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TipCap 14th Aug 2007 13:52

Simon Hornsby is Deputy Chief Pilot HMCG Flight at Lee-on-the Solent

Brian Pickles is flying As332L's with CHC Scotia in Aberdeen

Owl 83 14th Aug 2007 14:09

Outstanding !
To all,

This is a great thread with so many folks adding pic's. Certainly brings back the memories of times long ago. Reminds me of an old expression my Grandmother used to use, "Ve get too soon old und too late schmart"!
Congratulations to SoggyBoxers on his new little "aviator"!


hico-p 14th Aug 2007 15:53

Some Trinidad and Djambi shots from the early 70's.
Anyone know where Bill Wood is nowadays ?

Mayaro hangar


Djambirig site

Links fixed.

Heliport 14th Aug 2007 23:03

Thriddle Op Des

..... there must be a way of posting the actual photo on the site as above, but I suspect that this is frowned upon.
Frowned upon???!!! :confused:
I edited your first post to tell you how to do it, but you've deleted the post.
If all else fails, follow the instructions. ;)

Posting pictures hosted on Photobucket couldn't be easier.
  • Below each photo there is a box titled "IMG Code - Forums and Bulletin Boards"
  • Left-click on the contents of that box and everything you need will be copied. A yellow flag pops up saying 'Copied'.
  • Paste what you've copied into your post in this forum.
  • Press 'Submit Reply' and your picture will appear.
Here are the pics you were trying to post.

Engineer on Chopper Bike

Bell 205A Spray Bucket

Bell 205A at Piarco Airport

Aerial View of Base inTrinidad

Galeota Point Hanger

212man 15th Aug 2007 00:04

Heliport, you need to make allowances for TOD: he used to be 'one of us' but sadly had a mid-life crisis and is now an A340 captain! :E

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 03:56

From various places on the internet. Right click image & check properties for sources.







Hmm? Something is not quite right here!

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 13:15

From the North Sea Thread

Richard Taylor 16th Aug 2007 13:21

There's something not quite right about the model of G-TIGL.


Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 13:24

Last Bell 212 in Nigeria

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 13:32

G-AVII - the old girl has had a face lift

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 13:35

There's something not quite right about the model of G-TIGL.
Could it be the rearward facing pitot tubes? I know they were slow but we usually made some forward progress.

forget 16th Aug 2007 13:47

How about the TIG Reg on an S-61. ;)

Bristow Helicopters
Aerospatiale AS-332L1 Super Puma
G-TIGL (cn 2050) Manufactured 1982. Named 'Portsoy'.

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 13:50

Ex Westland demonstrator G-ASWI


and ex G-BAWJ


forget 16th Aug 2007 14:00

Interesting shot of PK-HBV. Where was that taken? Certainly not Sumatra, its usual home. The aircraft was ex Brunei Air Wing. Note the very innovative position of the HF Antenna, under the tail boom, instead of flapping around sticking out of the front. I know the guy who did that very very well, and it worked a treat even stuck into jungle mud. The spacer was a hand carved teak wedge ordered with ‘approved’ drawings from a furniture shop in Jalan Kayu. :ok:

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 15:32

Interesting shot of PK-HBV. Where was that taken?
Toussus-le-Noble (LFPN) May 1973 I guess on a ferry flight.

Taff Missed 16th Aug 2007 17:54

Helipilot (or thriddle des ops)

The 205 at Piarco is actually a 204B. Either 9Y-TDZ or TEA.

Happy days.


Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 18:19

Please keep posting the photos. The addition of a few anecdotes has, however, made this thread all the more interesting. More Please:ok:

Can anyone recall the story of the North Denes aircraft that diverted form a ground run?

forget 16th Aug 2007 18:35

hico-p, Your post 64; the two guys with backs to the camera - I'd say, left, Pete Frean, right, Jock Swainson.

Tail-take-off 16th Aug 2007 19:02

More People
Lemmy Tanner

Simon Hoare


Presstransdown 16th Aug 2007 22:09

Great thread,
Does anyone know what John Ridings is up to now.
I think I last worked with him in the Falklands.
And what about that other real gent, John Hall.

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