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easyJet Pilot Recruitment 2012

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easyJet Pilot Recruitment 2012

Old 2nd Sep 2011, 08:45
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easyJet Pilot Recruitment 2012

There have been rumours about easyJet taking pilots from turboprop and military backgrounds again. Unfortunately they do not appear to be true. One of my mates sent me this article from some pilots' internal newspaper that came out today. It makes sad reading for anyone hoping to join easyJet any time soon who does not have an A320 rating. Here it is:


Summer 2012 Pilot Requirements

Although Summer 2011 is not quite over, attention and focus is turning to the pilot requirement for 2012. Preparations are now well underway. This coming year we will once again be looking to achieve a mix of experienced First Officers and cadets joining us over the Winter in preparation for next Summer. The first new entrant pilot course starts on 05th September! *

Cadets will once again join us from both CTC Aviation and Oxford Aviation Academy whilst experienced pilots will join us via Parc Aviation. However you will also shortly see us advertising for direct entry Senior First Officers on our easyJet Careers web portal. At this stage we are looking to select and assess pilots to create a holding pool of A320 type rated pilots that possess a full ATPL to support our growing command requirements well as ensuring that we retain a diverse age and experience profile to meet our future pilot requirements. *

To enable us to assess all of the new pilots we have booked 22 Assessment centre dates starting on 13th September 2011 through to the end of March 2012. The assessment centre comprises 2 days. On day 1, 12 pilots will be assessed for their non technical skills, encompassing group exercises, group discussions, interviews and competency assessment. If the pilot is successful on this day then they will progress to day 2 which is in the simulator for a full sim assessment. Only after a pilot passes both of these stages will they be considered being offered a contract to fly for easyJet or employed directly. Our pilot entry route is the same process whether a pilot is applying for a contract via Parc Aviation or for a permanent opportunity. These assessments are being run only for A320 type rated experienced*pilots only although it may be extended to non type rated experienced pilots at a later date. In the meantime assessments continue for FlexiCrew pilots moving to permanent easyJet contracts with an assessment centre for FCO basings this week. *
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 12:20
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It makes sad reading for anyone hoping to join easyJet any time soon who does not have an A320 rating.
Not really. This is the first signal that they cannot get enough pilots because too many are leaving for BA and the like. Now they need to go out to see if they can get more but guess what: they are harder to find than 73 jocks. So expect to see more favorable terms and recruitment of non rated pilots once EJ realize they are not out there.. Even a top employer like German Wings have a hard time finding them. Let's face it EasyJet is not an until retirement employer and will start loosing more and more pilots over the next year.

More interesting: if you are now in OAA or CTC would you go:
A) to a LCC with limited to no career prospects like long haul or different fleets and where you have to pay for your rating
B) go to BA and get all the things the LCC is not offering...

In other words the OAA/CTC supply will dry up for the EasyJets and Ryanairs of this world!

So lot's of changes and not a time to be sad!
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 12:33
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I think they may struggle. Mass exodus/Middle East/better terms/bonding from other airlines, may water down their pool somewhat.

Out of interest, how are easyJet able to take on so many 200 hour SSTR'ing bods (via CTC and the like) whilst other airlines are restricted by the CAA?
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 16:39
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Not sure this is something to be 'sad' about. Going to the open market to recruit Direct entry pilots is the first sign that the wannabe-p2f well is drying up. It is utterly logical that the first foray into the market would look for typed people first - even BA did that this time round. Then once they guage the numbers they will probably spread the net wider.
All of this is good news - because it doesn't matter who is recruiting what from where - it creates churn in the system and jobs everywhere.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 17:13
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Not sure I have quite the positive take others do on this. On one level it is true that type-rated pilots are the first port of call for any airline. The reality is that in order to do that you have to go to airlines that you would rather not. BA can be choosy which airlines they recruit from, but easyJet cannot. Remember, these guys will be recruited specifically to be captains in a year or so - if you get through what will undoubtedly a rigorous selection procedure, then it will be a fantastic deal. From easyJet's perspective they have to take all the right people and that is easier said than done.

