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Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 17:30

Given the LAA result on rescinding the award it makes one question how the Honourable Company Of Air Pilots can defend this letter from the Master, Sqn Leader Chris Ford MBE in January 2016?

She will stand alongside Tim Peake next weekend.


Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 17:45

Update on the LAA website

The LAA AGM was attended by a record number of members on a fine Autumn day. The motion to rescind the award of the 2014 "Bill Woodhams" trophy to Tracey Curtis-Taylor was passed by a sizeable majority. Barry Tempest spoke to the motion, Harry Hopkins spoke on behalf of the LAA awards committee giving the background to the award and Tracey Curtis-Taylor spoke against the motion.
The AGM was admirably chaired by Brian Davies.
I hope this will bring to an end an unsavoury contretemps on social media. The matter is closed.
Now the LAA can get back to what they do best...taking care of geuine aviation enthusiasts.

Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 18:02

Someone posted elsewhere

"Solo?" "Alone?" British Aviatrix, Tracey Curtis-Taylor is the first person in British aviation history to ever have a prestigious aviation award rescinded.

Well done that woman :thumright:

It wouldn't have been possible without the support of her team. :lol:

G-KEST 22nd Oct 2016 18:09

I was amazed that Tracey attended though she is an LAA member. That took some bottle. She gave an impassioned defence of her position which may have influenced many of those in the room however the final result supported the motion by a significant majority. Democracy rules OK........!!!!!!!!!

Fly-by-Wife 22nd Oct 2016 18:09

I have to disagree with the LAA summary:

an unsavoury contretemps on social media
Exposing a charlatan is unsavoury? :confused:


Mike Flynn 22nd Oct 2016 18:14

In this modern interconnected world it is hard to lie.

Where this decision,and the one earlier this week from the Australian Women Pilots Association to remove her solo certificate,leaves the HCAP masters medal remains to be seen.

Once again a big thank you to Pprune and Internet Brands without whom this story would never have broken.

Also thanks to the many who have sent me pm's over several months.

There is still more to reveal on how the worlds media were fooled by the Spirit of Artemis and Boeing Aircraft Corporation.

I look forward to seeing how todays result is disguised by wiki

Sir Niall Dementia 22nd Oct 2016 18:17

Well, she stood to lose a substantial income. She lost. I will take a closer look at the cmmittee's attitude before the vote from the minutes.

Maybe now she will quietly go away and consider her behaviour and claims. Well done all those who sent proxy votes.


deefer dog 22nd Oct 2016 18:28

The matter of TCT and the LAA may well be closed, but I fear that this story has only just grown an athletic pair of legs.

Last week we had the Australian Women's Pilot Assn "amend" a previous award given to TCT, and today we have the LAA rescinding completely an award that was given to her some time ago.

Even if the HCAP do stick to their guns and present next week's award to TCT, a precedent has been set. They may well have to revisit the matter at a later date also.

What happens next is largely in the hands of the TCT camp. If she was to come clean in public, admit that she made a terrible mistake by exaggerating her claims, or allowing them to be exaggerated by others, she might escape with only a bruised ego. If on the other hand she keeps denying the obvious, and continues with her aggressive tone towards those who are only seeking to expose the truth, I fear she will come out of the whole affair with a very badly damaged reputation, maybe an irreparable one.

m.Berger 22nd Oct 2016 18:36


The cost of affiliation seems to confer no benefit as far as I can see.

The Royal Aeronautical Society or the LAA seem to be far more relevant.

deefer dog 22nd Oct 2016 18:41

The HCAP does a great deal of work for charity. I don't think it is anyone's interest to knock the HCAP as an organization, but instead stick to the single issue of whether or not they should continue with the proposed award to TCT.

Stanwell 22nd Oct 2016 18:57

Congratulations to the LAA membership.
The result of their AGM vote has gone some way to restoring my confidence in our society.

BobD 22nd Oct 2016 19:08

Should heads roll?
Absolutely not !

Rather the LAA committee (especially the Chairman Brian Davies ) should be congratulated on a fair debate, and supporting the democratic objective. There were a couple of attempts from the floor to have the Proxy votes put aside, but these were rightly thwarted. It is true that the majority of those attending voted against the motion. Discussion prior to the vote was restricted to TCT, the Awards Committee, and Barry Tempest, but this was understandable, as it could have taken an age to get to the actual vote, and some of us had to fly home !

It is true that the majority of those attending voted against the motion. Before I left at the end of the formal AGM, I made the following points as to why I stood by my decision to support the motion.

