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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 18th Jan 2007, 19:01
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The 5 Chinese hostages abducted last week, and 1 of the Italian hostages abducted from Brass terminal 43 days ago, have been released today. At the same time, unfortunately, the captain of the ferry boat attacked 2 days ago, died of his injuries.
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Old 19th Jan 2007, 12:28
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What is the maggic that ACN/CHC is using in re-employing all their runaway national pilots ? Is it more 'cowries' that we are not aware of or something else? In the last two months, Four of their runaways have since returned . Two from Caverton, one from PAAN/Presidency and the last one from that private construction company based in Naf base. Rumour has it that Aero have sworn to bring back all their past national pilots by all means. Two out of these are on their way to Canada for thier ATPL .

There is this strong rumour too that Sunny is having a change of mind of staying put in Caverton . His effort is being fustrated by Sola who knows nothing than to cut corners with the system/Clients.Grab from clients and not providing the servises. Aero is waiting for you Sunny! Abandone their Avensus before EFCC's visit, very soon. To account for the NPA/NMA elephant contracts. They will appreciate you better since Sola's pointed shoe is not your size. I hope you will not be 'disgraced' out like your former Chief Pilot was out of that place. Dont forget to take your 'HRM mistress' along !
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Old 19th Jan 2007, 13:24
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phone wind.....now you dunnit! All that extra hazard pay will disappear as the Rubes upstairs will insist the insurgency and criminal kidnappings have come to an end and everything is tickety boo!
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Old 19th Jan 2007, 14:43
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Ruma..... Shortly, Sunny has to fly one brand new AW 139 and another with 150 hours flown.
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Old 21st Jan 2007, 14:33
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Red face

The february 2007 issue of National Geographic has an interesting, well-written and pretty accurate account of what's happening in the Niger Delta (Curse of the Black Gold, Hope and Betrayal in the Niger Delta).

Meanwhile 6 Filipinos and one Nigerian were taken hostage from a cargo ship near Chanomi creek, close to Warri. The ship is operated by German company Baco Line. This brings the number of expatriate hostages currently (January 21) being held, to 9.

The Nigerian Navy's response to this today has been to start mobilising ships for a 4 day exercise which they'll conduct off Bonny Island. They'll also have Nigerian Navy A109s and possibly the NAF Mi-35Ps of 97 SOG from Port Harcourt NAF Base. Considering the success the militants have had against the military conventional forces so far, it will be interesting to see if the same number of ships finish the exercise as start it . Last year the Nigerian Navy arrested 8 of its officers over the disappearance of a ship the MT African Pride which was in the custody of the Nigerian Navy in Lagos after being impounded for suspected bunkering operations
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Old 22nd Jan 2007, 04:40
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Thumbs down Things Turn Worse in the Niger Delta

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has said that it will kill 24 Phillipino hostages in its custody in 72 hours if its demands to the Nigerian government are not met. (There are differing reports of between 6 and 24 Phillipinos taken hostage from a cargo shup near Chanomi Creek, Warri). In response the Phillipino government has stopped the deployment of any more of its nationals to Nigeria until the government can guaraantee their safety. It's getting nastier by the week and I hope that the plight of the hostages will be resolved without more violence.
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Old 22nd Jan 2007, 09:37
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I think the following statement carries more credibility then those been released up til now:
We wish to deny reports of our involvement in the kidnap of filipino seamen off a cargo ship in escravos, delta state, on saturday january 20, 2007.
These misleading reports were carried in the vanguard edition of sunday January 21, 2007 and some other national dailies.
It is pathetic that these dailies feed the nigerian public with such falsehood without bothering to verify the authenticity of their information. We do not attack cargo vessels, issue ultimatums nor do we execute hostages in our custody without good reason. The continued detention of asari and alamieseigha does not in our opinion, constitute sufficient justification for taking a human life.
This action was carried out by a community in the vicinity of the
abduction, for reasons they will explain. To our knowledge, this abduction was carried out by individuals working on behalf of dubious groups in the delta who have in recent days been losing their relevance to the nigerian
government and oil companies. These individuals it is hoped will shortly emerge to effect the release of these filipinos who are not involved in the oil industry in any way then again, appear relevant to the oil companies and the nigerian government.
If by some miracle this abduction is related to the struggle for justice in the delta, it is a welcome development especially as that community in the past, has worked closely with shell to sabotage the struggle of the
niger delta people, exchanging their birthright for generators from shell and personal gratification from oil companies and the nigerian government.
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Old 22nd Jan 2007, 13:38
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MEND seems far better organized and led than the government forces. Thus far, it seems their Press Releases have been accurate and promises may have been kept.