For me, it is a shame that the many top people from the numerous jet and turboprop companies not operating A320s are not eligible - not to mention the excellent ex-military types being hoovered up by Jet2, BA etc. For many of them, given they are often in their late 30s, a quick command at easyJet would be a much better deal than doing 15 years as an FO at BA. C'est la vie.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 17:20
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I thought eJ had a rather long Command waiting list already?

If so, how can these "lucky few" get a Command in a year? It doesn't add up.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 19:00
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Well apparently EZY according to no RYR for me, is not a airline you want to retire in so everybody is leaving, speak for yourself. Yes we have lost lots of pilots, most though are cadets who have said they would love to stay but they are looking for a PERMANENT CONTRACT and will apply to anyone who is hiring full-time on correct salaries, I can't blame them for that since I would if I was in that position.

As to what airline one wishes to retire in is down purely to what they are looking for in life. If your young and live in the London area then naturally BA is best choice since it offers everything from long-haul to short-haul. For me i would be commuting to go to work and living out of a suitcase and not seeing family for days. I would soon get sick of it. Likewise long-haul doesn't appeal to me, yes I would like to give it a go for 6 months to a year just to say I have done it but it's not something I would give my command up for in EZY and I couldn't care less about what metal I'm flying (I forget there is more of the plane behind me).

In today's market you will work close to the amount that is legally possible regardless of airline at the moment I average around 750 a year in EZY. Some of my friends in long-haul are more tired than I am and tell me once you have been to the places a few times it looses it's appeal, same with any job.

I like EZY because I get to live where I want to be, fly new aircraft, good mixture of routes and get to fly with some great crews. The package is not the best but it's not the worst, I always describe it as competitive unless your a cadet of course.

It is obvious though the experience level in the company is dropping hence them looking to recruit type rated pilots with experience but if I was a turbo prop guy I wouldn't be too gutted, as many have pointed out EZY will have a hard time finding these people and if I was a betting man I would say they will open the doors to you guys. There is a lot of work so it seems going on behind the scenes to improve things so we shall just wait and see. You will always get people who moan regardless of where they work.

I do agree I think there is a possibility that terms will improve to attract people and let's be honest they will have to for people willing to jump ship. I haven't looked at BA's latest drive in terms of cadets but from what I have read that people have posted it is the same deal that EZY and CTC ran a couple of years ago.

As I have said it's a lifestyle choice, if your a family man who doesn't live in the London area and want to see your kids grow up then EZY in my opinion is a good choice with opportunities for a quick command, paid well and one of the safest for job security around (based on my old contract).

(Having read all that back I do ramble on a bit sorry)
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 07:27
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I think we'll see recuitment open up to those without a 320 type-rating sooner rather than later. EZY has only just finished last years' recruitment of 320-rated pilots through PARC. Europe was trawled to find them and the pool was found to be shallow and of limited quality. There were a considerable number who did not make the grade in the simulator assessment and they are unlikely to be any better this year. New suitable candidates aren't suddenly going to appear in large numbers.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 09:00
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Completely agree with wingswinger - I predict non type-rated candidates will be in demand very shortly. I wouldn't feel offended etc, going for T/R guys first is a no-brainer for training footprint and cost issues, but as said they'll no doubt stick with a good entry level and if chaps and chapesses don't meet that requirement they'll look elsewhere. With Easy, Ryan, Jet2.com, Emirates, Qatar, and seemingly everyone recruiting, things are finally turning!!

PS - BA Cityflyer also now recruiting FOs for Embraer jobs, with experienced and low-hours vacancies. I also see Jet2.com has a low hours recruitment stream open. Wish absolutely everyone the best of luck in what I think will be a great Autumn and Winter for recruitment.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 09:45
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From the emails we've gotten, the focus of the recruitment will be people with an unfrozen ATPL. The cadet pool is nowhere near drying up, their focus is commands in the near future.

Due to all the pilots being 200 hour cadets in the past years, they have created an experience gap whereby their command pool has decreased to such an extent that they need to bring people with ATPL's to upgrade them when the need arises.

