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SASless 20th Dec 2018 12:22

WRT to the 'lump' on the seismic 212 (which was used for the Prakla contract in Iran I believe) I suspect that the lump is the counterweight for the probe, but wait to be corrected (SAS do you have any ideas?)
"Thridle" asked that of me.....sorry to say I have no idea what that object might be as I was exiled to the Bush on Alouettes that were usually in very remote places.

The aircraft parked on the pipeline in Egypt was placed there by Gaza Sarkosy following an engine failure at a high hover required during takeoff. Just a few months ago, over a couple of large glasses of fine Scottish Whisky he told me the story when he visited the Goose Bay Tea House.

He still haunts places in Trinidad and he is very much enjoying his retirement.

soggyboxers 21st Dec 2018 04:08

The bulge in the tail boom of the Prakla Seismos seismic survey 212s in Iran was not a counterweight to the MAD boom; it was a ground wave radiation detector. We had a sky wave radiation detector immediately behind the centre console, just forward of the electronics operator’s station and the ground wave detector was in a box which bulged out of the starboard side of the baggage bay. They both had to be calibrated to check background radiation at the start of every survey flight.

DavidCg 3rd May 2019 10:13

Hi Phil. Thanks yes it was Frank Brimelow. I wonder where he is in Oz

DavidCg 3rd May 2019 10:19

Gee, there are names from the past. I knew most of them. Worked with Graham Conway in Trinidad 1995 to 1997. We also set up radio stations on the top of mountains. These were for triangulation in the disastrous saga to find a lost sub sea completion well head that eventually became Rasht 21

DavidCg 3rd May 2019 10:42

Originally Posted by mtoroshanga (Post 5223295)
Do you remember Kebab up at Zagross. We got him for a BBQ but no one had the heart to do him in so he grew to about the size of a horse before he was run over by a truck. He used to eat the tech logs and any thing else if you didn't watch him.

I remember Kebab well. He grew up with the small gazelles that kept the grass short on the seep sides of the helipad. Kebab thought he was a gazelle too and would try and bound up the slopes like them only to roll down again and woe betide anyone who was silly enough to bend over through the door of one of the helicopters as, if he spotted you, you would be butted!!!

msh212alo3 4th Feb 2020 11:53

can you explain it?

TUPE 5th Feb 2020 09:16


Jarrod Driedger 8th Dec 2020 16:33

Looking for lost friend
Cannot find my old best friend Ronan Le Roi who is Katellís brother.. if anyone is in contact with Katell still might you please ask her to look me up on FB perhaps? All the best- thanks

Originally Posted by Phil Kemp (Post 5410829)
There are indeed two different Yves, a Le Roi and a Le Roy; both in the helicopter business. Interestingly I know both of them, and Katell is about 50 feet down the hallway from me at Vector Aerospace in Langley - although I am more typically somewhere else in the World! ;)

The Kuala Trengganu Yves Le Roy can be found on Facebook however.

Belated Happy Birthday for Christmas Day!:D


Tail-take-off 13th Dec 2020 08:13

Suggest that you message Phil Kemp directly

thechopper 19th Dec 2020 14:17

Hans Holle
Hans Holle left all burdens behind on December 10th, 2020


industry insider 20th Dec 2020 09:12

That's very sad. I spent may hours with Hans in S-61Ns flying out of Aberdeen. Hans had an amazing and slightly wicked sense of humour and us young sprog co pilots used to look forward to flying with him. RIP HDH, you were a top bloke.

osbormj 3rd Sep 2022 20:15

Anyone knew my dad Ken Osborne?
My dad, Ken Osborne, passed away last June, 2021. I was just curious if anyone knew him and could pass along some pictures or stories. Thanks.

SASless 4th Sep 2022 05:31

Your Dad and I crossed paths several times....never flew with him.

I do not have any photos of him unfortunately.

He was a good guy....and had a great sense of humor.

Very sorry to hear of your loss.

Tail-take-off 4th Sep 2022 06:53

Originally Posted by osbormj (Post 11290339)
My dad, Ken Osborne, passed away last June, 2021. I was just curious if anyone knew him and could pass along some pictures or stories. Thanks.

PM sent

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