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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 25th Sep 2005, 09:59
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Sim Assess

This will probably be a repeat of what has been written earlier.

BA uses a BAC 1-11 Sim at Cranebank for the Sim Assessment.

The Sim Assessors are Trg Capts or Trg Co-pilots from a variety of fleets who have volunteered for this duty.

I believe that there are slots at 0800 and 1400.

The assessor will meet you and your 'sim buddy' at the Welcome Centre at Cranebank and brief you on the assessment at the sim.

You will get an opportunity to fly the sim before the assessment starts.

Both 'sim buddies' will be in the seats for the assessment. The choice of seat and who goes first is up to you.

There will be a short amount of time available for planning i.e read the sids/stars and decide upon a cruising level.

You will be required to fly 2 sectors between UK civil airports and perform procedural approaches.

Plates and charts are standard BA/European Aviation Group/AIDU.

Company minimas are provided.

Autopilot is allowed from transition to transition.

Mental arithmetic question may be asked to the HP.

You may have to divert at some point.

You will get a break at the half way point.

Afterwards, you may be asked to debrief each others performance, good and bad point required.

You will receive no debrief from the assessor.

Now the tips:

It seems that BA are looking for trainability. How you work together as a team is in my opinion more important than how you fly. However you are expected to be to a standard and to improve in your flying performance during the detail. Absolute accuracy is not as important as the ability to fly procedurally. Eg climbing to cruise with QNH set and forgetting to descend are probably not good ideas.

Some people have found that famil with a BAC 1-11 cockpit is of help. This can be achieved from looking at photos obtained from the net, downloading a BAC 1-11 fror FS 2004 or by visiting a real life example.

However it is most important to read and learn the pitch/power/speed setting that are given to you on Day 1 at Cranebank.

Good luck.
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Old 25th Sep 2005, 10:37
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Have to concur with what Mr Ripley said, this has been posted before but it's good to go over it again,

The Sim Assessor stated a couple of times that the ability to pass a 'rigourous type rating programme in a short time' was the the aim of the sim check. He also stated that 'anything read on PPRuNe should be ignored as they review the sim assessment regularly'. I found the stuff here of excellent value though.

Standard trip, one volunteers for whichever seat and the first slot. 15 Min famil with climbs, turns, descents and ILS. Then 'off you jolly well go my boy'.

The blow by blow account has already been covered but, from what I can gather, instrument scan rate is essential! The BAC1-11, being an oldie, has analog instruments and is very lively in pitch. A rapid T scan is required if the deviations are to be picked up rapidly enough to prevent busting the minimas. I know for certain that this has been the downfall for some experienced Airbus peeps. Aside from that Mr Ripley has already alluded to the best preperation, relax as much as you can and a bit of friendly cockpit chat with your fellow sufferer always helps.

Good luck
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Old 28th Sep 2005, 11:36
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Wobble2plank - the sim assessor was not joking when he referred to a ' rigourous type-rating programme in a short time' .
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Old 12th Oct 2005, 14:49
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I applied last year through the SSP selection and failed. I am about to re-apply in the next few months now through the DEP selection. My question is that during the interview do they make any reference to you previous application ie. why do you think you were not successfull etc?

If anyone has failed and re-applied, did you experience anything like this? Were you successfull? What did you do differently?

Any info will be greatly appreciated!


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Old 19th Oct 2005, 08:03
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Hey guys/gals!

Just had the selection with BA, all the information here is still valid.
Good luck!

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Old 19th Oct 2005, 08:16
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Hi everyone,

Of those who went last week has anyone received any good news? Or any news at all for that matter!

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Old 19th Oct 2005, 08:38
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Hi Guys,

Got a sim check with BA coming up.

Can anyone please give me some clues as to the kind of mental arithmetic questions they ask during the sim (I need to get the old cogs turning in the brain again!)

Thanks in advance for any help.

WPT 11
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Old 19th Oct 2005, 09:11
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Waypoint 11,

Firstly, read the whole thread above it gives you some excellent pointers.

Secondly, the 'standard' scenario involves a diversion so you will need the good old speed, time, distance workouts.

Also he may ask your groundspeed from the DME counter. Remeber to make sure the DME is pretty much ahead of you and a decent distance away as the speed may be calculated wrong.

Other than that we had no other snurglies thrown in and the trip was quite enjoyable.


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Old 19th Oct 2005, 09:47
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Example sim question:

Fuel Flow per engine is xxxxx

You have xxxxxx fuel Remaining

Whats your d from ABC vor when you run out?