So no luck on low houred outside applicants, you need to have the experience behind you but if you have the experience from a TP background then this might be the chance for you to go to a jet and get a quick command.
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 09:57
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I predict non type-rated candidates will be in demand very shortly
look,you can predict whatever you want, it' s not going to happen.I know this market very well.
USA unemployment 9.1%, in stagnation.
economy not good.can take a few years now to get it back pre 2008.I expect 7 years at least.

I can tell you they are not going to hire 200h pilots just because they are in short supply and becasue you have a license.Maybe in 2017.Maybe...!

If you look in the past, this industry has taken pilots with 200h only in 2006-2007 during these last 35 years, so it's not going to happen, maybe in 30 years.

Plenty of guys around with 320 and hours flooding this market,
Plenty of guys ready to pay a fortune for line training, and travel worldwide for fake interviews....these pilots even hired, will not make any money.
This is the industry today.Spend your money in this dream, or get out and keep your money.If you are in amd you leave early, it s money saved for your kids or retirement later.This is what I am thinking everyday when I wake up when looking at all these fake offers.

The guys here who are too optimist on this forum are the pilots who have still no job since years and hope for the best because they know 1 or 2 guys in this industry who hase been lucky, then these same desperate guys will be replaced by other teenagers who will hold the exact same discussions as you about this pilot shortage and still think airlines will be forced to hire 200h pilot with no jet and no t/rating....!in your dream only.It will never happen!

If I follow your reasoning, I must be an exception, because I have a 320 rating, hours, and nobody want me, and all I hear it' s guys like you(still at home with no flying job) with no hours and expired license telling me they will start to hire with 200h.

You are too funy!when I know the numbers in europe of pilot with no job, that I can count on thousand, enough to fill this market for the next 10-20 years.What about the 50'000-100'000 pilots freshly trained CPL , and the 2000-3000 jobs that airlines create in Europe? yes take you calculator, and tell me your chance in %...?

And to add the cherry on the cake, I receive 4-5 CV a week from guys with turbine experience looking for line training or ask me where they can pay for line training on 320.So tell me, where they are going to hire pilots with 200h now? there is no way to get a job at Easy for a 200h pilot with no type rating and no money!

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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 10:10
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What's the sim assessment like for DEFOs at EZY?
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 17:04
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You made made an assumption about me that I am jobless and sitting at home. You are not correct.

I am not sure how many airlines you would like to see recruiting until you believe that things are happening. So the below are all facts, and all verifable:

Emirates recruiting constantly, they say they need 500 pilots in 2012
Flydubai is recruiting
Qatar Airways is recruiting ( and taking low hours pilots straight from FTOs)
BA has recruited 140 people in 2011 (who has backfilled those guys?)
BA has said they will recruit about 200 pilots in 2012
BA Cityflyer are recruiting FOs AND FOs straight from flying schools
Aer Lingus have recruited lately and opened a cadet scheme
Ryanair recruit heavily on an ongoing basis
Easyjet have taken masses of people straight from flying school
Jet2.com are recruiting heavily and taking low hours pilots straight from school
DHL are recruiting and take people straight from school
Bmi are accepting applications online
Flybe are accepting applications online as they prepare for people leaving

How many more airlines would you like to be recruiting?

This is not a dig at you, this is fact that there are jobs out there right now, you just need to keep plugging!
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 20:16
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I thought that easyJet was making money before with their TRSS scheme (people joining with at least 500 hours JAR25- TP or jet)... apparently if what I am reading here is correct they'll keep on recruiting zero experience CTC/Oxford cadets and Direct Entry guys with hours on type (A320). That's not a good news
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Old 3rd Sep 2011, 20:50
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So does anyone know what the deal would be if / when they open it up to Non-Airbus TR, I wonder if it will be a reducing bond, the old TRSS / contributory etc.... ?

They are obviously keeping their cards close to their chest at the moment and testing the water to see how many suitable TR candidates they get!!

