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Ryanair Cancelling flights!

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Ryanair Cancelling flights!

Old 5th Oct 2017, 16:30
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An interesting nudge back on track


Ryanair Holdings Plc pilots campaigning for unionization amid a staffing crisis that’s led to the cancellation of 20,000 flights have been offered financial backing from American Airlines Group Inc.’s cockpit-crew association.

The Allied Pilots Association has offered to support Ryanair crews in forming a union or joining an existing body such as the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association, according to Daniel Carey, president of the U.S. group, who met with the Dublin-based carrier’s employees last week in the city. The APA is aiming to stem the hiring of staff on unappealing contracts through outsourcing firms.

“We’ve been following the Ryanair model and we don’t want indirect employment to come to America,” Carey said, adding that Fort Worth, Texas-based APA is open to pitching in with communication expertise, IT support, additional manpower and financial assistance.

Ryanair has been forced to scrap flights affecting more than 700,000 people after the carrier failed to prepare for a change to annual-leave rules, requiring it to cram a year’s worth of vacation into nine months. The timetable cuts will trim growth and threaten to hurt the company’s reputation, giving employees a chance to force through unionization that Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary said last month would come only when “hell freezes over.”

Pilots everywhere are particularly keen to head off a trend toward third-party hiring led by Ryanair, which not only results in inequitable contracts and a lack of collective-bargaining power but also makes it tougher to secure mortgages and pensions, Carey said. The APA would assist with any campaigns that might be organized as well as help fund legal costs.

“It’s time to cut out the Michael the Miser act and sit down and have a proper labor-relations department,” he said. “That works better for the passengers, the shareholders, for management and for pilots.”

Carey didn’t say how much financial support the APA, which represents 15,000 American Airlines pilots and is the largest independent union for aviators, might be able to provide to Ryanair employees. The association is active in Washington and has lobbied on issues including flight safety, training and the reduction of fatigue, though providing funds abroad would be an unusual step.

Ryanair has already agreed raises of 10,000 euros ($11,760) for captains and 5,000 euros for first officers stationed in Dublin, London Stansted, Berlin and Frankfurt, and plans to meet with other base representatives in coming months.

The carrier referred requests for comment on the APA’s involvement to a Sept. 27 statement in which it said it would not meet with pilot unions, only with its employee representative committees. Ryanair has said anonymous demands for group meetings have come from pilots and unions at competitor airlines keen to pursue an industrial-relations agenda at its expense.

Ryanair shares rose 2.7 percent to 17.34 euros. That helped erase the stock’s losses since the first round of cancellations were announced after the close on Sept. 15 and lifted the company’s market value to 20.5 billion euros.

The European Court of Justice said last month that Ryanair employee lawsuits can be heard in jurisdictions where they are based, something analysts reckon could led to it being required to employ staff on local contracts. The ruling represented a “big boost” for pilots as they seek to organize, Carey said, while also prompting investor concern that Ryanair’s labor costs might rise, undermining its competitive edge.

Evan Cullen, president of the Irish pilots’ union, said that while organizations like the APA can be of assistance, it is for Ryanair’s pilots to decide whether they want to act as one collective body or retain the status quo. He added that Ryanair crews are “afraid individually to raise their heads,” while stating that his union is not engaged in any industrial action at the carrier.

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Old 5th Oct 2017, 19:11
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while also prompting investor concern that Ryanair’s labor costs might rise, undermining its competitive edge.

Which always raises the question why RYR's competitors do not raise the issue of an uneven playing field. When it comes to subsidies and tax breaks and relaxed tariffs etc. everyone is screaming at unfair tactics. Why is there no voiced concern at alleged dubious reductions in employment costs?
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 19:15
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Interesting that the APA is being much more proactive than IALPA.
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 20:04
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Phenomenal memo from the Boss this evening, am just wondering how low and derogatory not just a CEO but any 'professional' can get. Good luck to FR pilots, the writing is on the wall now.
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 20:29
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Michael O'Leary pens impassioned plea to Ryanair pilots to get them to remain at the airline - Independent.ie
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 21:57
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Not if the employees capitulate. But then short term gain usually wins over long term pain in this industry.
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 22:05
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 23:15
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My God, this letter reeks of desperation. I doubt it's worth the paper it is printed on. As soon as the rostering crisis abates it will be back to the same old . Fool me once: shame on you, fool me twice: shame on me.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 06:20
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Yep someone is starting to realise there is a noose around his neck 'MOL' and its getting tighter. Guys and girls take heed what 'speed restriction' has mentioned above, the ball is firmly in your court to make significant changes within your industry once and for all.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 06:46
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Now your favourite paper has got hold of it

Ryanair boss O'Leary sends begging letter to pilots | Daily Mail Online
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:10
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That letter seems to be addressed primarily to those on RYR employee contracts. What % of 4200 pilots are those guys? Are cabin crew contractors or employees? Are they experiencing the same issues? If so, what is being offered to them?
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:16
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It should be remebered that Ryanair gained quite a considerable commercial advantage when they interpreted the 1st of April as an opertunity to 'Zero' pilots hours over a decade ago. Effectively ensuring all pilots were within hours for the busy peak season. It's taken a decade for the regulators to catch up.

