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Maybe Bristow will loss [sic] some of thier [[I]sic[I] national pilot because of problems with spelling and grammar rather than the fact that expertraite [[I]sic[I]] get ransome [sic] . It may surprise you to realise that quite a number of nationals who have been taken hostage have also had to wait for a ransom to be paid before they have been freed (including some Bristow national pilots who were hijacked during the 1999 spate of helicopter hijackings in Nigeria.
The latest press statement released by MEND seems to reinforce what you say. In it they condemn the hijacking of the Filipino seamen from the Baco Liner cargo vessel and say that any money paid for the redevelopment of the Niger Delta should be done through the care and management of the United Nations Development Programme, rather than paid to any local politicians.
With a name like that you should be a member of the Aero gay bar . However, what you say is quite right. With the exception of the broken promises on housing, CHC seem to be capable of reacting to events and implementing change far quicker than Bristow. No, wait a minute - what happened to the 'blended' pay deal, where they were going to do like most companies, and pay one twelfth of an annual salary every month . They are at least spending money in Nigeria, with the new hangar at NAF, the death camp, new fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and recruiting back many of the Nigerian pilots who have left them over the last 2 years.

Don't mind me - it's been a hard day and I'm feeling grouchy . Everything you say is right. Bristow have even been losing Nigerian pilots with dual nationality to CHC on expat deals in other countries.

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