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Wannabe a pilot! (And I'm too damn lazy to do a search)

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

Wannabe a pilot! (And I'm too damn lazy to do a search)

Old 9th Jan 2007, 22:25
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Their are schools in the US, such as EFT, OBA etc that offer JAA courses. You can complete all your European legal JAA licences in the US with these approved schools, except the JAA IR test, which has to be taken in JAA airspace.
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Old 9th Jan 2007, 22:50
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If you take a JAA PPL in America you need to apply to the CAA for a CAA/JAA PPL, and get a CAA C2 Medical.

Thats how it was when i was looking to do it, as in the states you get issued with an FAA Medical...

Again, depends where you train...
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Old 9th Jan 2007, 22:54
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You would get a Class 2 min. JAA medical before starting your PPL (Class 1 if professional licence), your training at the JAA approved US school would be as if it was in the UK. You would need a FAA min Class 3 to fly solo in the US, but this is far less stringent then a JAA Class 2. You would submit your application to the CAA for your JAA PPL in the same fashion regardless of whether you trained in the UK, or at a JAA approved US school.
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Old 11th Jan 2007, 12:57
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Total Newbe Needs A Little Help And Advice

Hi, I am 28 years old and an English Teacher. Since I was a young child I have loved planes and flying, my dream always has been to be a pilot. Unfortunately when I was 8 the school nurse said "forget that idea you are 70% colour blind".... all my life I have felt saddened that I could not chase my dream, this dream still bothers me and I want to take action. I have a Uni degree and 2 masters degrees in Psychology/Linguistics. I have no flying experience except a day in a 737 simulator. My question is basically ..

1) Is my age and colour blindness the end of the dream ?
2) If not where should I begin considering I have a family to support.
3) From total beginner to employable pilot what is the time frame ?

Sorry if my questions have been repeated many times and thank you for your help.
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Old 12th Jan 2007, 22:14
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Some guidance needed.

Hello all, I am a 21 year old living in Ireland and am currently in the penultimate year of an economics degree at a good uni here in Ireland. I intend to finish my education but I am slowly realising a career in the finance/economics field probably isnt for me. Aviation is always something I have been interested in and Im starting to give some serious consideration to becomeing a pilot. The problem is my eyesight is not great. To be more precise the eyesight in my left eye isnt great, my right eye is perfect. I can drive a car and all but Im just wondering could this be a problem? Should I just forget the idea right now.

My second question is how long and how much does it take to get qualified? I understand a lot of people go the army route but my eyesight excludes me from that. Ive heard estimates of 60,000 for the necessary training is this accurate? Is there any way to join an airline and have them train you( I see a lot of mentions of sponsorship, I assume that refers to an airline paying for you?). Im sure that this is probably the exception but just how selective are they. Basically is this common or rare?

Also how difficult is it to land a job once you get your license. It would be a shame to devote all the time, effort and money into the training and then not be able to get a job! Do a lot of aspiring pilots find it difficult to get work after training?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Jonathan.
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Old 12th Jan 2007, 23:42
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pilot career?

(I am not sure if this is the right place to post this).

I am 15 years old and currently live just north of london. I am seriously considering a career in aviation, most likely as a pilot. What I would like to know is:

-How do I get into the Airline business?
-What qualifications will i need?
-How soon should i start to aim towards my aviation career?

Many thanks,

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Old 13th Jan 2007, 00:05
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I started when I was 16 when I was still at school and my parents got me a trial lesson for my birthday. I now have my PPL and currently studying the ATPL theory - now 20.

maths and physics will help out a great deal if your studying them currently at school?

I live in scotland but if I am correct denham may be your closest airfield? pay a visit to them and speak to some of the instructors about flying lessons. cost is a big consideration to your training, don't be overwhelmed at shiney new glass cockpit aircraft costing 140 ish per hour, a C152 or PA-28 140 at about 80 is adequate for initial training. ask instructors about their experience and dont dive right in, visit other local airfields and consider them too.

all the best!
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Old 13th Jan 2007, 01:16
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Why do you need so much math and physics to be a pilot?

