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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 1

Old 9th Jul 2008, 13:24
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Just wondering what scores peeps are getting on cockpit web vectors exercise (the 8 vector one!) before they do the actual micropat? I know Evian potsed that on the day it's averages about 50% but were they getting similar or much higher score in the cockpitweb exercise? I know the BA co-ordinate map is a bigger scale.............. Cheers.
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 13:45
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A Simple Example: If you have x number of eligible pilot applicants in the UK. And the UK population was made up of 50% white and 50% minorities, then statistically you should have the BA pilot group made up of 1/2 white and 1/2 minority in order to show compliance with non-discrimatory practices.
Only if you assume that their respective inclinations are similar...

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Old 9th Jul 2008, 16:37
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I haven't been yet so can't make a full comment, I probably get around 80% of them right following advice on here. The thing I find difficult isn't calculating where the position is, but they accuracy of eye balling it. Am I missing something here or is that the only way to do it? Is that how its done on the day?

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Old 9th Jul 2008, 16:45
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For those of you worried by the co-ordinate challenge; I posted a sure-fire solution and easy (in my opinion) way to get through this part a few pages ago.

I am not going to re-post it but go find it if you want to see how...
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 00:03
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Hi everyone

I applied to BA as DEP last year but only got to the interview stage. As I feel there were things I could have done better I was thinking about giving it another go this year but am a bit curious how others have treated the online application the second time. Have you pretty much used the answers you wrote last year or did you make a complete rewrite? Whichever option you went for, what was the outcome? Did you get another interview?

Best regards
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 06:55
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Have a look through and with your new experiences this year, see if you have a better example for some of the questions. I used more or less the same form again and got through okay.
At least it shows you've thought about it.
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 08:27
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radar vectors test and other stuff....

hi folks

the vectors test is on a smaller scale map than the cockpitweb version and the target boxes are smaller. Therefore for the diagonal vectors (NE,SW etc) know your N/S/E/W components out to 25 miles plus and concentrate on accuracy....

Shaka, I'm Sure you don't mean good riddance to BA for their wide open recruitment policy, more good luck to them! (language point only! If noone ever points it out to you you might accidentally say the wrong thing in future!)

and to angryblackman i say tosh. I am absolutely convinced that the candidate that performs for BA on the day will get an offer. Think of the markets BA operates in - the more ethnic minorities they employ, the better it would look for them.....
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Old 11th Jul 2008, 08:45
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Round 2 - Sim Check??

Hi Everyone,

Found out i got through round 1 yesterday, it was tough but nothing unexpected thanks to this thread!

However my sim check is very early next week so I have hardly anytime to prepare so any advice on content for preparation would be brilliant, please feel free to pm me!

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Old 11th Jul 2008, 10:25
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The BA vectors test uses higher components than the cockpit web test eg NE 35 etc whereas I think cockpit web only goes up to 15. The difficulty I had was having practiced the cockpit web tests using a mouse to position the airfield, I found it harder to be as accurate when using the joystick. I find it works better by going for the diagonal coordinates first NE/NW etc, then the simple N/E/S/W coordinates second as the diagonals are harder to get accurate. On average I was getting 2 more right on the cockpit web test than I did in BA.
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Old 11th Jul 2008, 13:47
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I know you have to memorise the vectors before you can plot them on the screen but is the map in view when you are getting the vectors? Do the vectors come through the headphones or on the screen??? Cheers....
Anyone in on the 16th???
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Old 11th Jul 2008, 14:13
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The percentage of the population that is black v white is irrelevant. What might be marginally relevant is the percentage of CPL/ATPL holders that are black. If 95% of licence holders are white, why on earth would you expect BA to have greater than 5% non-white pilots?
Anyway, this is all irrelevant tosh, who performs best is the only relevant factor. If the white guy is better than the black guy, tough, and vice versa.
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Old 11th Jul 2008, 16:53
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Guys, just a word of warning, rumour on the street is that come the middle of August when the schedule review is all done and dusted recruitment is likely to be drastically down scaled if not stopped all together. Plans at the moment are for a reduction in scheduled services in the region of 5 - 10% across ALL fleets. For the next couple of months interviews are going ahead until plans are finallised so get in quick.
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Old 12th Jul 2008, 04:38
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To add some weight to what A H has posted, cabin crew courses are
currently being chopped!. So dont delay in booking those slots, BA have never layed off pilots yet!! so you shuld be ok if you get in !!

