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Tail-take-off 8th Aug 2007 13:35

Bristow Photos
The "Bristow Ops Unst-Ninian Field 1977-1993" thread got me thinking there must be loads of interesting photos out there which most of us have not seen. www.skyweaver.co.uk is an excellent place for BHL nostalgia but has not been updated for a while and Dave says it probobly never will be.

So if you have anything interesting you wish to share post it here. Please include photos of aircraft, people & places as well as anecdotes.

Here are some of mine to get us going:

Estancia Road, Falklands

Stanley Harbour, Falklands


Barentsberg, Spitzbergen

Aberdeen Harbour

Norsk Colours

Crew Transport, Falklands

I have more if anyone is interested!

jonnyloove 8th Aug 2007 13:37

FANTASTIC photos well done mate! whats up with the jazzy paint job on the norsk 61??

Tail-take-off 8th Aug 2007 13:59

It was one of the first 2 aircraft to go to Norsk, an S61 and an AS332. The orange stripes were thought to be latest thing in Scandanavian design at the time. Funny enough they didn't last long & neither did the S61. It was back in Aberdeen about a year later!


jonnyloove 8th Aug 2007 14:26

Keep the pics coming tail take off!!
Dont suppose you have any pics off the AS332L1 that belong to General Norieaga? (forgive the spelling)::D

forget 8th Aug 2007 14:37

Bristow’s photos! Great idea, which must add to the excellent Bristow web site. The one below, from the site, got my attention. Sumatra 72. I’d flown out to the Total rig site with Tony S that morning. He’d dropped me off and gone to haul fuel drums from the river. On his first return, and hover, the tail rotor drive let loose. There he was, 60 feet up, doing a rev per second. He crossed his fingers, closed his eyes, and dumped it - onto piled logs. Bits of MR blade flying everywhere and it was I then decided that my running towards it wasn’t too smart.

Anyway, the dust settled and out got Tony, broken wrist only. So there we were at a jungle site, 80 miles from base, and no comms at all. After a Pernod stiffener from the French rig crew I crawled into the wreck and ripped out the HF; the lot, racks, boxes and wiring, and sat the bits on top of a Caterpillar. A local guy climbed a tree and hung a long wire antenna. The Cat battery was connected and a few wires twisted together, those that flashed too much were ignored or disconnected, and a head-seat wired up.

Well I’ll be! Raised Djambi base at first call. I got the Ch Eng, on the line to tell him of the mishap. ‘Can’t be that bad’, he says, ‘if you’re talking on its HF’.

‘Only the HF is here. The other bits of the helicopter are between 50 and a 200 yards away’.

Can’t remember if it was Bravo Whisky or Bravo Vodka, one of the two.


Tail-take-off 8th Aug 2007 15:16

Norieaga's AS332

Funny enough I only have a few pictures of AS332s but one of them is G-BTCT which was Norieaga's. Sorry about the poor picture quality - cheep camera cheeper scanner!


jonnyloove 8th Aug 2007 15:24

I wonder where she is flying now???? do you have any off those fantastic EH-101's bristow had on trial back in the late 90's????
fantastic effort mate!!

Mr loove

Tail-take-off 8th Aug 2007 16:21

G-BTCT now in Australia registered VH-BHY. Couple of Pictures her from the web both taken in Perth:

Initially painted like this in a recent overseas clour scheme:


Now painted up in the latest worldwide clours


Langball 8th Aug 2007 16:27

Re VH-BHY. Why have the wheel sponsons (spelling?) changed. Is it to accommodate a liferaft or a fuel tank?

Hippolite 8th Aug 2007 17:09

The larger sponsons are additional fuel tanks for long range ops. The aircraft is currently in Broome, Western Australia flying long sectors. Strangely enough, these sponsons add around 4 KIAS to the cruise speed of the 332L. The life rafts are not in the sponsons in the 332L, one is internal and the other is external on the co pilots side.