I've never used anything more than basic Grade 4 level math -adding, subtracting, dividing, etc.
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Old 13th Jan 2007, 03:05
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A good (i'm talking GCSE/Alevel) knowledge of physics and maths helps with understanding how planes work. And also helps you when you need to manually work out things such as bearing, heading, fuel consumption, fuel requirements.

But qualifications you will need:

Most new pilots these days will have A-Levels, i would suggest you go for these (study subjects you enjoy, math's and physics would be a bonus but not a necessity) But at a minimum you'd need 5-7 GCES's at grade C or better including english, maths and a science (preferably pysics and it should preferably be a pure science)

Once you've left school its time to get your flying licences and medical:
A Class 1 medical

CPL/IR(the course should include a night rating)
ATPL ground theory

The above will set you back around 40-60k pounds

Once this is done you'd have everything you need to become an airline pilot. you've got a lot of time which gives you plenty of time to explore your options.
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Old 13th Jan 2007, 12:05
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If you decide you are going to go the modular route then I'd say the sooner you start the better!

Certainly now would be a good time to start thinking about how you are going to fund your training. Unfortunately you will need a minimum of around 60'000 to gain the ATPL qualifications. There's loads of info about it all over the place on here, have a search.

Your first port of call, before you commit huge amounts of money should be a CAA medical. When you've got that in place you can start to seriously look at the funding routes that are available.

Meanwhile work hard at school and get good GCSE and A Level results. If nothing else the discipline will help you when you come to sit the ATPL exams!

Good luck.

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Old 13th Jan 2007, 12:55
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To gain the basic fATPL via the modular route is unlikely to cost you 60k. I'd say more like 40k and you can do it even cheaper if you are prudent with your money and training provider, and manage to get through your training without the need for too many extra hours. If you do a full bells and whistles integrated course at OAT and the like then sure, 60k and upwards.

Also too many people attach significance to maths and physics up to and including A Levels. The simple fact is that you do not need maths or physics beyond GCSE level to become a pilot. If you come away from your GCSEs with a C grade in both these subjects you have the basic understanding in place to get through the ATPL exams and to work out ball park maths in your head while flying single pilot IFR and the like. Mental maths in a modern passenger jet? Basic multiplication and division is all you are ever likely to have to deal with.

Dr2, join the air cadets, go to your local flying club, have a trial lesson, join a local gliding club, just about anything that gets you involved in flying at a young age without the need to part with too much cash is a bonus.
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Old 16th Jan 2007, 10:11
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Angel Training from zero in Florida

Hey, I've been floating about this forum for a while now, with little posts. I am in a similar situation to many I'm sure; zero hours flying with the ambition to fly a big jet powered bird for an airline preferably based at an airport close to my home

My birthday is coming up soon, and my parents have booked me in for an introductory 45 minute flight which is great!! I am 20 (soon to be 21) in third year university and currently on placement (working 2 jobs as a multimedia designer and a postman). Final year will begin October 2007 so I'll be back to part-time posting and a student loan.
From what I have seen, my best option would be to continue with the course and hopefully graduate with a 2:1 in May 2008, then apply like f**k to courses like CTC cadets and stuff. However, 60,000 is scary . So, i've been thinking, maybe save my f**kin ass off from now until August/September and (this may be wish-ful thinking money-wise, but i'm interested in your opinions) start off with this course: http://www.flyoft.com/pilot_course.php .
That'll be me broke for final year, but hopefully have my PPL. Then do something similar at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009 to get the CPL. Basically I am interested to know whether how other people have started from zero, or how they intend to. To self-fund or take out an enormous loan. Or, both.
I don't know if I even have a point here, or a question but thats my situation.
P.S. please don't tear me apart for any forum-rules i haven't complied with here
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Old 16th Jan 2007, 20:13
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Aviation Related High Schools

Hello All,

Could someone reccomend some good Uk or US high schools so to say, which are based around aviation for ages 14 till uni type thing?

I am looking to start a aviation career and would like to get a good start

Sorry if this is the wrong place, the categories are confusing lol
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Old 16th Jan 2007, 20:54
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Well, my opinion is what your looking for isn't specific enough, however if you wanted a good start i would go to historical aircraft museums and build a good knowledge of the background of flying ect.

