the A320/21, how long before you could get qualified on the A330 and start flying some long haul flights (assuming they remain)? 3-4 years?

RHINO 9th Jul 2012 07:21

If people are thinking of coming to Monarch they need to think short haul.....

mesh 9th Jul 2012 08:20

Monarch are going Sh, the 330's are on their way out. We get rid of our first A300 in October and the rest of the 'LH' aircraft will be gone over the next couple of years. Order of probably A320 family to be announced soon, possibly at Farnborough. First TV advert aired today, 2 new bases, 90+ FOs, 40 commands, Monarch is on the way up again. We have top 5 T and C's, good bunch of guys on the whole, friendly environment to work in. It's been mentioned that we have lost some FO's recently, we have. Some of those gone would now be sat in the left hand seat. They have made the choice due to a number of reasons but hating it at Monarch is not one of them. The big choice to be made coming to Monarch or staying at Monarch is whether you will be happy doing 5 on 2 off to Spain for the rest of your career. The next choice to be made is when you are 50 do you want to be worrying about Monarch not being around any more. Some of our guys have just gone through this and it has prompted some guys to go to more 'stable' airlines, but lets face it you could find yourself in this position at 90% of airlines. Don't come here thinking you will be flying the 330 in a few years even if it does stay currently it stands at 6 years to get on it. If these two factors don't concern you the come on in, we enjoy our time here and the laws of probability say that when I retire Monarch will still be here.

P-T 9th Jul 2012 13:11

New to MON
having read the previous threads with interest, I'd just like to add my 2p worth.

I've recently joined monarch (Feb of this year) from another UK Charter Airline and all I have to say about them is positive.

Everything from the initial interview to working on the line is nothing but an enjoyable experience. The Management have been frank and open, the Training Department friendly and very helpful and the staff as a whole are great. There have been opportunities to move base temporarily and having initially been taken on with a 9-3 contract, all of us who joined this year have been offered the full 12 month contract.

It's a good company to work for and yes, it has it's issues with stability or job security, but show me any UK airline (other than BA) that hasn't. Overall I'm flying less and getting paid more than before, so surely thats a good thing!

Jumbo2 9th Jul 2012 15:38

Did some already got an invitation or a rejection email following their online application or are all the invitations/rejections being send out at the moment pre online application form? This just to get an idea how far the recruitment team is.

Direct DIKRO 9th Jul 2012 15:48

I've not heard anything regarding the result of my application, it's still showing as an active application on their e-site.:{

The last correspondence received, almost a fortnight ago, was from the recruitment team apologising for the delay as they've understandably been inundated with applications.

Dried ears 9th Jul 2012 22:42

I've not flown an aircraft bigger than 14 tonnes, currently flying six tonnes. Obviously I'm not worthy of Monarch damn it! Tears welling up and applies to the middle east universe like all the other misfits.

Craggenmore 10th Jul 2012 12:01

The big choice to be made coming to Monarch or staying at Monarch is whether you will be happy doing 5 on 2 off to Spain for the rest of your career.
Is that a wind-up mesh..? That's only 8 days off a month..!

tom775257 10th Jul 2012 14:25

10 days off per month, 9 day off in peak 3 months. Day off is 2100L --> 0900 enclosing two local nights (or less than 2000 --> 0800L)

Obviously often days where you aren't working can't comply with the above so these will be 'rest days.' So you will get these days off min and also generally a number of rest days.

go around flaps15 10th Jul 2012 16:15

Any non type rated guys/gals getting a call? And if so what kind of experience?

PAPI-74 11th Jul 2012 03:42

Where are the 75's based?

mesh 11th Jul 2012 09:38

Not a wind up, roughly speaking this is what you will be doing. Our 320 guys do max hours, slightly quiter in winter. As stated we currently have 9 days off in summer...

757's are on their way out over next couple of years. At the moment we have one working summer out of Edn and the other few work mainly from Man/Lgw

BaconRash 11th Jul 2012 14:44

Be a real shme if you loose the 757s and 330s...got a few mates on these fleets...they love it. Short haul good to be in your own bed at night but not much else.

Skyward85 12th Jul 2012 11:44

Does anyone have information on the interview?

stewiegriffin 13th Jul 2012 12:45

I take it some interviews have been conducted this week, how'd they go? what were they like? & has anyone heard anything yet? I got my app in 2 days after it opened and am yet to hear anything!

HPbleed 13th Jul 2012 13:17

The interview is a management chat, trying to suss out if they can sit next to you for 12 hours. A couple of HR questions (give us a time when you have shown leadership, a time when you have dealt with an emergency situation etc) and a couple of tech questions - a couple of acronyms, what they mean etc and also detailed questions on one area (hydraulics in my case). Then a Q&A time and a bit about the job, where you can expect to be based etc. Overall straight forward and no messing unlike the BA interview process.

wannaf1y 13th Jul 2012 13:51

Interview/not rated
I have just under 2000 hrs total.... had an interview about 2 weeks ago, heard the next day I had the job....... At the minute gainfully employed on the Avrorj... My start date end of Oct... A320/21

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