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Smile Nigeria - Laugh a Minute!

I was feeling a bit low this morning. Harmattan has been curtailing flying, Port Harcourt ATC behaving like petulant children (okay, they always do - but even more than usual ), fuel queues everywhere because the world's 8th largest oil producer has not a single working refinery and imports all its fuel now, curfew means living in prison, pay just not enough to make it worth working here any more. Then, when I got home my whole day brightened up . I saw a report of a speech given by the Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Naval Command, Rear Admiral Peter Shola Adeniyi. Speaking in Calabar he said that despite continuous reports of abduction of foreign oil workers by militants, the Nigerian Navy has curtailed illegal activities of the militants. He said “we’ve been doing our best to check the excesses of Niger Delta youths. We have been able to curtail the excesses of the militants.” “We’ll be able to do much more to check the incursions of the militant youths from entering where we don’t want them to enter, when on-going plans by the Navy are fully implemented. “ Rear Admiral Adeniyi who said the country had assets as far as 100 nautical miles of the West Coast of Africa explained that part of the aims of the annual inspection is to deploy the fleet in the protection of deep sea oil and gas installation especially against terrorist attack.” Speaking on the five-day series of Naval exercises around the Bight of Bonny, Adeniyi said the Nigerian Navy was capable of checking any form of terrorist attack on Nigerian territorial waters. . Oh dear, my sides are still aching from laughing . This is the same Navy which arrested 8 of its officers last year when an oil tanker impounded for suspected illegal oil bunkering operations, somehow disappeared from its custody in Lagos. I feel so safe now. Last year 72 expatriates were kidnapped in the Niger Delta, so far this month 52 expats have been kidnapped here, 36 are currently being held and Admiral Adeniyi is proud of the record of his men. It's a symptom of how cock-eyed everything has become here during this wondrous transition from the corrupt military dictatorships to true democracy . It gives me a lovely warm feeling - or maybe it's just because I just p**d myself from laughing so much again .
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