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Sam Rutherford 22nd Oct 2016 11:47

Hi Bob,

Could you note down anything she says about me?

Thanks! :E

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 11:56

Will I get a mention?

I hope Barry Tempest turns up:ok:

So many questions to ask about her Africa trip.

What were the 'operational reasons' for abandoning the idea of a solo expedition.

Why did she never be honest and confess Ewald was up front?

Did she fly in?

It is hot here in Asia but I'll bet a lot hotter at Sywell.

noflynomore 22nd Oct 2016 12:00

I continue to be amused at the way TCT describes the old tub with such breathless excitement and superlatives making it out to be something really special and out of the ordinary to fly, even though she is clearly pandering to those people still in awe of the super-human nature of flying and the heroism of pilots.

The damn thing is a perfectly ornery, exceedingly sedate and (once) disposable pussy of a basic trainer for God's sake, and, unlike the DeHavilland variety, built strongly enough to shrug off the bashes and crunches of inept 17yr olds trying not to mishandle it. The way she bigs it all up as though she were wrestling a tetchy bear or a marginal jet (all that faux-technical guff about density altitude - its a bloody Stearman!) would be comical if it didn't sit so squarely with the rest of her blatant self-promotion. Still, she seems to have explored it's toughness more thoroughly than might be hoped.

It didn't seem so very hard to fly when I had a go. Three circuits and solo. With 90mins previous tailwheel time and I'm certainly no test pilot.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 22nd Oct 2016 12:00

Not wishing to jump to any conclusions as to why but it would be an honourable thing if she were to stand up at the start, apologise for the confusion, and hand back the award.

Save the LAA some time, save herself some grief and perhaps gain some respect in the process.

Sam Rutherford 22nd Oct 2016 12:08

Thanks Bob. Is anyone filming it? Could be a YouTube sensation...

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 12:10

I have to agree Satco,

Nothing wrong with making a so called reality tv show.

It was the lies in the press claiming she was flying solo that started this thread.

BobD 22nd Oct 2016 12:43

Originally Posted by Haraka (Post 9549198)
Is the Duke of Kent in tow? :)

Barry Tempest is here. Not sure if Ewald is, wouldn't recognise him as he appears to be camera shy 😈😈😈

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 12:50

Barry Tempest and TCT in the same room?

This I would love to see.

deefer dog 22nd Oct 2016 13:56

Just came across this article concerning her Goodwood prang.

PressReader.com - Connecting People Through News

Forward visibility for this aircraft. It's depressing and embarrassing. It's really difficult to operate in this sort of environment. Happily there is no damage to my engine....
Tracey, what difficulty did you have with the environment of an all grass 200 acre ex WW2 airfield that was previously used as an emergency landing diversion?

What kind of environment would you have been content with....one in which only you were permitted to park your aircraft?:yuk:

Happily also Tracey that nobody happened to be sitting in the parked helicopter that you crashed into as a result of not looking, or they would have been killed. Glad to hear your engine was okay though :ugh:

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 16:04

I may be on the border with Laos and Thailand but can report some good news from England.

The vote at the LAA AGM at Sywell was as follows

She lost!

123 to 65 votes to rescind the Bill Woodhams Award.

TCT turned up with support and addressed the meeting.

More follows.

deefer dog 22nd Oct 2016 16:10

Entirely a right and fair decision. Very good news and a big well done to Jay, Sam and those who have helped to publicise the whole sad affair.

B70 22nd Oct 2016 16:15

Ha ..... so where does this leave the threatened legal action?

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 16:27

More info here from one of my contacts.

Most of the noise was from her supporters. Only about seven of us in the room voted against her (about 110 in the room). We were not popular!

Midlifec 22nd Oct 2016 16:39

Sounds like decency and the truth have prevailed, do we have a summary of her defence presentation .......

clunckdriver 22nd Oct 2016 16:45

Thank heaven's for the result, had it gone the wrong way my wife and I would not be joining the LAA when we spend our winters in the UK for the next few years, {We own a DH87B Hornet Moth, which we may bring with us}, as a result of this vote, had it gone the other way I just couldn't see us joining such an organisation if they had decided that such behavior as displayed by this person is acceptable in aviation.

Crash one 22nd Oct 2016 16:56

Great result.
I'm surprised only seven in the room voted against her.
It seems the proxy voters swung it.
Looking forward to her defence speech.

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 16:57

Raw news from LAA AGM
Please note this is unconfirmed.
Most of the noise was from her supporters. Only about seven of us in the room voted against her (about 110 in the room). We were not popular!

"The room was overwhelmingly on her side and the board biased the speaking time to her benefit but it still wasn't enough.

From another member
"The LAA have printed out two sheets as handouts. Four lines explain Barry Tempest's proposal thus "I wish to propose a motion for the AGM. It concerns the recent award of the Bill Woodhams trophy to Tracey Curtis-Taylor in respect of flights from South Africa and to Australia. In my considered opinion the award of this trophy by the LAA has brought our organisation into disrepute. I urge the Assossiation to reconsider its decision and to rescind the award."

They then devote the rest of the A4 page to her recent statement "A small number of recent articles... " with a second sheet of A4 given over to Ewald's statement.

To any members not familiar with the whole saga they've only given her story."

Bottom line is

She lost!

123 to 65 votes.

Haraka 22nd Oct 2016 17:09

I would venture to suggest that this overwhelming "123 to 65 against" vote makes it a bit difficult for her to go now for the sympathy appeal ( Haraka option "d" ) following the patent collapse of the counter-accusation ploy against " a certain individual".

HCAP please note.

m.Berger 22nd Oct 2016 17:19

No. The council defended the status quo and were properly and constitutionally challenged at the AGM where a vote overturned their position. Proper democracy without any cloak and dagger stuff or chicanery. Looks to me like a job well done.

pulse1 22nd Oct 2016 17:29

I wonder how many of the 65 were swayed by her address to the AGM. Obviously she couldn't influence the proxy voters but it is probable that a similar number of those might have changed their views.The vote might even have gone the other way.

As a member of the LAA, I am so pleased that it didn't but I can't help a tiny bit of admiration for TCT for trying.

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