Read this forum, mags. Also best way is to read books about a professional career in flying or even better start to log some of your hours up (flight school), this will give you an advantage over many people and is great fun aswell :P.

Well thats about all i would do, due to a uni type thing is a little far fetched.

Good luck mate
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Old 16th Jan 2007, 21:48
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Cadet training

Hi all,

I am not a pilot, but the father of a son who wishes to pursue a career as a commercial pilot, this being his lifelong dream! so the request for advice is somewhat different than the norm. He is currently in his final months on A2 studies before his final exams in May this year. He is doing maths, physics and geography and predicted at least `B`,s in these. He is currently a solo glider pilot, and has a few hours flying in a cessna 150 and 172, all of which he currently funds himself from part-time jobs. We have attended 'fly' at Earls court, and visited several smaller fling schools. Whilst I now have an infinite selection of information from various flight schools, does anyone have recent first hand knowledge of CTC wings cadet scheme, OAT, or Stapleford? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 17th Jan 2007, 01:28
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ATPL Australian Wannabe Advice

Hi, I am a UK citizen in Sydney (currently on work visa moving onto a student visa), since I was 16 I have wanted to become a commercial pilot, during my degree (not aviation related) Sept 11 hit and it is something I didn't consider again until I came to Australia. As I'm sure a few of you know the ATPL course is (comparatively!) cheap over here compared to the UK, approx 20k GBP for an Advanced Diploma in Aviation, I recently came into an inheritance so this is something I am seriously considering. I have been through the forum for various pieces of information but was looking for a bit of advice on the following:

I have mild shortsightedness but have passed a Class 1 (CASA) medical with no problems, does anyone know how the Oz medical compares to a UK JAA medical? I was also an average pass on the hearing component, anyone else had problems with this?

Does anyone have any views on those without 20/20 vision securing a position with the major airlines (regional or international)? Does anyone know the percentage of airline pilots (or commercial pilots) who do need corrective lenses?

Has anyone out there ever converted to a UK JAA from a Australian ATPL, I know West Australian Aviation College do a course?

What are the chances of me, 26 years old, Degree educated, 4 A-Levels but not in Maths, Physics or English, 3 years experience in human resources (if that helps!!) gaining employment once I hold an ATPL, is the ATPL viewed a great deal better than a standard CPL?

Thanks very much for any help, this is my first post so I apologise if any of this has been covered elsewhere.
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Old 17th Jan 2007, 10:03
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There's a huge amount of information that is available on this forum from past discussions.

These are some links you may find useful;




CTC (Wings)


Flight Training Europe (Jerez)


Ormand Beach Aviation

Oxford (OAT Part 2)


(courtesy of Scroggs)

I believe the sponsorship schemes are extremely difficult to get in to, so I wouldn't count on that.

In regard to the information from the schools, don't take their word for it. There are many people that have been taken in by the marketing literature, spent 60,000 on training after being told a job was gauranteed, and found themselves broke and unemployed.

As for his plans, I'm not sure how he's going to go about it, but there are many routes, so again, don't let Oxford or any other school tell you intergrated training is the only way to go!

I'm in a similar situation to him, although a little older, and coming on here is absolutely invaluable. It is a ballache but I would go through all the relevant threads from the beginning to see what everyone's said, or better still get your son to look. I've spent many hours of my days searching through here. If people spend days looking for a 300 TV , I think a few months on PPRuNe is warranted before spending 60,000.

By the way, his A-levels stand him in very good stead.

Good Luck

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Old 17th Jan 2007, 14:23
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Thanks for the advice, I fly at the moment online and have a couple of thousand hours in the simulator so I know my way round 738, 744 etc and have trule descided its the road for me
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Old 17th Jan 2007, 14:44
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You could try Flordia Air Academy www.flair.com. .
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Old 17th Jan 2007, 16:18
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hi, im 18 and nearly finished my ppl, it is my dream to be an airline pilot too! I applied for ctc aviation and going for phase 2 soon. I believe its a good course to get on but as kerosine says your not garanteed a job after handing over 60k!

i wish your son the best of luck,

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