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Old 27th Sep 2021, 19:55
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Nope. Pre-covid salary back starting next month.
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Old 28th Sep 2021, 05:04
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It was a three-stepped message:
i) recall on pandemic pay
ii) recall on pre-covid pay but flexi contract (non-commutable, like 3 fixed off days / month)
iii) recall on pre-covid pay and standard-pattern contract (commutable), full pre-covid style.

I shared a flightdeck once with the person who made it to the third stage by standing his ground (well, simply by counting the chicken himself).

Not sure if it is old or recent news, but it is a good one. Not only it means people already have opportunities to decline a bad offer, moreover the company is forced to react which was not granted at all.

Trying to see the glass half-full.

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Old 28th Sep 2021, 06:22
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Keep in mind that the roster pattern in Wizzair is not in the contract, it can be altered at any time.
Not like the rest in set in stone, since they unilaterally change whatever they want at all times at their comvenience
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Old 28th Sep 2021, 08:00
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It will be interesting to see what Wizz UK can get away with in a post Brexit world. No more ability to use cheaper Eastern European workforce to threaten terms and conditions of those working out of the UK. I'm sure there's another loop hole waiting to be exploited though!

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Old 28th Sep 2021, 08:27
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By the looks of it the post-Brexit world will be begging the said workforce to return to the UK to avoid juice shortage at the fuel stations and to have lettuce on the shelves of Tesco. And using the surplus Wizz UK crews and aircraft to help out in Eastern Europe as it already happened in August. It won't work like ordering 30.000 cloned lorry drivers and 60.000 pickers to be delivered to Dover by tomorrow. Either the rules are loosened or the comedy going on now will stay for long.
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Old 28th Sep 2021, 08:56
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Yes, you can take the piss and it's perfectly valid but not related to the above.
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Old 28th Sep 2021, 09:21
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None taken (as it wasn't rocket science to predict that this will happen) but it's still a fact: either they let them back or those problems will persist. Which option you think they will choose? And if they let them back then the WUK crew can be threatened again with the (even) cheap(er) workforce.
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Old 5th Oct 2021, 09:21
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What position were you applying for? Were all 40 candidates one rank or a mix of Captains and FO?

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Old 6th Oct 2021, 09:31
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I think WIZZAIR need to understand that some of the pilots they fired are working now and need time to attend an assessment.
Also it would be nice to know what are the conditions it will be before attending the assessment so the pilot can evaluate if it would be good for him and his family to return or it would be a step back again.
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 09:44
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Very high selectivity now for the pilot recruitment. I guess they take advantage of the crisis to be very picky.
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 13:43
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While they are still wet-leasing aircraft for lack of crew. They need good apples (aka yes-men) that's why they are picky.
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 15:41
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The problem is not being picky, the problem is lack of training capacity to put all those people on line.
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 12:22
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They don't care about yes-attitude during the interview, but if you know in detail ATPL especially Air Law. If you hesitate during the face-to-face technical interview you're out. And I don't even talk about the sim, totally random.
They are picky because loads of desperate unemployed pilots are available now. Even captains ready to switch back to the right seat.
That Airline has grown up too fast and now they believe they are as attractive as legacies. Whenever the former Emirates/Etihad/China/etc guys will move back to their previous Airline and Wizz will be again under lack of crew...
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 13:30
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They are still short of crew, wet-leased aircraft just recently again to cover flights while they still don't use 50-60 of their own aircraft. The way the selection is being done merely shows how clueless they are. That's the reason they got into this mess in the first place.
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 14:47
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I know a few excellent guys of all ranks who failed the WZZ assessment. Some before COVID, others recently. Why was that, I can only guess - but probably more because of the HR part than because of anything having gone sideways on the technical one.
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 21:35
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Any future bases in the U.K. possibly if they are planning for a lot of Wizz U.K. recruitment?
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Old 11th Oct 2021, 06:32
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I applied as an experienced FO, >3000 hours on type. I gave it my best, I was well prepped, perhaps got one tech question wrong in the interview but that was a misunderstanding of the question I realised afterwards. I felt I did better than all my previous assessments (more than 10 of them, having past the last 5 in a row). Yet, I didn't even make it to day 2 with Wizz Air. I know the young pilot recruitment manager guy (Hungarian) reads PPRuNe. I will say one thing to him....don't be so picky, maybe we're not all Wizz Air material but there aren't enough of us to go around. You are destined to have a difficult 2022 because of your attitude.
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Old 11th Oct 2021, 08:48
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They don’t want pilots , they want good apples , and the line between good / bad apples is thin , can change overnight ...
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Old 11th Oct 2021, 09:04
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Seems like its the main de-cider.
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Old 11th Oct 2021, 09:54
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Can someone tell how much they're offering the captain?
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