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bono 12th Mar 2014 10:46

FAA Notice May 10 2013 Electrical Fire and Smoke
[Federal Register Volume 78, Number 91 (Friday, May 10, 2013)]
[Proposed Rules]
[Pages 27310-27313]
From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office [www.gpo.gov]
[FR Doc No: 2013-11063]
Federal Register, Volume 78 Issue 91 (Friday, May 10, 2013)
This proposed AD was prompted by reports
[[Page 27311]]
of smoke or flames in the passenger cabin of various transport category
airplanes related to the wiring for the passenger cabin in-flight
entertainment (IFE) system, cabin lighting, and passenger seats. This
proposed AD would require installing wiring and changing certain
electrical load management system (ELMS) panels and other concurrent
requirements to ensure the flightcrew is able to turn off electrical
power to the IFE systems and other non-essential electrical systems
through a switch in the flight compartment in the event of smoke or
flames. In the event of smoke or flames in the airplane flight deck or
passenger cabin, the flightcrew's inability to turn off electrical
power to the IFE system and other non-essential electrical systems
could result in the inability to control smoke or flames in the
airplane flight deck or passenger cabin during a non-normal or
emergency situation, and consequent loss of control of the airplane.

Electrical fire was discovered aboard a B777-200 during cruise
Electrical fire was discovered aboard a B777-200 during cruise. Source was identified as a speaker c... - NASA ASRS

FAA: Some Boeing 777s need fixes in case of fires
Without the changes, the FAA says, pilots could lose control of the planes if smoke or fire should break out.
The Federal Aviation Administration says unsafe wiring conditions on some Boeing 777 jetliners need to be fixed to prevent the possibility of
a crash from an in-flight entertainment system fire.
FAA: Some Boeing 777s need fixes in case of fires

EgyptAir 777 fire probe inconclusive but short-circuit suspected
EgyptAir 777 fire probe inconclusive but short-circuit suspected - 11/30/2012 - Flight Global

Massive electrical shorting, fire, and smoke explain a lot of what has been observed so far. Lack of communication by the crew, garbled transmission as reported by another pilot and smoke filled cabin perhaps makes this another version of the Swissair Flight 111. Pilots were barely able to control the aircraft in a smoke filled cabin, and because Indians have not yet so far confirmed spotting this aircraft on their radars in the heavily protected Andaman sea, this aircraft perhaps never made it past northern Sumatra even if headed off in that direction.

Hiflyer1757 12th Mar 2014 10:49

saw the pix of the raft....got to say after lots of years in the industry I do not remember black aircraft rafts...they were bright orange top to bottom for visibility during aerial searches. :hmm:

rachcollins 12th Mar 2014 10:50

Last Military Radar plot was is now being reported as being 200NM NW of Penang.

Just reported by the Military at the press conference.

They seemed to confirm they have found several radar returns after reviewing the radar recordings from the night in question

hawkerjet 12th Mar 2014 10:52

The life rafts on board are equipped with electronic tracking devices that are automatically triggered on contact with water. Given the size of a B 777, I would imagine there are quite a few on board. That 1 hasn't gone off is quite puzzling. ( there may be someone here that can tell us how many would be required on board)

tiger9999187 12th Mar 2014 10:52

Media just questioned the officials regarding the body supposedly found in the life jacket, this was immediately discredited.

Weary 12th Mar 2014 10:52

With all the bells, lights, and whistles on a modern flight deck, there is a lot of information that needs to be processed by the brain before some complex non-normals can be accurately diagnosed. As a result, it is relatively easy to miss a benign change in the "normal" aircraft status/systems whilst the flight crew are otherwise dealing with what may be a confusing information overload.
This is a human failing you see again and again in sim - essentially a failure to effectively monitor. At night, with a lack of visual cues from the cockpit windows, it isn't that hard to imagine the aircraft heading off in the "wrong" direction (unnoticed by the flight crew) following some hasty and erroneous input to the FMC.
I would dearly like to know what the military policies are in that part of the world in dealing with an unresponsive seemingly rogue aircraft that may appear to be headed straight toward an area that is either heavily populated and/or militarily very sensitive.

comcomtech 12th Mar 2014 10:58

5 Passengers Found
According to the news conference underway, five passengers were no-shows at the airport and replaced with four standby passengers, consequently no baggage was off-loaded. This contrasts with the statement a few days ago that five passengers who had checked in failed to board and their baggage was off-loaded.

awblain 12th Mar 2014 10:58

...electronic tracking devices that are automatically triggered on contact with water.
And their signals are not going to be heard after hard contact with water and the shallow sea bed.