Tail-take-off 8th Aug 2007 19:57

This might get the nostalgia flowing. G-AODA being prepared for her last commercial contract before retiring to Weston-Super-Mare


And G-AWMK ex Redhill FTS aircraft now in private hands as G-GAND

hico-p 8th Aug 2007 21:20

Forget - it was BW ! Quite exciting to have a tail rotor fail with a load of fuel drums in a net over a larger fuel dump underneath you and in a just cleared jungle site !! Very lucky to get out with two bust ribs - caused , I think, by some very enthusiastic French oil riggers pulling me out of the cockpit - God bless them !! I had two local Indonesian labourers in the cabin - they fled into the jungle and didn't come back for three days !! They shipped the Wessex 60 all the way back from the middle of Sumatra to Farnborough for a detailed investigation. For some reason, I was shipped off to Iran - Bristows moved in mysterious circles in those days !!

TiPwEiGhT 8th Aug 2007 22:19

Did the Wessex do offshore flights?

David Eyre 9th Aug 2007 02:20

Hi All,
My Dad (Peter Eyre) worked for Mayne-Bristow Helicopters, which later went back to being Bristow Helicopters Australia.
Mayne-Bristow had a base at Karratha, on the north-west coast of Western Australia. They had contracts flying to oil and LNG rigs off the coast, and contracts to fly marine pilots out to ships entering the nearby port of Dampier. They also operated a Britten-Norman Islander on behalf of West Australian Petroleum (WAPET), to Barrow Island.
Some of my photos of Mayne-Bristow JetRangers, Bell 212s, and SA-330J Pumas (and the WAPET Islander) are hosted on Airliners.Net, taken at Karratha, Western Australia in the 1980s:
I also have lots of Mayne-Bristow photos taken by my Dad, but I simply don't have time to scan them all at present.
David Eyre
Perth, Western Australia.

SASless 9th Aug 2007 05:26

During a nice sailing trip with another Bristow pilot a few days ago....and while re-hashing old times....we dredged up a question from Iran days.

The question is why was a humourless Scot called the "Black Sardine"?

There must be a good story there as said dour fellow gets more than a bit miffed when reminded of the name.

It is the same fellow that when it was announced within the North Denes crewroom...."XXXX" fell off a roof and hurt himself....it was greeted with a shouted response...."Nothing minor I hope!"

Can any of the "Old Gang" enlighten us about the Black Sardine moniker?

Tail-take-off 9th Aug 2007 05:51


Yes the wessex did do offshore flights. See www.skyweaver.co.uk

stacey_s 9th Aug 2007 10:30

alledgedly it was a brand of Iranian tinned fish that he suggested chaps could eat when asked about an increase in living allowance, cos' it was cheaper.

John Eacott 9th Aug 2007 11:22

Did someone mention Mayne-Bristow engineers :p


And offshore Wessex ops?



A few Nigerian Whirlwind shots: don't you love the floats ;)





and those wonderful winter days in the Brent, daytime bus runs :=


he1iaviator 9th Aug 2007 15:07

Some Grainy Scans From The 80s
Guess where?



Flap 5 9th Aug 2007 18:02

First one is over Stanley Harbour. Last one is Lutong, Sarawak. Not sure about the middle one. With a 212 it's probably Nigeria.

he1iaviator 9th Aug 2007 18:18

Well done! The middle one is a 205 carrying part of Rig56, Duri, Indonesia, 1982ish
Remember any interesting crew change flights? Here are a few memorable ones I have dug up:


Recognise this cockpit?


he1iaviator 9th Aug 2007 19:08

RIP - Faces to Remember
Jerry Beecher, Falklands 1984

Ron Miles, North Sea 1979

Garth Parfitt (and friends), Kazakhstan 1998

flyer43 10th Aug 2007 14:17

Back in the "good old days...?"
A few pics I have dragged out of the box. Apologies for the poor quality, but they were taken on the equivalent of a box brownie and the prints have been laying around for years before I scanned them.....

Galeota Point - Trinidad 1985

Operating to and from the MSV Tharos circa 1980, when the MSV Tharos came into Peterhead for a refit.




Flap 5 10th Aug 2007 19:35

I checked my log book and I flew with Jerry down there on one day in November '84. In 'our day' we went down in a C-130 and tankered off another C-130. :yuk:

Those pictures look like you had shear looxury. :) I remember sitting next to a spare Spey engine for a Phantom.

212man 10th Aug 2007 23:06

Interesting medlee of pictures!

I did my 212 conversion in G-BBP.

Nice to see Grant Campbell has a beer in hand!