Good Luck.......
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Old 12th Jul 2008, 11:21
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Does anyone remember what the "chop" point was in pevious times BA stopped its recruitment?

EG, if you had accepted a job offer from BA and were serving your notice at another airline and BA decided enough was enough, did they honour the offer? Or was it only those through the door, through TR course, past line check?
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Old 12th Jul 2008, 13:06
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Red face

The vacancy for pilots is no longer on the website. Is this just a temporary gab between two vacancies as before, or is it a bad sign for the coming winter, the one were Artificial Horizon is already warning for? Anybody some inside information?
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Old 12th Jul 2008, 15:41
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The last date for apllications to be in for their last drive was 11th July. Normally they leave it a week or so then open reruitment up again. So im sure it'll all open up again very soon.
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Old 12th Jul 2008, 17:18
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Artificial Horizon

I have just been placed in the pool awaiting course allocation. I cannot start until the beginning of 09 due to current contract. How do you think the potential down-scaling in recruitment will affect course allocations?
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Old 13th Jul 2008, 17:56
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Sim Check

Hi Guys,

I recently did the sim check and have noticed that a few people asked about it or commented on the lack of information. I think the main reason for missing info is that there isn't alot to say. I will, however, mention as much as I can remember - if it helps.

Of course you know it is on 747-400. Whole "session" with brief etc lasts about 5 hours. Actual flying was about 45 minutes as PF and PM. A very comprehensive brief was giving on what you will be assesed on and the bits of the 747 you need to know. Very similar to 737NG in layout etc. Told you are being assesed on manual handling, CRM and ability to complete TR course in "normal" time.

So the assesment: You are given 15 minutes to plan your sector directly before your turn. From my experience it is worth noting where the TOD is planned on the flight plan. You need an idea of where to go down. In my case it was a very short sector of about 100miles, took up the hold then destination closed and diverted to another close by airport. Time in cruise about 5 minutes, not much time to do approach brief etc - be aware! Assesment stops at decision altitude, ie landing not assesed!

You are given 5 minutes handling to practice directly before you are assesed. Take-off, climb, level-off, basic autopilot practice then fly ILS. Some tips given by instructor.

No autothrottle, no FD. Between transition alt and transition level you can use autopilot in Heading Select and Level Change modes - you still have thrust.

What I noticed about flying 747: VERY sensitive in pitch and roll. MASSIVE pitch/power couple. Was less "stable" than I thought it would be. Should think that if my check was a real flight the passengers may have been sick!

After the both of you have flown then you are asked one thing that you thought was "good" and "bad." From what I understand this, although talked about casually at the end, is important. It shows that you realised your weakness/mistakes etc. If you screw up the ILS and don't mention it because you think that maybe he didn't notice (!) then that would be a very bad move. Equally if you say it was all good (even if it was) = bad move.

Don't forget basic CRM, ie discussions, open-questions, helping the other one. Try to show you have some spare capacity by mentioning out loud something you may have calculated in your head!!

I feel that most of what I have typed is obvious so sorry about that but it may help!
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Old 13th Jul 2008, 19:41
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That is probably the most succint and useful precis of the sim assessment anywhere on this thread. Can't remember the pitch/power couple being quite so MASSIVE, but perhaps if you have come from an A320 it would be. Flaps are bl**dy slow too!

Hope it went well for you; see you in the CRC.
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Old 13th Jul 2008, 20:03
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Ticking up.

Eagerly awaiting the time I finally have enough hours to apply.
250 hrs on 737 and ticking.

Ow yes I'm a newby
Been following this thread for so long now, hopefully I'll be able to add something (useful, rather than this rant..) to it soon!!

Good luck to everyone!

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