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usualguy 28th Aug 2011 22:13

can somebody who taken it send me private message with the questions?
...and answers?

dont be shy, just ask?:rolleyes:

B767PL 28th Aug 2011 23:52

Well Wizz can do whatever the hell they want when they have more then a surplus of qualified candidates all fighting for the positions. Doesn't hurt them at all, and helps them with the selection process by weeding the rest out.

That is the shape of this industry, and has been for the last few years.

Narrow Runway 29th Aug 2011 06:35

They also have a very high turnover rate of pilots, especially Captains.

swish266 29th Aug 2011 12:01

Turnover my a-s
Specific bases only.

On the other hand is the following example:
BUD - waiting list for Captains' transfer,
SOF - 1 Captain lost in 4 years.

But the likes of BBU and KTW - no need to blame Wizz - bad places and the salary does not justify the drop in lifestyle quality, that the average EU pilot is used to. Even though Wizz pays "fair salaries, not equal ones".


Narrow Runway 29th Aug 2011 12:44

Swish, I'm not sure you're entirely correct.

It's true that there is a long waiting list for BUD. Ask why? Probably because Wizz is headquartered in BUD. Oops, no it's not. It's Geneva, for "tax" reasons.

In reality, the wait list is because there are virtually no flying options in Hungary, so any Hungarian would likely prefer BUD to elsewhere.

SOF: Well, you'd know. You're waiting to go there I believe, and the reasons are similar to above. i.e. not too many jobs in Bulgaria.

Take a look around other bases and there's plenty of movement, with perhaps the exception of WAW with again similar reasons to the above.

BBU: plenty of people have left in the last few months;
CLJ: In my time there, 4 Captains left for Vietnam and 1 elsewhere;
KTW: People come and go regularly as you note, to QR, KA, EZ.....;
PRG: Resignations have occurred here too;
GDN: Same again, Captains have left;
KBP (or whatever Zhuliani code is): Yes, you guessed it. Captains leave. At least 20% in the last year.......

The fact is, Wizz doesn't care if people come or go. It's not a career airline.

Luckily Flt Ops now has a professional in charge. I wish I'd reported to him for longer and not the previous HFO.

For those in Wizz, you've got a great leader now and I think he'll put good people to work with him - the best available - and not just yes men.

If that happens, improvements will occur and it will stabilise. Good luck to all.

FireWorks 29th Aug 2011 15:38


I wrote to CHECHE but he didnīt reply :{

DownThreeGreens, please PM when you took the quiz :O:O


CHECHE 29th Aug 2011 20:04

Fireworks, give me a break!! ;)

I'm not online 24 H a day. I sent you a PM like the other 10 PM :\

What I found chatting with a colleague that also took the test is that every test is different, ramdom questions. So, maybe is not very useful to share questions.

By the way, still no news, good or bad.


FireWorks 30th Aug 2011 09:03


My best wishes for you :ok: Waitting your test if you could remember your questions...:sad:

DownThreeGreens, donīt forget it....:*


CHECHE 30th Aug 2011 11:37

I got the email right now, I succeed in my online test. Now I have to fill a data form, forward it to them and wait for a telephone interview, within 4-6 weeks :suspect:, long wait I believe.


joshua87 30th Aug 2011 13:41

Any info regarding the online test is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Adhemar 2nd Sep 2011 09:21

Wizz selection info required
I have been invited for the Wizzair selection process in Budapest later on this month. Can anyone shed any light on :

1) the HR interview
2) the technical interview.

What typical questions can be expected ?
What is the dressing code for Wizzair selection?

All info greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me.



B767PL 2nd Sep 2011 15:23

Adhemar, what is your flight experience and background you got invited with if you don't mind posting it.

wince 3rd Sep 2011 05:52

Wizz selection info required

What is the dressing code for Wizzair selection?
Wear a monkey suit

enemymine 4th Sep 2011 05:14

something from the muppet show... should match perfectly to them.

lowflare 4th Sep 2011 10:50

Guys, as soon as this becomes PPHumour network go ahead with bitter and sarcastic comments, now please focus on answering questions about Wizzair. Having that in mind, has anybody been invited for an interview in BUD for non type rated DEC? How does that look like? Do they inform you about the result at once? Thanks.

747JJ 4th Sep 2011 20:46

Actually I quite like the humour in the last few posts :E

Labomba 4th Sep 2011 21:03

Hi Lowflare. I was not too many months ago. If invited to BUD, means you already did the phone interview I guess. My interview in BUD was a bit special and pretty limited, but expect std questions cc motivation from HR, and also std from a Sr Pilot; can be about gradient requirerement, TO segments, MSA, RVSM etc... I couldn't answer to all Q. Brained ****** up by solar radiations. But made it ... Decision announced after +- 10 days.
Wizz ops are quite ok. Very prof. run
Salary depends a lot of the base: +- 30 sectors pm in Romania. More like 45 in Poland. Wich makes a huge difference at the end of the month!

Commuting not easy for most. first day sign in @ 04:50. Last day sign out at 22:00-23:00. So commuting, most of the times, during your 4 off days. Not much time at home unless easy commuting for you.

If not on a local contract, avoid ETOPS. Prefer the other ones, CAVOK for training (one of the boss is ex Wizz Head of training, now back to TRE, a real gentleman !). Confair, or storm as agency.
We all got lots of BS from Etops. Bunch of liers (not from Etops TRTO, wich had some very nice instructors, but from Etops services, the agency with who you sign the contract. Never again...).

As for the guys asking for dress code... don't forget Wizz is the pink airline !
Time for bed now. Next pprune in 6 months, sorryyyyyyyyyy.


CHECHE 5th Sep 2011 11:49

Does anybody know which is the average time until you have your telephone interview?
I sent my pilot data sheet last week and I have no news about them.


fanfan 5th Sep 2011 13:04


How long did you wait before to get quizz feedback? 2 weeks I took it and still waiting for an email...:ugh:

Utrinque 6th Sep 2011 13:30

What is a Captain earning a month - an earlier post mentioned 4000 euros! :ugh:

Is that an accurate figure? If so my interest has just evaporated. :=

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