Not so for the government side.
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Old 23rd Jan 2007, 19:50
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PPRuNe Time
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US & Brit Oil Workers taken in Port Harcourt

These hostages were taken from the centre of Port Harcourt (see links). Hostage taking in Nigeria is a serious ongoing problem. Of course there are still other hostages being held in Nigeria, some since before Christmas. My thoughts are with the hostages and their families. It's a shocking and frightening situation to be dealing with.

Links: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070123/...ria_oil_unrest and http://today.reuters.com/news/articl...C2_worldNews-5
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Old 23rd Jan 2007, 20:23
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Angry Increased Danger And Management Lethargy

Time Out,

The two guys taken in Port Harcourt, one a Brit and one an American, are well known to many in the expat community here, one of them has a Nigerian wife and family and both are street savvy guys. The fact that they were taken is a true sign of how bad things are getting, though this is probably a community issue and a kidnapping for money, rather than anything to do with MEND or the forthcoming presidential elections.

One pointer to how bad things are is just to compare the statistics so far with those of 2006 (yes, I know - statistics again, but pretty thought-provoking nonetheless). In 2006 72 expats were kidnapped in Nigeria, only 4 of those in January. In 2007 already, 27 expats have been kidnapped (though this could even be as high as 45 if some reports of the number of Fillipinos kidnapped at Chanomi Creek are true), 4 people have been killed in related incidents and at least 11 (or possibly 29) are currently being held hostage, 3 presently suffering their 48th day of incarceration. Already, in the third week of the year we are at somewhere between 40-50% of the total number of kidnappings of 2006.

Meanwhile, CHC, having changed its mind so many times, has still not started work on redeveloping its infamous East death camp, but has extended its deadline for ET pay by 6 months, and Bristow employees are living in insecure housing and still waiting to see if the backdated portion of promised increases in pay and allowances will ever be paid or whether it's just another empty management promise to try and keep enough pilots to crew aircraft for its core customers. Neither company really gives a damn, except to give the illusion of fulfilling its duty of care to its employees. After all, LLLL and The Shadow are enjoying the life of luxury in their secure camp (which they have no intention of abandoning for the Death Camp ) and will get out as soon as their 2 years on site are up, and Neddy Donut just wants to maximise profits and his share of the loot before retiring next year .
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Old 23rd Jan 2007, 22:24
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Phone Wind

"infamous East death camp"

Now this sounds very inviting!

Would you like to explain this a little for those of us who do not know what this is?
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Old 24th Jan 2007, 04:35
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That will be the camp which Aero has bought in one of the most dangerous areas of Port Harcourt and will be forcing all its staff to move to some time this year. Originally they claimed were going to improve amenities at Areta estate, but despite many months of BS, they suddenly announced that they had bought down a run-down compound in a dangerous part of town which nobody else wanted. It's in such bad shape they've now decided they're going to bulldoze it and build something new and they're supposedly trying to find out what people want before they start building. I guess it'll be like the last consultation process (lots of questions to make people feel involved, but just go ahead and do what they like anyway ). It's so good that the management won't be joining the rest of the guys there.
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Old 24th Jan 2007, 04:58
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Danger Delta brouhaha

Following the terrifying news on the Delta rumbles I say this. I get the idea that some Delta politicians are behind this embezzling themselves. If the amounts of money paid as ransome are used for clean-up... Wishful thinking. Anyway, will be exciting to se what happens as we inch closer to the elections.
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Old 24th Jan 2007, 07:55
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Bristow Lossing Pilot Soon!!!!