As for MOL's 'road to Damascus ' memo yesterday, if anyone believes EW and MOL do charity it's time to wake up. Bench marking me Bo*lix Ryr pilots should be on 20% more as MOL and his team will spend the next 10 years clawing it back.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:27
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Originally Posted by doniedarko
MOL and his team will spend the next 10 years clawing it back.
Correct, the pilots shouldn’t sign any deal that doesn’t involve periodic pay reviews to ensure salaries are rising in line with inflation in the future!

Is the loyalty bonus going to be paid each year, or just this year?

What about things such as uniforms, tea coffee and water, airport passes, medical, passport etc. Still have to pay for all that?

This letter is a start, but it still leaves a lot to be desired!!
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:33
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There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about pilot pay. As pointed out by Rat 5 it depends on what contract people are on and where they are based. The good news for everyone is that the biggest player (Ryanair) has finally recognised that pilot pay needs to improve, which should in the medium term be good for all of us if this develops into a bidding war for a scarce resource (experienced captains at least).

From a practical point of view it is unclear what Ryanair are actually offering. PPJN seems a reasonable source and suggests 125,000 euros for captains. But then it says you have to pay tax and national insurance in Ireland and where you are based, adding that in Germany this is some exorbitant amount.

It would be nice to be able to use this benchmark to drive up pay in our own companies. But frankly based on the information in the public domain (including Ryanair careers) I have no idea what Ryanair is actually offering. Anyone of their thousands of employees like to share something more substantial, ideally including a reasonable assessment of the new offer? If you are going to make a snarky comment please try to desist, as this is intended seriously and could help us all improve pay, thanks.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:38
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Not worth the paper it is written on.

Virtually every single element of any proposed increase comes with a caveat attached.

Bearing in mind his inherent cynicism, in contrast to what the letter claims, all proposed increases need to be unconditional and effective as of now.

Not being a FR pilot though, I suspect he is still endeavouring to dodge the main issue, which is a move to ensure that every pilot working for FR is on a proper FR contract, not some ridiculous quasi-contract, dreamed up for all manner of reasons, but principally to emasculate aforementioned pilot.

You've nothing to fear MOL.

Southwest are doing nicely.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 08:50
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Interestingly its currently Ryanair that are feeling this pinch, I know for a fact that other airlines are capitalising on this as they are expanding and have a requirement for pilots, if these pilots happen to be type rated then they'll take as many from Ryanair as they can.

There is one such UK airline that is doing this however they themselves don't realise that they aren't that far from having a pilot revolt especially from a groaning training department.Ryanair pilots are not alone they are just in the spotlight at the moment.

Just like the Ryanair mgt this other airlines mgt also have their heads in the sand however Ryanair's CEO is leading this and is accountable, with the other airline the Chairman is just get getting lied to by his senior flt ops managers who are telling him all is well. Like Ryanair its isn't.

The time for pilots is now, its time to highlight the deficiencies of our managers and senior managers and claim back what has been eroded over the last two decades.

As ex Ryan we we're divided and ruled, those left have opportunity to change how your treated but you need to change it now.
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 09:07
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A new religion? Next week MOL will seek to become a practising Budist/Jew/Hindu/Jehovah’s Witness/Follower of the Devine Lightbulb (next week cross out those that do not apply). Apparently he’s also bought some of these. And isn’t he being so kind by making sure his pilots don’t do the wrong thing by leaving. Maybe if he allowed his staff to have proper contracts of employment and better terms and conditions he could save a fortune on administration, recruitment, selection and training. That is assuming they are not RYR profit centres.

Just out of interest, does this guy live in a house with curtains, carpet, wallpaper, front door and stuff like that? Or does he live in an easily hosed out caravan in Ballymun?
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 09:14
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Will not recognise unionisation until "hell freezes over"

Hell will probably freeze over in the coming months and it's located near Trondheim airport Norway .
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 09:19
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“Reeking of desperation” or not, the letter includes the CEO’s signature. The signatory may be held to account, particularly if you are directly employed by Ryanair.

Does the signature of Bjorn Kjos appear on any agreement of terms and conditions between Norwegian and its rented pilots?
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Old 6th Oct 2017, 09:45
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Well the question I would ask is? Are you sure that the signature of the CEO, it may be as of today, but by the time you want to hold him account will he still be the CEO. Of course as well as you believe one could hold MOL account for anything is definitely wishful thinking.
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