1. Through no fault of their own, the Awards Committee were misled.
2. What I objected to was the misrepresentation of "solo" so much, without correction.
3. That the Award in future should be presented to an Individual, not a Corporate PR event.

Sam, I'll send you a PM later

Genghis the Engineer 22nd Oct 2016 19:35

Originally Posted by m.Berger (Post 9549498)

The cost of affiliation seems to confer no benefit as far as I can see.

The Royal Aeronautical Society or the LAA seem to be far more relevant.

I am not an HCAP member, and I disapprove of their giving an award to TCT.

However, I've also encountered their work a great deal over a quarter century in GA, and actually think that they are worthwhile and useful organisation. This has been a bad patch for them in my opinion, that they continue to handle badly - but overall they are still an impressive organisation.

I choose not to be a member, but not because (bar this particular issue) I disapprove of them. I choose not to be a member, because there are several other aviation organisations (including the RAeS and LAA) which align more closely with my personal and professional interests, so I choose to belong to those instead.


Senior Pilot 22nd Oct 2016 20:00

Originally Posted by m.Berger (Post 9549498)

Maybe a little research and less emotive rubbishing of a well known charitable organisation would have prevented such a crass comment. The HCAP is known for the flying scholarships and flying bursaries awarded annually: https://www.airpilots.org/career-matters/scholarships/

And it has also been raised here that there is a significant representation of members who are not in favour of the decision of the Master and the T & A Committee in making this award, but to tar all the Honourable Company with the same brush (and in such an ill informed manner) is both unwarranted and offensive to the membership.

sophi 22nd Oct 2016 20:12

This is very good news. I am also happy that the Australian Women Pilot Association changed their award.

This lady claimed that she had a harder time doing her flights than those who did it years ago, like Amy Johnson. How can it be hard when she had a complete support team, another plane to follow her, the expense account of two very big companies and layovers in luxuary hotels every night. She didn't even have to do her own flight planning, or arrange for fuel AND there was another highly qualified pilot looking after her. I could just as easily sat in the back of her Stearman and done the same trip with everything done for me, and an instructor up front to keep me out of trouble....and I have never flown a Stearman before.

clareprop 22nd Oct 2016 20:48

I see an update on Wikipedia. Difficult to remove this one I think.

Genghis the Engineer 22nd Oct 2016 21:18

This is what it says at 2018Z on Saturday 22nd October

On October 22 2016, at the Annual General Meeting of the Light Aircraft Association, a motion was debated to rescind Curtis-Taylor's award of the Bill Woodhams trophy. The trophy had been presented to her on the basis that the LAA understood Curtis-Taylor had flown solo from Cape Town, South Africa, to the United Kingdom. Subsequently, the LAA became aware that this had not been the case and Curtis-Taylor had in fact flown with another pilot in the front cockpit of her aircraft. The motion to rescind the award was carried by 123 votes to 65.

clareprop 22nd Oct 2016 21:33

I think they are wasting their time playing around with it now - just delaying the inevitable. Once the LAA minutes are out the story will gather pace and the broadsheets will have to print something. As I understand (from about twenty pages or so ago on this thread) that is the level of reporting needed by the busy souls who populate Wikipedia.

Norman Hedgekinson 22nd Oct 2016 21:44

The wikipedia (the free encyclopaedia that *anyone* can edit) entry quoted is not correct. I flew in and was in the room. The bloke from the prize committee made it plain that the prize was for some other earlier flight. So much BS on all sides...
That said, I voted not *for* TCT but *against* a foolish motion attempting to involve the LAA in a personal squabble. And, if you read the actual motion (doh!), it's "for review of the award..." so if they have any sense remaining, the LAA will "review" it and then leave well alone.

piperboy84 22nd Oct 2016 22:31

All's well that ends well, look at all the positives that came out of this. Tracey and Boeing will have more time on their hands to focus on the outreach and charitable activities that they started during the flights, The LAA have shown what a stalwart of democracy and good governance their organization is in hearing out all sides and adjudicating with fairness. Sam never again has to worry about getting a clip around the lug for not getting the Louis Vittons loaded on time, with the nav award pulled Bill Woodham can stop spinning in his gimbal and rest in peace and finally the hero of story Jay Sata, the tenacious, ankle biting information ferret who in spite of being dismissed at the start as a sad sack moaning faced bastard persisted till the truth came out and more importantly was acted upon. The only losers here are the miserable bastards like me and my fellow ppruners who have now lost our sole source of entertainment, I suppose I could go back to gleefully reading the obituary page of the local paper but it just won't be as good as this thread has been .

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