Good luck to the guys with a TR anyway.
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 03:36
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Free piece of advice for you, usualguy: Work hard on changing your attitude or you will fail the assessment here at easyJet.
Yes usalguy you need to change your attitude big time! What easyJet needs is naive people like Sawadee and ReallyAnnoyed! People with real tunnel vision who, despite the dark economic clouds gathering overhead, still believe that everything will be fine and that the government will make sure that the senseless and irresponsible borrowing/lending practices will continue so that airlines can fill their seats and hire hundreds of pilots.

Besides, all those promises and projections from airlines to hire aren't really promises and projections: they are cold hard facts according to the die hard positive thinkers out there. 1+1=....3!

There is a big economic sh!tstorm brewing (worse than 2008) but you have to be awake to see it. Sleep tight guys!

p.s. all those new cadet schemes, though good for those pilots involved, also mean very little DE hiring, so forget about ever being able to escape the 4 sectors/day, 900 hours per year low cost nightmare in the future.

Hip hip hurraaaaaay!
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 08:42
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Oh my God. Boknjrirjjjder we got it, you love it where you are and everyone who is not at BA has it real bad.
So why don't you just go out enjoy your beautiful nightstops and leave the thread to whoever feels to be interested in the recruitment at ezy.
As per the economic crisis to be honest I don't think anyone is in the position to predict what will happen, this is for sure. But if I remember right in 2008 it was BA talking about redundancies not Vueling or Ryanair!
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But if I remember right in 2008 it was BA talking about redundancies not Vueling or Ryanair!
That's exactly why it's so foolish to suddenly believe that BA says it will hire 200 pilots in 2012!

I'm far from a doomsday sayer, but one has to be realistic and look at the facts. There are lot's of 'models' and 'predictions' out there but in order to find the truth you have to look further than the main stream media. Just look at how the main stream media reports about an airplane crash and you will see why it's also naive to rely 100% on their reporting of economic and political matters. Besides, if the company I work for talks about "buying airplanes" then I believe it once those things are pained in the correct colour scheme delivered to our home base, and not before.

Anyway, in 2009 the US and UK governments spent massive amounts of money in order to keep the economies afloat. Money that they can no longer spend if the economy tanks again because of the mess inside the European Union. Again, don't believe that the US and UK will be spared by all this and that it's an isolated event. The US housing crisis had/has little to do with Europe, but we still felt the pain here.

So far the 200 hour cadets are the most vulnerable and the ones not 'fortunate' enough to join a low cost P2F program have been the big losers in this game, so the only thing I suggest is to take all the optimistic "hip hip hurray" numbers with a large grain of salt.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings. We passed the eye of the hurricane during the relative calm of 2010, now we get the full brunt again. If a bank like Goldman Sachs advices to "batten down the hatches" perhaps it's time to take off those rose tinted glasses...

p.s. yes, I enjoy myself during nightstops, it even gives me the time and energy to read other stuff not so much related to aviation and it allows me to expand my horizon that way! It's highly recommended, may I suggest the same to you Sir/Madam?
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 09:27
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What a bunch of useless words put together...

Usualguy and Bokkenrijder,
Job is outside there, it takes time to find and often abroad but even lowtimers are welcome.. I got a job at the other side of the earth and plenty of seats available in South East Asia, friends of mine getting a seat in european airlines..

Don't know which experience or background you boast but please stop writing nonsense without factual arguing.

this industry don't want us!
Usualguy, maybe this industry doesn't want you because of this attitude.....
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Old 4th Sep 2011, 09:51
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Good grief. Can we keep this on topic and discuss news about easyjet hiring in 2012 and how best to prepare for those lucky enough to be asked for an interview?

I suspect that there are other threads where you can discuss how bad things are..

Any idea about hours requirements yet? Links to interview tips etc? I would imagine selection will be more akin to an upgrade assessment. Current easy crew.. Please keep us updated..

Last edited by kernowclown; 4th Sep 2011 at 14:59. Reason: Actually, I've had some pretty good conversations in the kitchen..

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