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The African Dude 1st Jul 2012 08:57

Wellington, there is a difference between discrimination and selection! Discrimination would be selection on the basis of something people cannot choose.

I wouldn't ring your lawyer just yet :8

fmgc 1st Jul 2012 09:52

How can they ask for 20 tonnes plus experience and then recruit direct from CTC, I think there is a case for discrimination me thinks
How so?

Racism? Ageism? Sexism?

SmilingKnifed 1st Jul 2012 23:39


stewiegriffin 2nd Jul 2012 11:38

anyone actually heard anything yet? be it good or bad news....

Wellington Bomber 2nd Jul 2012 11:49

Tell me what is different in flying 20, 30 , 10 tonne plane please

All could have the same avionics, fair enough some taxi ways are smaller than others, all go 250 kts below 10000ft, the radio calls are the same so apart from some go higher and get an inflight meal, all work in busy mixed airspace with helicopters, what is the difference apart from mine is bigger than yours childishness.

Please tell me, i am all ears

HPbleed 2nd Jul 2012 11:54

They just want a broad spectrum of experience. It's no different to a building company taking on apprentices and guys with 25 years experience to keep the levels correct.

So they take cadets and people with jet commercial experience, I don't see the problem.

Wellington Bomber 2nd Jul 2012 12:03

But they take turboprops over 20 tonnes i,e Dash 8-300 &400, SAAB 2000 & ATP for frigs sake

SO that argument about jet goes out the window

Speed goes out of the window as well because the J41 and D328 go faster than the Dash 300 and ATP and you can argue that certain types can go 250knts to about 9 mile final where as jets cant.

Next argument

horsebox 2nd Jul 2012 12:51

Wellington, I think its just a "line in the sand", arbitary, made up number as a way of sifting applications or cv's.

Jetstream has the word Jet in the aircraft name, therefore perfectly reasonable to count it as Jet time??!

1000ft Cruiser 2nd Jul 2012 17:27

Have a friend who's just got the job. Starts in October, guy in his 20s with about 2500 turboprop hours, all RHS.

Flying Wild 2nd Jul 2012 18:10

Have heard today that the FO vacancy will not be loaded back up onto the recruitment system due to the overwhelming interest in the initial stage. An official message should appear soon.
They are looking to find 120 FOs in this current cycle. If they can't find enough, then they'll open it back up again.

bucket_and_spade 2nd Jul 2012 18:55

Wow. 120 is massive. Can anyone put this expansion in to context i.e. current versus anticipated airframes?

mudcity 2nd Jul 2012 19:28

monarch recruitment
Plan is for several new and some older a320+a321 to join the fleet for Summer 13.
speaking to the recruitment team at HQ the interest has been huge and the first type rated course has been filled, will be one course a month commencing sept, with the intention that the recruits will be a mixture of type rated / non type rated -with previous airline / military background and some CTC cadets
( including first MPL cadets )
the online process will stay closed until the initial batch of applications has been processed.
Interview is with two management pilots.....
hope that helps someone

Boing7117 2nd Jul 2012 19:43

120 FO positions is a staggering number.

A very encouraging sign of an upturn in the industry hopefully.

Where does this number of 120 come from? An official source or educated speculation?

mudcity 2nd Jul 2012 20:01

number quoted to me today was 95…still a significant number

1000ft Cruiser 2nd Jul 2012 21:50

My friend got MAN. No idea what he requested.

Flying Wild 2nd Jul 2012 22:14

Originally Posted by Boing7117 (Post 7273803)
120 FO positions is a staggering number.

A very encouraging sign of an upturn in the industry hopefully.

Where does this number of 120 come from? An official source or educated speculation?

Official source.

walterthesofty 3rd Jul 2012 07:09

Quite amazing figures given the airlines current financial predicament.

Jaydubya 3rd Jul 2012 07:29

I have a UK CAA ATPL and a JAA ATPL but what is a EASA ATPL that Monarch are asking for?
I,ve been away awhile.

Blighty Pilot 3rd Jul 2012 07:44

EASA is the new licensing Authority for Europe (Previously JAA). Your EASA license will be issued in due course.

I'm not sure that being away for a while, unless at her Majesties pleasure, is an excuse not to be up to speed with relevant licensing information. If you have been at her Majesties pleasure then don't even waste your time in applying!

BlackandBrown 3rd Jul 2012 07:48

Careful Walter, monarchs grateful old pilots are looking to polarise the views on here.

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