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What is the maggic that ACN/CHC is using in re-employing all their runaway national pilots ? Is it more 'cowries' that we are not aware of or something else? In the last two months, Four of their runaways have since returned . Two from Caverton, one from PAAN/Presidency and the last one from that private construction company based in Naf base. Rumour has it that Aero have sworn to bring back all their past national pilots by all means. Two out of these are on their way to Canada for thier ATPL .

There is this strong rumour too that Sunny is having a change of mind of staying put in Caverton . His effort is being fustrated by Sola who knows nothing than to cut corners with the system/Clients.Grab from clients and not providing the servises. Aero is waiting for you Sunny! Abandone their Avensus before EFCC's visit, very soon. To account for the NPA/NMA elephant contracts. They will appreciate you better since Sola's pointed shoe is not your size. I hope you will not be 'disgraced' out like your former Chief Pilot was out of that place. Dont forget to take your 'HRM mistress' along !
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