Bristow Helicopter nigeria will soon loss some of thier national pilot due to poor treatment, low salary introduced by the new management, couple with the fact that there is problem in the Niger delta in nigeria. Also, the miltant are after the expertraite not the national becos they cannot get any ransome on nigeria.
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Old 24th Jan 2007, 09:48
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Thumbs down Bristow Promises

I hear that the back pay owed to the Bristow crews as part of their deal has failed to materialise. well done!!! Hearts and minds without the hearts and minds. Bad start...
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Old 24th Jan 2007, 17:24
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Maybe Bristow will loss [sic] some of thier [[I]sic[I] national pilot because of problems with spelling and grammar rather than the fact that expertraite [[I]sic[I]] get ransome [sic] . It may surprise you to realise that quite a number of nationals who have been taken hostage have also had to wait for a ransom to be paid before they have been freed (including some Bristow national pilots who were hijacked during the 1999 spate of helicopter hijackings in Nigeria.
The latest press statement released by MEND seems to reinforce what you say. In it they condemn the hijacking of the Filipino seamen from the Baco Liner cargo vessel and say that any money paid for the redevelopment of the Niger Delta should be done through the care and management of the United Nations Development Programme, rather than paid to any local politicians.
With a name like that you should be a member of the Aero gay bar . However, what you say is quite right. With the exception of the broken promises on housing, CHC seem to be capable of reacting to events and implementing change far quicker than Bristow. No, wait a minute - what happened to the 'blended' pay deal, where they were going to do like most companies, and pay one twelfth of an annual salary every month . They are at least spending money in Nigeria, with the new hangar at NAF, the death camp, new fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and recruiting back many of the Nigerian pilots who have left them over the last 2 years.

Don't mind me - it's been a hard day and I'm feeling grouchy . Everything you say is right. Bristow have even been losing Nigerian pilots with dual nationality to CHC on expat deals in other countries.

Last edited by Phone Wind; 24th Jan 2007 at 18:59. Reason: remorse (small)
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Old 25th Jan 2007, 15:28
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Yet another kidnapping of foreigners

The beat goes on......and on....

Nigeria militants seize more oil workers

By KATHARINE HOURELD, Associated Press

Gunmen stormed the local offices of a major Chinese oil company in southern Nigeria on Thursday, abducting seven Chinese employees and stealing a large amount of cash, police said.

One of the assailants died in the raid on the finance offices of the government-owned Chinese National Petroleum Co. in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa, state police Commissioner Hafiz Ringim said. Two Chinese employees escaped the attack, Ringim said.

In Beijing, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it is looking into the attack. Company officials could not be reached for comment.

Some 100 hostages have been seized in a year of increased violence in Nigeria, the largest producer of oil in Africa and a major exporter to the U.S. Hostages are generally released unharmed after a ransom is paid, although casualties have occurred during gunbattles between the attackers and security forces.

Despite the vast energy stores lying beneath southern Nigeria's soil, the region's people remain desperately poor. Many blame their plight on corruption and mismanagement by the federal government.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, which seeks greater control of oil revenues and the release of two regional leaders imprisoned on corruption or treason charges, have launched many of the raids and abductions. The violence has cut Nigeria's usual 2.5 million barrel per day crude production by nearly a quarter.

But most of the kidnappings in recent weeks haven't been claimed by the group, which said it was not behind Thursday's attack. Along with the Chinese, about two dozen Filipinos, two Italians, one Briton, one American and a Lebanese are being held.

China is boosting ties in Nigeria and across Africa, seeking to secure energy and other resources for its booming economy.
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Old 25th Jan 2007, 19:07
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Smile Nigeria - Laugh a Minute!

