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Devil The Nigerian Book of Great Military Sayings

Rear Admiral Adeniyi has obviously just been quoting from the same "book of Great Military Speeches' as the Nigerian Minister of Defence, Ambassador Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi, and the Minister of State, Chief Michael Onolememem who say that Nigerian forces are capable of keeping peace in the region. They, told newsmen in Abuja that a publication in one of the national dailies alleging that Chinese soldiers have been hired by the Federal Government to police the Niger Delta is not only false but also baseless and a disservice to the nation.
The Ministers said there is no need for the engagement of foreign soldiers as Nigerian military were capable of containing the situation.
“No one should be in doubt at the capacity and capability of our forces in dealing with the Niger Delta problem”, they said pointing out that the country is not at war with anybody.
On the trouble in the Niger Delta, the Ministers noted that “we are dealing with our brothers and sisters’ and would not just react to it the same way as if they were enemies.”
“We have chosen the path of peace and dialogue because we can’t crush our own brothers”, the ministers stressed. According to the Ministers, the initiatives carried out by the present PDP government in the Niger Delta region surpass all other initiatives taken by any other government in the last 46 years.
They've not chosen any path of peace. They're all involved in this escalation of violence up to their necks as part of the jockeying for power in the run-up to the Presidential elections. They'd probably be incapable of crushing what they've now set in motion any more anyway . I think they'll find out before too long that they've opened a Pandora's Box.
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