So, find endurance, estimate TAS/IAS, take wind into account, therefore work out groundspeed, with endurance work out distance covered, convert that to distance from ABC vor.


......all while navigating and flying a jet youve never flown before....
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Old 19th Oct 2005, 11:00
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Randomair - you're not disadvantaged for reapplying. If anything you have the advantage because you've got a good idea of the process and the interview questions. Make sure that you've got some good examples from your current job of leadership, conflict etc... now that you're a DEP! The interviewers will know that you are reapplying, so be enthusiastic and positive about your second visit to the Rivers. Good luck!
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Old 20th Oct 2005, 15:04
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Just got the news I wish I never got. A PFO from BA. And I am.........devastated. It's my dream job and a job for life in many ways. The Interview seemed to go well, the PAT also but could have done better, weeks and weeks of perpetration erased in an e-mail. I, like most am not shy of the slap in the face of rejection but I wanted this so so bad. Well I suppose I have another year to prepare. The info on DEP was spot on but I wanted to add one thing, the operation, organisation and professionalism was what you would expect from BA right from the guy on the security gate to the assessment staff. Made to feel very welcome it’s just down to you at the end of the day.
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 07:10
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"from the guy on the security gate to the assessment staff"

Lenny's motivational speech at the gate is just great!

"YOU are the future of British Airways! Give it your best shot, you can all be British Airways pilots in a few months!
Very positive start of the day.

Sorry you got the PFO letter sucks.. I had one of my better days I guess, got the call the same evening on day one and attended the sims session at 0700 the next day. Got the best news of my life just a few days ago

Good luck next time, hope to see you at Heathrow or Gatwick sometime in the future!
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 07:21
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the operation, organisation and professionalism was what you would expect from BA
So no food and long queues then
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Old 27th Oct 2005, 22:17
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BA DEP Thread

My apologies for the missing thread. Someone had placed a link to a commercial website on this thread. In the process of removing the offending post something appears to have gone astray. Namely the whole thread ! I am in the process of searching for it and hope to have it back in situ later.

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Old 27th Oct 2005, 22:22
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Thread located and reassembled !

Please no links to commercial websites.

Thank you !
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 11:17
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Tnx Localizer, your info is still very accurate.

Good luck to everyone going there, they all want you to pass...

(and yes, I did pass)
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Old 1st Nov 2005, 11:11
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To be honest, I probably found the ‘Orientation on a Radar Screen’ and ‘Capacity Test’ on the MicroPat the hardest bits. For the group ex, micropat and verbal reasoning test there really isn’t too much in the way of short term preparation you can do
I used a software programme to prepare for the MICROPAT PILAPT (Pilot Aptitude) test. The cockpitweb programme I used includes exercises like the 'radar screen' and the 'capacity test' with the shapes and the spoken subtractions. It is almost similar to the Pilapt used by BA.
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Old 1st Nov 2005, 11:33
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From the screenshots on the advertising it certainly looks pretty similar!

No links as it is commercial - but google the keyworks listed above and it comes up pretty quickly!

Can you practice hand-eye co-ordination (besides 20 years of ball sports while growing up) I don't know. but given a lot of people will pay £500 or so for a pre-sim slot this looks cheap by comparison!

I would suggest that for anyone applying as a DEP they would already have all the mental and physical tools required for the micropat - but I suppose every little helps (even if it is just self-confidence in the knowledge that you have a pretty good idea what is coming.)

By the way I don't know anyone, pass or fail, who was happy with their performance in the radar screen section! From Human Factors the brain can only hold 6-8 pieces of seperate info (remember that!) 4x directions, 4xdistances and now reverse it - that makes 9 to me - I don't think they are expecting a perfect performance, just making sure you don't go to pieces; mind you that is purely a personal opinion.
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Old 1st Nov 2005, 11:39
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Wow.. that looks VERY VERY similar.. I'm sure they'll have a lawsuit on their hands when PILAPT find out about this! They're even using the name "PILAPT" in the header of their website.

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Old 1st Nov 2005, 12:34
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Hmmmm, I found the radar thingy a right pain in the a$£e.

Don't forget though, although you aren't allowed to 'touch' the screen, you can trace it with your finger by 'hovering' over the appropriate spot. Worked spot on for me and can recommend it for anyone.

Years of wasted youth playing cr**py video games finally payed off!!!! Theres a poke in the eye to me dear old mum!!!!


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