Poor old Girth Parsnip: definitely went before his time. I believe he was a frequenter of these forums (30N?) and was an all round character.

Ron Miles was a true gent, who I admired for his sustained enthusiasm and motivation for his profession, when many of his age were stuck in a rut they'd rather not be in. Sadly it seems he did not share the same for life, but who knows what demons he fought with?

Why is Frankie, from 'Frankie goes to Hollywood,' standing with Garth and Grant? (presumably with a brochette of caviar!!)

SASless 10th Aug 2007 23:54

Garth last used "Nutcracker 43" in Pprune Land.....his last helicopter flight was in the Huey at Blackpool. He was one of a kind for sure and called home entirely too soon.

I must admit.....the only time I have seen him without a silk dicky (ascot...or whatever you lot call his signature neck garb) was in the posted piccy.

excrewingbod 11th Aug 2007 02:42

A few photos from ABZ....

G-PUMI - 'Playing' on a Saturday afternoon


G-BKFN - End of an era....

G-BGWJ - Never thought I'd see the day that a 61 becomes a rare sight at ABZ.

G-ZZSC - The future

Mr Toad 11th Aug 2007 06:12

Great pics everyone; what a wonderful aircraft the 61 is. Many of the names you all mention were familiar to me although I'd moved across the road by then. The Craighaar and the Sumburgh Club seemed to blur the company differences between us all.

AB206 G-AWMK - Cliff Saffron and I accepted her from Cascina and delivered her to Redhill on 22 August 1968. I had 3 hours on type (with Fred le Grys) and didn't have a clue what was going on; luckily Cliff knew everything!
Somewhere I've got a rather yellow picture of what I did to 9Y-TCZ in Trinidad in 1969 (just before Carnival). Broke her back as well as my own, though I recovered and am still involved in aviation.

I flew the WX 60 offshore briefly with Dick Metcalf - what became of him?
Also the WS 55 Series 3 on floats including water landings into a Norfolk ditch with John Cameron.

Later in BAH I did water landings and rejects into the bay opposite the Sumburgh Hotel in G-BDKI. Presumably the engineers put a stop to this particular form of fun years ago.

Heliaviator nice pic of Ron, God rest him. The green cockpit is a Mil 26 if I remember right (I operated beside them in Zagreb); seems to be in tropical rig with fans. The Zagreb ones (and the small Antonovs) used to go back to Russia for major maintenance, stuffed with radios, tvs etc; when they came back they were stuffed with Georgian champagne, vodka, caviar etc. Our Russian colleagues are very resourceful indeed; luckily they were always generous enough to throw a party. I don't drink vodka anymore but have an Aeroflot tie and wings in compensation.

Compared to our fixed wing contemporaries in the airlines we've had interesting lives; wouldn't change one iota of it.

Best wishes all from Rupert Wilson.

Wunper 11th Aug 2007 10:39

Bristow meets AB212
Not strictly Bristow pictures but probably the time that whetted Mr Bristow's appetite for the 212
Taken during Farnborough week at Blackbushe in 1970 the machine a demo AB212 over from Cascina Costa with Commandante Forzani at the controls.
Mr Bristow in the LHS with a suitably dapper Count Corrado Agusta facing the camera , someone on this forum might
recognize the chap in uniform seated in the second row.

Plank Cap 11th Aug 2007 14:29

Great photos and stories.

Got to say the green / blue cockpit shot is more likely a Tuploev Tu134, rather like the ones Bristow personnel would have occasionally used in and out of the Kazakhstan operation. I asked to visit the flight deck on my last trip home from there in March 2002, and was somewhat surprised to find not two, but FIVE flightdeck crew, including navigator in the glazed nose complete with handheld GPS unit! The little box above the central windscreen area was apparently the autopilot, which every ten seconds or so would give a pronounced kick in yaw........

Was supposed to have flown the then one and only S76 (G-BJFL) back to Redhill from Kazakhstan, but apparently the client was enjoying the aircraft so much alongside the pair of 212s, they extended her contract. Sadly, I had to be back on the day job in the UK..........

Tail-take-off 11th Aug 2007 16:33

Redhill FTS HP32 course at Outwardbound Ullswater 1988.

