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212man 16th Aug 2007 22:59

Can anyone recall the story of the North Denes aircraft that diverted form a ground run?
Well, the pilot concerned is certainly a Ppruner, maybe he can recount the tale :)

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 23:01

John Ridings is currently living in Venezuela. If you want to get in touch with him I have a fairly recent email address. PPRUNE mail me & I'll send it on or go to:
where you can get in touch


Thridle Op Des 17th Aug 2007 07:03

Sorry, just got back from a glamorous (not) two day trip. Thanks to Heliport for the help - I did follow the instructions - at least I thought I did, but it got to the point of not wishing to further embarass my self. As 212man insinuates, there is a certain amount of irreversible surgery which takes place when you lurch to the dark side - wait till he gets my age.

Thanks also to Taff for the 204 spot (miss Taff as well- does any one have a photo?) and anyone own up to owning a chopper in Trinidad?


Tail-take-off 17th Aug 2007 09:17

Posting photos on pprune
Thride Op Des

I think the trouble is that Photobucket have changed the layout of their site since the instructions were written. What you need to do is look below the thumbnails in your albumn and click where it says the words "Direct link" (not the url itself) and it will automatically copy the url ready to paste into the insert image box on pprune.

If you have any more photos keep adding them here!



PS how is life in the desert?

Thridle Op Des 17th Aug 2007 13:58

Deep breath - here are a few more scanned from a dusty archive of slides, lets hope this works!

For 212man, those awful Shell helidecks in Miri, i'm suprised a few wheels didn't fall off, it was a bit of an art to try to wiggle a 330J in between the logs without rolling it over (or at least feeling it would do so).

Pete Cawthorn & AN Other in Duri 1986.

Andy Redfern - Miri 1982

Salt of the Earth in Miri 1981

Another heli/heli lift, this time in Trinidad 1988, Long Ranger had engine failure after crossing the beach, did a great job of ditching it, we put it back, Dave Atkinson (God Bless) was in the back watching it like a hawk for the quick circuit around Galeota Point.

Desert be hot, it 'cooled down' to 37 this morning when I arrived, feel sorry for the Aero Gulf boys.

Thridle Op Des 17th Aug 2007 14:17

Since that worked (thanks Tail-Take-Off, you were right), here are a few more contemporary shots.

Some one trying to hover an EC155

Dink in Eket (where else?)

Ch Eng Eket demonstrating the size of something - I forget what it was for the moment with curious volunteer. Winching Exercise 2002.

PB looking on during the same.

SMT on the Idaho 2002

Tail-take-off 17th Aug 2007 16:00



more G-BALZ pictures here:

HughMartin 17th Aug 2007 17:59

Bristow ramp at Dubai 1976

Gabra1 18th Aug 2007 06:54

Duri and Djambi (Muaratembesi)
More pictures from Duri & Muaratembesi:

Chunky Lord fast asleep!! - Duri 1979

Tony Sollitt and Alan Boswell in Muaratembesi (1980?)

Rokan 1 used as temporary base and accommodation for seismic work in Muaratembesi (1979)

Muaratembesi heliport 1980

Duri heliport 1979

Duri crew. Can't remember all their names anymore!! Anyone can help?

phive 18th Aug 2007 16:46

It must have been HBW! And probably between 8 March '72 and 16th when I was in S'pore. After that BW disappears from my log book and BQ replaces it!!

forget 18th Aug 2007 20:06

Wow! This borders on the spooky. I decided to look under the stairs; found the old Canon projector and boxes of slides. I haven't seen some of these in 25 years. Plugged in the Canon and the first one ...below... before her little tantrum. More to come, but I'm photographing them off the side of the fridge. There must be an easier way.

Russ Smith flying, Mike Grinstead in the back. Djambi 71/72


forget 18th Aug 2007 20:36

From under the stairs ...........
hico-p, Seems you did a better job of putting down Hotel Bravo than we'd thought. You thought fuel drums - I thought logs. You managed to dump her in the only clear space in 50 miles.:ok:




PS. Looking at the last one -- you were right about the fuel drums, or was that your load? Well you got it there; what more do they want?

Owl 83 18th Aug 2007 21:15

Calabar Ops
5N-SKY in Calabar just prior to S-76 ops closing in 1998.

GoodGrief 18th Aug 2007 22:09

That duri crew guy to the right looks a bit like Patrick Corr ?

demon_duck 18th Aug 2007 22:58

Duri Phillipinos
Looks like Ferdi, Flori, (not sure) and Resty from L to R.

he1iaviator 19th Aug 2007 03:50

Duri Group
The matsalleh is Steve Walker.

bluesafari 19th Aug 2007 09:56

S61 on Cormorant pic etc
Sorry, these should have been on North Sea thread, I know North Scottish is nothing to with Bristow, I will try to pay more attention next time.

I've moved them for you.

Heliport 19th Aug 2007 13:30

flyer43 19th Aug 2007 14:42

Bristow joins the spying game??
Paul Weddick and Fred Kissinger on a Cricket Pitch near Galeota Point Trinidad, circa 1985, while preparing the BHL spy glider for operations in the area.
Fred is preparing the secret launching device - which actually worked!! Said glider became airborne, turned downwind and then hurtled groundwards in an amazing display of accuracy...... much to the delight of the Trini's settling into their seats for the Cricket Match due to start later......


jonnyloove 19th Aug 2007 15:11

Does anyone have any pics off the EH-101's bristows had on trials back in the mid 90's:)

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