I was feeling a bit low this morning. Harmattan has been curtailing flying, Port Harcourt ATC behaving like petulant children (okay, they always do - but even more than usual ), fuel queues everywhere because the world's 8th largest oil producer has not a single working refinery and imports all its fuel now, curfew means living in prison, pay just not enough to make it worth working here any more. Then, when I got home my whole day brightened up . I saw a report of a speech given by the Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Naval Command, Rear Admiral Peter Shola Adeniyi. Speaking in Calabar he said that despite continuous reports of abduction of foreign oil workers by militants, the Nigerian Navy has curtailed illegal activities of the militants. He said “we’ve been doing our best to check the excesses of Niger Delta youths. We have been able to curtail the excesses of the militants.” “We’ll be able to do much more to check the incursions of the militant youths from entering where we don’t want them to enter, when on-going plans by the Navy are fully implemented. “ Rear Admiral Adeniyi who said the country had assets as far as 100 nautical miles of the West Coast of Africa explained that part of the aims of the annual inspection is to deploy the fleet in the protection of deep sea oil and gas installation especially against terrorist attack.” Speaking on the five-day series of Naval exercises around the Bight of Bonny, Adeniyi said the Nigerian Navy was capable of checking any form of terrorist attack on Nigerian territorial waters. . Oh dear, my sides are still aching from laughing . This is the same Navy which arrested 8 of its officers last year when an oil tanker impounded for suspected illegal oil bunkering operations, somehow disappeared from its custody in Lagos. I feel so safe now. Last year 72 expatriates were kidnapped in the Niger Delta, so far this month 52 expats have been kidnapped here, 36 are currently being held and Admiral Adeniyi is proud of the record of his men. It's a symptom of how cock-eyed everything has become here during this wondrous transition from the corrupt military dictatorships to true democracy . It gives me a lovely warm feeling - or maybe it's just because I just p**d myself from laughing so much again .
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Old 25th Jan 2007, 19:39
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Devil The Nigerian Book of Great Military Sayings

Rear Admiral Adeniyi has obviously just been quoting from the same "book of Great Military Speeches' as the Nigerian Minister of Defence, Ambassador Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi, and the Minister of State, Chief Michael Onolememem who say that Nigerian forces are capable of keeping peace in the region. They, told newsmen in Abuja that a publication in one of the national dailies alleging that Chinese soldiers have been hired by the Federal Government to police the Niger Delta is not only false but also baseless and a disservice to the nation.
The Ministers said there is no need for the engagement of foreign soldiers as Nigerian military were capable of containing the situation.
“No one should be in doubt at the capacity and capability of our forces in dealing with the Niger Delta problem”, they said pointing out that the country is not at war with anybody.
On the trouble in the Niger Delta, the Ministers noted that “we are dealing with our brothers and sisters’ and would not just react to it the same way as if they were enemies.”
“We have chosen the path of peace and dialogue because we can’t crush our own brothers”, the ministers stressed. According to the Ministers, the initiatives carried out by the present PDP government in the Niger Delta region surpass all other initiatives taken by any other government in the last 46 years.
They've not chosen any path of peace. They're all involved in this escalation of violence up to their necks as part of the jockeying for power in the run-up to the Presidential elections. They'd probably be incapable of crushing what they've now set in motion any more anyway . I think they'll find out before too long that they've opened a Pandora's Box.
Anjou, what have you been drinking tonight? Whatever it is I think I'd like a few bottles/glasses/calabashes myself
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Old 26th Jan 2007, 04:36
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Caverton Stuck in Mauritania

I hear that Caverton Helicopters' latest AS350B2 is stuck somewhere in Mauritania with a mechanical problem. It left Portugal at the end of December. Mauritania is not the easiest of countries to get technical support, except perhaps if they're in Nouakchott. I wonder if Strange Steve and Uncle Terry are still with it or have abandoned it there. Has anyone else heard any more about it?
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