Back row L-R: Andy Rowley (now BMED), Chris Hennegan (now Easyjet), Jonathan Huntley, 2 x outwardbound instructors, Simon Hornsby, Nick Bill (now bmi), Julian (Griff) Griffith-Jones,Ian Steward (now Emirates).

Front row L-R: Simon Sorrell, Richard Bissell (Bristow Australia), Wendy Winnard, Karen Wilson (Now BA), Martin Jones (last heard of at BA Connect)

Max Hoskins (HP31 course) Redhill 1989.

Tony Coleman and an Engineer, Silverstone 1989

Robbie & Davy (Aberdeen Engineers), Spitzbergen 1996

Bill Wood, Spitzbergen 1996

L-R: Steve Higgins, Ron Moxham & Bobby Hayles, Falklands 1991

Don't Fancy yours much! Bobby Hayles & Graham Pearson, Falklands 1991

Dave Gribben & Simon Platt Redhill 1989

Nick Bill & Michel Zingurevitch, Unst 1996

Russ Smith (RIP), Clive Valentine & Colin Clark (seated), Unst

Tail-take-off 11th Aug 2007 17:17

Posting photos on pprune
I've had a couple of queries on how to post photos. For instructions go to http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=203154

he1iaviator 11th Aug 2007 17:51

Atryau Crew Change
10/10 Plank Cap. It was our TU134 complete with bomb aimer and Garmin 3.

Ergomomic Autopilot..Slight Altitude Change Required:

And of course Natasha! Last seen married to Peter Walker in Spain.

Hippolite 12th Aug 2007 02:40

Great picture of Ron Miles, what a premature loss as 212man says.

I used to really enjoy flying with Ron on the 332L, he made for such a fun and easy cockpit. As Co-Pilot, on the way out to the ESB, one's most important job was ensuring that Ron was able to collect his daily packet of "biscuits" from the HLO shack. We had some great times and some great laughs, the "top of the box" daily ESB crossword competition was also a fond memory. Ron is one flying "mentor" I shall never forget.

Mr Toad 12th Aug 2007 09:30

Thanks Heliaviator, clearly a little Tupolev (not many Mils have a yoke). I stand corrected.

forget 12th Aug 2007 10:18

Thridle Op Des. When you post your url you need to delete the first http://

Thridle Op Des 12th Aug 2007 15:01

Thanks guys, my first attempt at this photo posting thing, thanks for the patience, there must be a way of posting the actual photo on the site as above, but I suspect that this is frowned upon.



international hog driver 12th Aug 2007 15:41

The place you see faces from the past loved the Redhill FTS HP32 course pic,

Here is Wendy, last in 2004, no points for guessing the company or type but where is it????


soggyboxers 12th Aug 2007 15:57

Tail take off and Hel1aviator, well done for posting so many good and evocative photos :ok:

212 Man,

You're right; an interesting medley which reminds me of so many old times with Bristow. Poor Jerry Beecher who finally succumbed to skin cancer some years back, RIP. I remember meeting Garth when I was on exchange to the crabs many years ago and there was a story then that he had been flying an Alouette with a hydraulic failure, but being big and strong, had landed it successfully, albeit with a bent collective! It's probably apocryphal, but witn Garth's colourful character, who knows? He was a real gentleman, sadly missed.

I did my 212 conversion on G-BARJ with Mike 'British' Holcroft, another gentleman, then set out for Iran ferrying a brand new high-skid 212 VR-BGR.

It's good to see old and new friends again. I know where 'Windsock' is, but what happened to Simon 'Trainset' Hornby double-oh, Hox Maskins, Jonathan Huntly and 'Bex' Bissell carpet shampoomaster? Zingo is also a real gent and last time I met him, at Marignane, was exactly as he's always been, sounding just like Inspector Clouseau.

I'm presently converting what was my study into a nursery, having just become a dad, and I'm sorting many things which have lain unseen in deep drawers for many years. I've found a lot of old photos of my early time in Bristow, so I'll try and scan some of them to post here soon. Great thread :ok:

212man 12th Aug 2007 17:32

Soggy, max is senior pilot for the Dorset police flight, and a frequenter of this forum (I'll leave it to him to out himself, if he wants too!) Never seen him wearing a toupee before though;)

Bex is back in Australia, and a TRE I believe.

IHG, I would guess at Cape Town, pilot transfer contract?

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