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drfaust 25th Nov 2011 05:02

Got the call yesterday. Applied for NTR FO position and have just above 1500TT of which the vast majority is on the Q. Kind of caught me by surprise as well but I managed. It was a relaxed and friendly conversation.

The African Dude 2nd Dec 2011 14:05

Just out of interest, can anybody shed any light in to the current time to command in Wizzair and the requirements for command from within?

boko 4th Dec 2011 06:02

Guys, please help with Wizz SIM Profile
please, PM

brandt 21st Dec 2011 07:56

Hi. do you have any information about the interview or questions asked in wizz air?

airbuddy 22nd Dec 2011 10:22

hiya all,

anyone willing to shed a light on the online Wizzair test? Pm me also if you prefer.

drfaust 23rd Dec 2011 17:59

Wizz interview + sim
Just to shed some light on the last part of selection.

The first day will include a technical interview with three pilots. Common topics discussed on the particular day were low visibility operations, rvr, minimums, etc. Jet handling characteristics and its relation to centre of gravity and climb segments and missed approach climb gradient etc. If you are rated on the airbus they will also ask you questions about airbus systems, which seems fairly logical to expect. I flew turboprop before so they asked me about my particular airplane and its systems, prop characteristics, etc. I have to say that the interview was conducted in a very friendly fashion, they seemed reasonable in their questions. They weren't about to ask about which convention deals with cabotage etc. Just stuff you need to know in a daily flight operation.

The HR interview is conducted afterwards if you are succesful. Again straightforward questions like why wizz, what do you expect in five years, what would you do in situation x, y and z. Most of us have had similar HR or technical interviews before.

If succesful, the second day is going to be a sim evaluation. Groups are divided in airbus rated and non rated. You will be flying with one of the other candidates in your group. It will include a takeoff with flight director, cleanup and leveloff, airwork raw data and an ils intercept, approach and landing to follow. After the landing the person that was PM is going to do a full ils approach as well and that will be it. Our sim was around 25 minutes and it was far from perfect. For the rated guys it is different but I can't comment on this.

My guess is that they want to see if you can work well together as a team and try to do a reasonable job considering it will be your first time in an airbus. I hope this helps someone and if anyone has anything to add, feel free to contribute.

valKilmer3481 18th Aug 2012 14:05

Wizz Quiz
am Lear Driver and have about 4500 Hours.
Wizz invited me yesterday to attend the online Quiz?
Anybody of you have experience with this, which questions do they ask, i dont have time to repeat ATPL Questions, because am abroad and very bussy with the Lear in the moment.
They write i have to do this test within 14 days, so it would be great if some of you remember some of the questions and could post it to me, i would really appreciate.
And how do they continue after passing the ? Annother interview or a SimRide? and how long does the whole interview last, i mean, when can somebody expect invitation for the TypeRatingCourseThanks and cheers in advance
P.s. position applied: FO

leone 23rd Aug 2012 12:50

hi guys thanks for the usefull info on this thread about salary and general terms and conditions. what about general lifestyle at wizz? I understand roster quality can change a lot from base to base, but in general what's the work environment like? relaxed? things like pressure not to take extra fuel? training checking realxed and fair? average flying day is smooth/efficient operations/good support on the ground or lots of problems/disruption/stress? thanks.

SoundLesS 23rd Aug 2012 14:18

Everything in Wizz is fine in general.

There are minor irritating issues like low salary and sometimes packed flying schedule etc. but the atmosphere is very good. You work and do your job as you want to do it, in accordance with the OM's of course and you leave the day behind when you go home. You can take as much fuel as you want without justifying it unlike Ryanair. The bases are different in lifestyle etc. but if you do your homework before hand regarding the country you join then you will not be surprised.

It is one of the better companies in EU right now, and you will enjoy flying there, that is if your budget can handle the low average salary compared to other companies in EU...

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