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Norwegian Lack of Pilots

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Norwegian Lack of Pilots

Old 1st Jul 2017, 20:50
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Its no secret that Norwegian are again short of pilots for this summer as indeed are Ryanair who are also cancelling flights.

The problem is 30%+ growth and despite a massive ramp up in training capacity there are just too many bottlenecks, some unforeseen other more obvious.

The anti Norwegian brigade fall into broadly two camps, those employed, but sacked for having Tourettes on the company intranet site and those who applied but didn't' get called.

Having worked for/flown on behalf of Norwegian for 5+ years i can only say this, they have never missed a salary payment, for the past two years I have been in taper relief for pension contributions (150K=+) I have had to use the QRH twice in anger.

5 years running its won best European LoCo award with skytrax and 3 years running the best world wide LoCo long haul airline.

95% of people I fly with are happy with their lot in NAI

The two main anti- Norwegian posters on here where both sacked by Norwegian and did not win any industrial tribunal

Its not perfect of course, but with 130 aircraft and a willingness to go for it there are bound to be frustrations, its clear that 99% of posters don't work for Norwegian, the 99% of those that do laugh at some off the idiotic comments on here...

No one is forcing you to join Norwegian, but we'd welcome those that wish to get involved and have good craic
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Old 1st Jul 2017, 21:35
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Norwegian are hiring!

Last edited by EFISchap; 28th Sep 2017 at 20:05.
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Old 2nd Jul 2017, 06:06
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Maybe that says more about you than it does about Norwegian.
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Old 2nd Jul 2017, 07:36
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I flew with a fellow capt a few months ago who was leaving ek to join norwegian for a FLL base.
He was very anti ek/dubai, so he's probably happy there, but what he told me about the rosters and pay didn't seem very attractive to me.
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Old 2nd Jul 2017, 16:40
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Norwegian FLL

Anybody waiting to join Norwegian for the FLL base?
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Old 2nd Jul 2017, 19:22
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Are you? Sweet shiney widebody bro.
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Old 2nd Jul 2017, 21:10
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Lack of pilots , also in B787.
For example today EUROATLANTIC a Portuguese ACMI airline is flying with its 777 LGW-JFK
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Old 3rd Jul 2017, 09:53
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Norwegian’s gross mismanagement of pilot resources now raises safety fears from its own pilot group:-

“We do not want this extra pressure to work, because they may be tempted to fly even if they are tired” - Link:


Despite this “extra pressure” and other dissatisfaction, there is a reason Norwegian Group airlines do not have any disgruntled employees – they do not have any employees!

Therefore, it is not possible to lose, nor even bring an Employment Tribunal claim against a Norwegian airline - as one sycophant on this thread would have you believe.

Norwegian is regularly in the media with labor disputes involving crews at one of its locations. Recent grievances by Norwegian’s crews based in Spain, Italy and the US have made the headlines. The Scandinavian group has an ongoing “real employer” court case.

Norwegian’s atypical labor scheme is described by the US DOT as “novel and complex” (read the contract). EU Transport Ministers recently met to discuss how;

“Atypical employment can affect the safety of airlines” – Link:


Atypical employment permitted the summary dismissal, before any regulatory investigation, of four Norwegian long haul flight attendants in JFK after they raised safety concerns. That matter is far from concluded. Alarmingly, there are other examples of Norwegian’s managers taking punitive action against those raising safety concerns. All permitted without recourse via an atypical employment scheme.

Increasing numbers have been enlightened to Norwegian’s gross hypocrisy and unsavory methods in its “management” of flight crews. This is evidenced by Norwegian’s present calamitous situation leaving passengers stranded and distraught due to a lack of pilots.
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Old 3rd Jul 2017, 11:05
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What is the difference between NAI's Atypical employment schemes and other competitor's imaginative non-employment schemes? NAI are not the only one with many non-employees, so what is happening about the other schemes?

Reading the 'eurocockpit' link above there is comment about a debatable possible reduction in safety with large contingents of Atypical self-employed pilots. There were hints about risk taking and decision making. That is questionable, but what is very likely is those on zero-hour contracts will be tempted to work when not fully fit. No guaranteed income, no work no pay, it is not difficult to understand guys pushing their own boundaries to pay off debt and pay bills.
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Old 3rd Jul 2017, 19:14
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Aloha KSA, same here. 2000 PIC and I'm current but told to XXXX off by Norwegian! Insane!
Really? anyone that does not hire you is insane? Wow. You are one overconfident cat
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Old 3rd Jul 2017, 20:24
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BA are not expanding at 30% growth is part of the answer+ they have Jeremy Corbyn's magic money tree called LHR
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Old 4th Jul 2017, 17:43
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Well, I have 7000 hours 737 NG time with 3000 PIC and my application was rejected! What a joke! .... Well done Norwegian
You had 3000 hours PIC last month!
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Old 4th Jul 2017, 20:28
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And what did you expect it to be a month later?
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Old 5th Jul 2017, 15:27
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No Tourettes on RedNose, fortunately my command of our (?) Native tongue is eloquent enough to avoid that error, but an unhealthily honest presentation of the facts, in stark contradiction to the company lies/propaganda that were being fed to the BrownNoses, was evidently too difficult for them to counter, so, Adios ! . . . . otherwise, correct.

As for not winning any industrial tribunal, the jury (or more accurately Judge ) is literally still out on that one. . . and that is only Part 1 of 2 . . . as you may remember, if you know so much detail, I was also employed in PSN & that employment hasn't even been formally rescinded, never mind subject to an internal disciplinary procedure, let alone industrial tribunal . . . . the Fat Lady hasn't even picked up the concert listing. . . . . .
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Old 5th Jul 2017, 20:06
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and I can tell you once again - the real problem is the PILOTS who accept these kind of contracts. You complain on PPRuNe and then just sign the contract and go to work and the executives just laugh at your stupidity. Wake up!
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Old 5th Jul 2017, 23:32
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I'm just curious now. If you all consinder this company so crap, why then apply ? And if you left, why waste your life bitching about it?
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Old 7th Jul 2017, 05:17
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Originally Posted by president View Post
I'm just curious now. If you all consinder this company so crap, why then apply ? And if you left, why waste your life bitching about it?
Only contented people are allowed on the forum? This is a revelation!
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Old 7th Jul 2017, 06:37
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Thirty five years in the flying business and five + with Norwegian and it is the whole business that I am sick of, Norwegian is slightly above par for the game with there being a number of operators I have worked for who are a lot worse.

They are certainly not helped by their unusual employment model but that being said they have lasted a lot longer than the last two companies I worked for so from a personal point of view at least my bank account is ahead of the game.

Most of Norwegian's detractors have never worked for the company, Captainplaystation I have some sympathy for as he was around for a while but was a victim of his own Internet opinions , Bondi however was only with the company for a month or so and irregularities had been found in his career history and so was asked to leave.

On the whole I think the Norwegian management are deeply aware of the mistakes that they made a few years back when they laid off pilots over the winter as this decision has come back to haunt them and cost them far more than it saved them.

So to sum it all up in a business that is not what it once was Norwegian is slightly above average in terms of T's & C's and a long way from being bad place to work, but to put it into perspective it is NOT the dire place that it's leading detractor would have you think.
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Old 7th Jul 2017, 07:22
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A and C;

If you stop telling lies about me, I'll stop telling the truth about Norwegian.
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Old 7th Jul 2017, 08:33
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A and C

That's interesting, I hope Direct Bondi hasn't been falsifying documents/hours etc, then Norwegian would be absolutely correct to fire him/her.
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