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The talking point of the management is "Wizz 500" these days, the "W300" thingy did not last long. Smoke in the mirror, no one will remember them (just like the earlier unfullfilled fleet plans) in 5-10 years.
The big scale (or any scale) market consolidation they expected and kept mentioning for years now did not happen (not even because of covid). The move to west is more or less limited to Italy/Vienna/the UK and already failed in some markets (like Norway, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Salzburg). Abu Dhabi is still quite a small scale operation despite all the hype they try to create. They do not seem to fare any better than the average EU operator during the pandemic, at least 30% of their fleet is still grounded, the re-starting date of several flights are being pushed back repeatedly. Quite a sum was lost on fuel hedging in a few years back, they stopped it, quess what now with the fuel price going up and up... The latest mantra is sustainability and being green which is a blue joke for anyone even remotely familiar with their operation.
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Are they still offering floating contracts?
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So I agree with what was mentioned above. They are not really in need of hiring pilots. Maybe they just ask for pilots for some promotional reasons. Try to think about the mid of pandemy in 2020 - Wizzair was the only one company publishing still new job offers on the Internet. That was definitely for some promotional reasons.

I am not telling company is bad. Many people dream about joining them because there are a lot of advantages in Wizzair. Unfortunately, they break these dreams perfectly - especially dreams of these young people entering aviation market right now.

They behave so unprofessional, that it is even hard to believe.

What I know from my friends/colleagues they organise some "secret assessments" for public universities graduates. I know about at least three Universities in Poland (Chelm, Rzeszow, Poznan). I suppose Poland does not have a world unique pilots so probably they do same in another countries.

Only in Rzeszow they have invited approximately 40 people. These people got an official invitation email with an assessment program and even their status on a Wizzair career website has been changed - from "we are currently reviewing all the applications" to "assessment day". In Rzeszow assessment should take a place at the beginning of a next week. Program - company presentation, atpl test, meeting with instructors and psychologist, simulator, computer test. No any group task. All the assessments are organised at universities - not in Budapest. On school simulators (Alsim, Elite). Simulators used for an assessment have nothing to do with A320 and are very well known for students.

What I know, approximately 20 graduates were invited for assessment in Chelm and I am not sure how many in Poznan because it is a brand new school and training centre.

There were at least 5 people from 40 invited Rzeszow graduates already with TR and some experience on jets (mostly from LOT's Q400 or EMB). Young people, shortly after completion TR before pandemy in 2020, during their line training or very shortly after. So let's say people that proved already that are able to pass a type rating but without any valuable experience. Kicked off from their training in previous airline due to COVID.

Similar situation in other universities.

What Wizzair does? Few days before an assessment informs these people that because they have TR on other types (not A320) they cannot participate in that assessment. Few days before! People have booked already transport, accommodation and few days before got refusal. I know even one guy who has refused a job offer given to him by Enter Air (recruitment was exactly one month ago) because he believed more in Wizzair and in their condition.

They punish young people for that they have a TR on other type. In other airlines TR and some experience on a heavier type can be only considered as an advantage. In Wizzair this is something what can exclude you. That's the strangest thing I have ever heard about.

It has to be mentioned that for a long time it was only possible to choose on their career website page position for pure cadets (without even a licence), type rated FO (type rated on A320) and non type rated FO (non type rated on A320). So all the people with very low experience and TR for another type were applying for position of a non type rated FO. Funny thing is that even in their formulas for this position they are asking for hours on a multi pilots airplanes and they factorise these hours.

Then they change their mind and omit people with that kind of experience.

From the other side it looks like they even don't check what you write in your application. Firstly they invite You without checking what You have in your licence or your formulas. Secondly they check and refuse. Definitely not a proper order.

I do not think they really need pilots.
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Not sure if true but you would have to be pretty dumb to refuse a concrete job offer at Enter for a potential one in Wizz. Especially when you see how many fail the selection process.
And yes the company needs pilots, growing by 50% in the next few months
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Banana Joe

They haven't done that in years as far as I know, and all the floaters were assigned a fixed base
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Several cuts accross the schedule until the end of the winter season. Not enough demand, not enough crew, the only way ahead.
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