If after a diligent search, no sign is found, then I think it inevitably points to a fast, steep impact with the sea. If the sonar signalers from the data recorders are buried in the mud in the tail, then the wreckage may not be found. Perhaps a trawler will eventually unearth something.

Ollie Onion 12th Mar 2014 11:02

Boy these guys are unbelievable!!

- So we have SSR that disappears (for reasons unknown), then it would appear from that point we have a primary radar trace that shows 'something' leaving that position and moving west.

- Reports today that the Vietnamese passed on information to the Malays, during the event, that an aircraft had deviated from its flightpath and was heading west.

- Despite this evidence the entire search operation was based on where the SSR stopped and it took an unofficial 'leak' of the above information 5 days into the search to move some resources to the point the Primary radar trace disappeared.

- The Malay Government came out today and said there was NO radar information showing the jet moving west yet they continued to search in the new area.

- Now they come out and say there is infact a primary radar trace that shows 'something' moving west but say they dismissed this initially due to the fact that the trace had no identifying features as would be found with SSR.

I hate to say it but the guys running this are absolute muppetts who seem to be letting their own 'face saving' worries and incompetence reduce the effectiveness of the entire search operation, for god sake there could have been wreckage / bodies / a complete aircraft etc etc floating around for 5 days in an area they should have been searching from day one.

I just feel so so sorry for the relatives and friends of all those onboard, it must be devastating to be face with smirking and smiling idiots who change the story at every press conference. :ugh:

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 12th Mar 2014 11:02

<<RMAF chief: unidentified plot on primary radar at FL295, >>

How do they determine altitude from primary radar?

WangFunk 12th Mar 2014 11:02

Where has been ATC in all these live Media Releases??

Diver-BR 12th Mar 2014 11:04

Life Raft

It is indeed a life raft, the picture shows mostly the bottom half. But I would guess by its size that it fell off from a boat. This pic shows a similar model.



deci 12th Mar 2014 11:06

HD: air defense radar

camel 12th Mar 2014 11:07

News conference

the last rmaf radar plot of an unidentified aircraft was at 02.15 am 200 nm north west of penang.

Fatfish 12th Mar 2014 11:10

The PC I just watched.
Reporter asked about ACARS but the DCA man evaded the question and answered about Radar. Intentional or just clueless.??????
ACARS sends aircraft systems report down real time.

captains_log 12th Mar 2014 11:10

Some points picked up so far from conference:

Reports of a body discovered with life jacket dismissed

Military representative reiterates there was no live tracking of this aircraft, a review of the data for this aircraft was reviewed and a potential indication of a turnaround.

Admission more international help is arriving today to help review their current findings.

Poorly handled press breifing and utter lack of disciplined control on press, was a free for all. The military rep looked like he was going to break down in tears.

Bobman84 12th Mar 2014 11:10

These press conferences are way too short and should be held for one hour, twice daily.

It's almost like they can't wait to leave and don't want to be there either.

compressor stall 12th Mar 2014 11:11

"What was in the information from the engines that was sent to Rolls Royce?"

"It is imperative to find the aircraft and its black box so that we can put that information into perspective".

Hmmm. Strange reply if all was normal in those data.

Mahatma Kote 12th Mar 2014 11:15

When I looked at the press conference, especially the parts about expanding the search to Malacca straits and the military radar, I thought it was very consistent and logical.

The initial search was last known position. That's the most logical place to look. When that proved inconclusive, the military ran analysis of recorded military radar over a wider area and noted an unidentified aircraft flying over the Malacca Straits at around the right time.

They had no idea if it was the missing aircraft as it was unidentified. They decided to search the Malacca Straits area as a secondary search based on the possibility.

Pretty straight forward and logical to me.

Max Tow 12th Mar 2014 11:15

Re the press conference. Don't get too hung up on the smiling - it may seem insensitive to us but in S.E. Asian cultures it's often an expression of emotional pain or embarrassment. Plenty of reason for both.

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